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Student Councils exist to make sure that students have a say over how Beds SU is run. Everything can be discussed there, from political debate down to your University life. The next two Councils will be held: Thursday 12th March 4pm – 6pm G320 Luton & P0.51 Bedford

Tuesday 28th April 4pm – 6pm G320 Luton & P0.51 Bedford

For more info, visit: bedssu.co.uk/studentmeetings

Issue #10 March 2015

Could you write for loud? Whether you’re a journalism student, interested in writing or just looking for a way to flex your creative muscles, we’re always on the look out for contributors. Got a story? Stumbled on something you think we should be covering? Let us know about it and it could make a future issue!

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4 /// The Best Things In Life Are Fair Beds SU takes part in the national campaign for Fairtrade Fortnight. 6 /// MyBeds Launches UoB unveils it’s own app — what does it do, and how will it make your life better? 8 /// Student Success One passionate student proves the success and impact of student feedback. 10 /// The Coffee House Interview LOUD sits down with Uncle Frank to talk about their live set in The Lounge. 14 /// The Chosen One LOUD talks to regular contributor, Sam Darlaston, on his big win at KISS FM. 16 /// The Cost Of Living Our cover story this month looks at the rising price of accommodation at UoB. 20 /// Experimental Music This years studio managers give LOUD the low-down on Radio Lab. 22 /// BedSocs in Focus Susan Bartrop paints a picture of the 4ever 21 society. 3


a Student it’s easy to go

Fairtrade Bazil Nut gatherer, Juan Roca, happily at work.

for the cheapest option and not to be concerned with the morality behind the products — or even where they are coming from!

Luckily, that’s where Fairtrade Fortnight comes in. From February 23rd to March 6th, we’ve seen some great events aimed towards spreading the word and facts on fair trade. In Luton, some of you will probably have been to the ‘Hunger Lunch’ which was run on Wednesday 25th February down at the Tree House, or maybe you even went along to see the screening of Blood Diamond on Thursday 26th. If you missed them, then don’t worry; there is more in store for you this week around the Luton and Bedford campuses. We have some fantastic events being run, all aimed towards raising awareness and supporting Fairtrade. In Luton over the fortnight we have a “Fairtrade Wine


Fairtrade is dedicated to promoting just that: fair trade. This means that Farmers in rural parts of poverty stricken countries (where most of the best Cocoa, Coffee and Bananas come from) are protected. They are guaranteed a certain amount for their crops, which means that the buyers cannot undercut the Farmers; so the Farmers get a fair price, and in return they can pay fair wages to their workers. Fairtrade focuses on the Economic, Social and Environmental impacts of the agricultural industry. The UK is the world’s leading importer of Fairtrade products, and 73% cocoa powder, 9% all bags of tea and 22% of Ground Coffee in the UK are all Fairtrade.

Tasting” on Monday Night in the Lounge

wasn’t enough, on Wednesday, Bedford will

and on Wednesday it’s the return of the

welcome their own “Fairtrade Wine Tasting”

the impact that you can make just by buying

Hopefully you are a bit more aware of

incredible Smoothie Bike. Bedford have one

evening and there will be a variety of Fair-

Fairtrade. And the best news is that most of

massive day set up for you all, on Monday

trade inspired events throughout the day.

the products around campus are! So next

2nd March in The Hub. There will be stalls,

There is even a Selfie competition

games, hand scrubs and facemasks courtesy

throughout Fairtrade fortnight, so why not

a look around. What you’ll notice is that

of SeedBeds.

snap a picture of you in the most ‘Fair-

every cup or tea or coffee that you have is

trade-iest’ way for your chance to win some

supporting Fairtrade!

Like Bananas? Well then you’ll love Bedford’s Banoffee Monday accompanied by the Smoothie Bike. But that’s not all,

time you are in The Hub or The Lounge, take

great prizes. I know, some of you are probably

Words by Ashlin Humphreys

after the day’s activities draw to a close, The

thinking why? What does it all mean? Now

Fairtrade Fortnight runs from February 26th

Hub will become the evening’s destination

ignore that existential crisis and focus on

to March 6th. For all other Beds SU events and

with a screening of Blood Diamond. If that

the meaning behind Fairtrade.

activities, visit bedssu.co.uk/events


Your beds T HE NEW YEAR at the University of Bedfordshire has seen

the launch of the new student

app, myBeds. The app, developed by Solution Architect Stephen

What to expect on mybeds...

Munyard, provides a useful tool to help us students through our busy university lifestyles.

The app comes with a plethora of great content

that can be accessed whilst on the move. Your personal timetable is available for viewing which is a great feature to find times, dates and locations of lectures instantly. A Library catalogue has been added to the app

where you can see any loans that you currently have and when they expire. The app allows you to search the entire library’s resources to see where books are available. Currently book renewal isn’t available on the app but the near future will see that addition, plus the ability to pay outstanding fines. If you need to make sure you can get a computer, you can also book them through the app. Another helpful tool is the locations section. Here you can find all the places of interest both on and off campus. All of the toilets, first aid points, photocopiers/


UoB launches myBeds — their very own super app...

printers and many more areas within the campus are listed which is useful, especially for students unfamiliar with some areas of the university. There are other locations such as places to eat, cash machines, and bus stops that are available to view. However at the moment it is in the early stages of development so is not as compre-

• Interactive campus maps

• Book computers • View Timetables • Receive alerts and announcements using Push Notifications

• Receive the latest news and events from UoB and Beds SU • Listen live to our student radio station RadioLab • A guide to the local area, night life and events happening on campus

hensive, but more places will be added in the foreseeable future.

Bus timetables for the areas around university are

available on the app, including the service information, times and dates. You can also access the National Rail where you can plan routes and book train tickets. All events occurring around the university such as exam support sessions, workshops and study skill sessions can be found in the events section, and the all important Beds SU tile will redirect you straight to the union website. The career’s feature is a very handy tool that can be seriously beneficial for students. This allows you to set your preferences, such as area of work, times and location and then shows you all of the jobs that match your specific criteria. This is brilliant for anyone looking for part-time or even full-time work. RadioLab can be accessed on the homepage where

you can navigate the website, find any necessary contact details and more importantly listen to the show live whenever or wherever you are. As the app is still in phase 2 and isn’t one hundred percent completed, the developing team are keen to hear opinions on how to improve the application as a whole. In addition there are still lots of features to appear in the future. BREO is currently looking to be integrated into the app so everything you need can all be found in one, easy to use place.

“We understand how busy our students are and this app should make it easier to access key dayto-day information whilst on the move.” — Bill rammell, Vice chancellor The app itself runs very smoothly and quickly. This is because not all the content is contained inside the app. A lot of the sections redirect you to the websites of the area such as the SU, and RadioLaB. If your device is slow this may cause problems when loading the pages outside of the app but mainly this is a positive part of the app as it keeps it small and functional. Commenting on the app, Vice Chancellor Bill Rammell said: “Here, at the University of Bedfordshire, we are committed to improving the student experience. We understand how busy our students are and this app should make it easier to access key day-to-day information whilst on the move.” UoB plans to continually add features to the app, to ensure that students have the best possible experience whilst studying at the University or Bedfordshire. Overall the app was found to be very user friendly, easy to navigate and contains lots of content that will prove useful for life at the University. The free app is now available to download, and can be accessed on the move via mobile or tablet on all Apple iOS and Android devices. Words by Callum Cooper myBeds is available RIGHT NOW from your app store.

Have you used MyBeds? What do you think? Make sure to feedback your comments through the Tell Us section tile on the app!




representative, he was invited along to an annual Beds SU university conference hosted at University Campus Milton

Keynes (UCMK). During the Vice Chancellors Q&A session, Giri spoke up and (quite rightly) asked why there were no facilities available at the weekend for students at his campus? A lack of access to university computers and research materials can become a bit of an issue when trying to tackle those inevitable and pesky assignments. The Vice Chancellor — to his credit — took Giri’s idea in front of the UCMK project board the following day and the idea was accepted within that same week. At the beginning of January, the introduction of Saturday opening times was officially implemented, with a view to include opening on a Sunday if the demand is great enough. “In mid-April, an open feedback session was held on campus [UCMK] where a range of issues were discussed, from coffee machine repairs to extended opening hours,” said Giri. “Although the majority of the issues were quickly resolved the issue of weekend opening hours was unfortunately left untouched due to security reasons.” The University campus in Milton Keynes has a shared building with the local council, raising a number of legitimate security concerns stemming from the fact

“Although i was disheartened, i believed that this could be overcome” giri radhakrishnan, Computer science & technology course rep there would be no council workers present at the weekends. “Although I was disheartened, I believed that this could be overcome. In October I became a departmental representative for Computer Science & Technology and was invited to attend the annual Beds



We here at Loud are nothin comes to issues that affec is why it’s always especiall write an article regarding change to our dear Univ

succ succ


ng if not passionate when it ct the student body. Which ly pleasing when we get to a student making a positive versity of Bedfordshire...

SU/University conference and given the chance to raise the issue again to Vice Chancellor Bill Rammell with the help of Charlie Hughes (Beds SU Vice President of Education) and Josh Habimana (Beds SU Learner Rep Co-ordinator.) I was really happy when the Vice Chancellor agreed with my suggestion. It was approved in just a week and all UCMK students now have the opportunity to use the library and other facilities at the

“I was glad when Giri spoke up regarding this issue as it shows that students have a vested interest in their university work” Charlie Hughes, VP Education


weekend. I would like to thank all the Beds SU members for supporting me to resolve this issue.” Charlie Hughes, elected Vice President of Education for BedsSU has been vocal in his support for weekend opening times at UCMK, he said: “It has previously proved difficult to extend opening times due to the building being shared with local council offices, in order for Giri’s idea to take flight the council had to be approached and previously there had not been the student demand.” “I was glad when Giri spoke up regarding this issue as it shows that students have a vested interest in their university work, the Saturday hours began on the 3rd January and its open from 10am – 4pm. However, they will assess the levels of engagement and review if longer opening hours are required.” LOUD would like to congratulate Giri, not only for his perseverance in achieving his goal, but also because he’s made a positive change for students just like him at the University of Bedfordshire. Words by Mark Kirwan What changes would you like to see UoB make for the better? Get in touch with us on Twitter @bedsloud or email us at loud@beds.ac.uk







Let me first of all say how refreshing it is to have some fellow midlanders on the show! Ay up me duck, do you know what mardy means? Frank Course we do, we invented the word mardy. It means you’ve got a cob on, you’re completely miserable. (Laughs) And I’d say as long as you put it in the bin once you’ve finished chewing it. What do they say when you go to a shop and order a cob down here? Do they call it a cob? (LOUD went on to explain that cobs/batches/ barms/baps whatever you want to call them are known as “rolls” in these parts.) So let’s talk about your album that’s coming up, Smiles for Miles. When is it out? Frank Well it came out at the end of May 2014, but they want to repackage it, put some brand new songs on and the brand new single that came out yesterday. Plus, on this deluxe copy they’re going to put all the videos that we’ve made, so I’d hold off, because that comes out in the next few weeks, I wouldn’t get the one that’s already available right now. If you want to get more for your money then get the new one, it’s got new art work and all that. OR GET BOTH! (laughs) What can we expect from the album? Frank Everything. We write music like we cook. Like, Monday to Friday you’re not going to want curry right? Our album’s sort of like that. Something different. Na’im It’s an awesome album, I’ve got to admit that. Frank It’s not like ten songs of very depressing music; everything is very different. We like the sound of that! We also loved your Coffee House Session cover of Frozen’s Do You Want To Build a Snowman... Frank Did you like that? My little girl was like “Dad take me to the pictures to watch this film,” and I was like “ugh, another Disney film.” Although I am a huge fan of the old Disney films. So we went to watch it when it first came out and I was like “this is quality, absolutely brilliant.” The songs are amazing and I said “Come on Na’im we’ve got to cover it!” Na’im He played it to me off his phone the

> 11

“I’ve worked with some legendary Hip Hop acts over the years like Cyprus Hill and Snoop Dogg, I’m talking proper Hip-Hop not fools like Kanye West. I’m talking real stuff, the ones who changed music” — Frank night before this radio tour where we had to play it, live on air on BBC. But I’m good at

Uncle Frank looking inconspicuous in their natural habitat.

hearing stuff and putting a little twist on it. Frank I was like trust me they’ll love it, the girls at the BBC, I was playing it with my eyes closed and I opened them and the women all had their tissues all crying! You’ve described Uncle Frank as “Biggie Smalls meets Ray Winstone with a side order of Dean Martin.” Care to elaborate? Frank I was probably drunk. Well, it’s the love of all the music, we like it all. We like the crooners, you know they all look really classy. I’ve worked with some legendary Hip Hop acts over the years like Cyprus Hill and Snoop Dogg, I’m talking proper Hip-Hop not fools like Kanye West, who are complete morons! I’m talking real stuff, the ones who changed music. And then obviously the Ray Winstone bit is that we don’t take any messing. We don’t mind coming in the audience and getting involved. In 2003, Frank, you became the drummer for the Fun Lovin’ Criminals. What was it like to join a band who have had an estimated 10 million albums sales worldwide? Frank Yeah it was cool, well I took Na’im with me, he’s like my spiritual leader, he reigns me in, keeps me grounded, stops me from getting arrested (laughs). The first gig we ever got was one of the best moments.


“He played it to me off his phone the night before this radio tour where we had to play it, live on air. But I’m good at hearing stuff and putting a little twist on it” — Na’im

30,000 unbelievable women, on a beach in Istanbul, and I asked Na’im if he could set up my drum kit. So we went to do interviews, then I got a phone call from Na’im and he went “I love you” so I went to find him, he hadn’t even set the drum kit up, he was just looking out at all these girls, oiling themselves up in the sun, and he just walked up to me and gave me a big hug and went “this is the best job ever!” Uncle Frank’s latest album has been mixed by Grammy Award winner Tim Latham! How did that come about? Frank I said, I’ve just been working on my own stuff for Uncle Frank and he went “Put it on let’s have a listen.” I mean, we were in

“we write music like we cook. like, monday to friday you’re not going to want curry right? our album’s sort of like that. something different” — Frank

and went, “Yo, whenever you get your album together, can I mix it?” He’s asking me if he can mix it, when you walk in the studio he’s got twelve Grammy’s! He’s just started mixing our next record too in fact. Really flattering, he knows his onions. — The musical pedigree is tangible for this duo, if you want to check them out go to iTunes, YouTube or Spotify (Other musical sources are available, like RadioLaB!) Until next time; live long and prosper! Words by LOUD Interview by Sam Darlaston Remember that Coffee House Sessions take place

the Jimmy Hendrix studios in New York —

in The Lounge in Luton every Tuesday from

in the main room where Queen, Led Zepplin

12:30pm — grab a coffee, chill out and listen to

etc have been — and he’s playing out little

some awesome accoustic sets from different acts

recordings from Leicester. And he heard it

each week! We’ll see you there!



ere at LOUD we’re as modest as they come, but when one of our own deserves some trumpet blowing, a fanfare we must play. Sam Darlaston, a graduate

Sam poses triumphantly in the studios at KISS.

in Media Performance, entered this years ‘KISS Chosen One’ competition to become the next big thing in TV and Radio presenting. You may recognize him from articles published in LOUD or as the talismanic front man in our Coffee House Sessions trinity of interviewers. Now, a heap of people from across the country were eager for the chance to audition to be crowned the 2015 KISS Chosen One and our man Sam was no different. “I heard about the competition and sent in a one minute video, chatting to my hamster Norris, but thousands of people went to the live auditions at Westfield Shopping Centre.; unfortunately I couldn’t make them.” With his video sent off into the ether of the unknown, Sam didn’t think there was much chance of being selected. But like it should be, good things happen to good people. “I got a phone call live on air saying that I’d made it to the Presenter Academy which was the top twenty.

Here: The moment Sam learned of his victory (from the KISS announcement video) Below: Frames from Sam’s winning candidate video


Then I got down there and thought, ‘I’ve got no chance.’ Everyone looked so cool and “London-y.” After a day of interviewing former winners and presenting on TV and radio they told us they were choosing the final five.” The final twenty were split into groups of five, with the precipice that one of the groups would be THE final five. A nerve-wracking day in itself was about to get even more so. “They brought our group down into a studio and told us the news that we were the finalists! I was so excited and proud of myself. They gifted us a brand new Sony Xperia Z3 (other mobile phones are available) which was amazing. Although I can’t figure out how to swap my SIM card over so I’m still using my smashed iPhone!” This is where the hard work began; Sam had to create three minute-long video outlining why he should be the 2015 KISS Chosen One. Our favourite fluffy friend Norris made a triumphant return. “We submitted our videos and had to share them as much as possible on social media. The sharing didn’t determine the winner so we had no idea who would win. On Monday 16th February the winner was announced live on air, they facetimed me to let me know and I was over the moon! I told my mum and she cried! I just wanted to celebrate and thank everyone that helped and supported me through the process.” Everyone at LOUD and Beds SU are so happy for Sam, we feel like proud parents (He was already great before he joined the team but we’ll claim it). Now you go and spread those wings! Words by Gregg Sullivan


The cost

LIVIN The increasing price of accommodation is a growing concern amongst the student body. LOUD sat down with representatives from UoB to talk about the change, and all that’s being done to keep prices down... Words by Gregg Sullivan & Mark Kirwan 16

t of



e here at LOUD (despite being privileged with devilish good looks and divine intelligence) are actually students first and foremost. So we at least like to think, that this fact puts us in reasonably good stead to talk about the issues that affect student life.

Accommodation is one of the big ones, so on behalf of our dedicated readership (that’s you) we went, sat down and conversed with some of the university big dogs to get those answers we’ve all been looking for. Donald Harley (Deputy Vice Chancellor Resources) and Graham Blake (Director of Facilities and Estates) are the men in the know when it comes to accommodation, so who better for LOUD to sit down with and find those all-important answers?

The higher-ups, in whom we trust, recognised that focussing exclusively on accommodation wouldn’t be benefical to the greatest number of students. We are all very much aware of the halls of residence surrounding the university, that intuitive awareness is closely followed by our opinions on their contemporary upkeep and value for money. Which brings us eloquently onto our first question; why are they so expensive? The answer to this question is something of a twoparter; for our premier halls of residence which include; Fitzroy Court, Wenlock Court and Liberty Park, the steep tariff comes directly from the companies that own them. Now hold onto your hats, this is where it gets interesting, although our dear University of Bedfordshire own the land on which these feats of modern architecture are built, the building and day-to-day running of these facilities is outsourced to Campus Living Villages (CLV) and Liberty Living. The outsourcing justification is explained thusly; as the university was not required to expend extortionate

Way in Way out

amounts of money on halls of residence, it could instead use the funds for other beneficial projects, such as the new Library in Luton and the Bedford Gateway building. The higher-ups, in whom we trust, recognised that focussing exclusively on accommodation wouldn’t be beneficial to the greatest number of students. A brand

> 17

new university funded halls of residence would of course be fantastic but similarly would only affect a minority of students, this as opposed to an all-encompassing build, such as a new library, which has the ability to reach a much higher percentage. (We would put all, but who are we kidding?) Off of the back of this discussion LOUD wanted

with the University to manage and operate its student accommodation. Rental rates at the properties are reviewed annually and agreed in conjunction with the university. The Student Village is part of Campus Living Village’s global portfolio. To ensure rental rates remain affordable to students, Campus Living Villages operates

to challenge Mr Harley and Mr Blake on why the prices

an independent research function, which analyses rent-

continue to rise each year? This answer is a bit convolut-

al rates in each of its locations.”

ed so bear with us. The relationships between the university and the

It came to light during our meeting that the outsourced companies have the final say over pricing

outsourced companies differ slightly; (which adds to

changes, in Layman’s terms, the buck stops with them.

the confusion, we know) the contract in place for the

That being said, the university have a dedicated team

Bedford Liberty Park halls of residence with Liberty

that works for the students interest and who oppose any

Living is a nomination agreement. This means that

pricing increases deemed as excessive. Take last year

Liberty Living set aside a certain amount of rooms solely

as a prime example where price increases were slashed

for Bedford students. The agreement for the Luton halls

from a 4% rise to a mere 2%. It is, however, important to

owned by CLV differs in the fact that the university aim

note that year-on-year some pricing escalation cannot

to fill Fitzroy Court and Wenlock Court before any other.

be helped.

This includes Lea Halls and University Halls for any of you Lutonians among us. Now down to the answering of the question, we spoke to Campus Living Villages who said: “Student


Village, University of Bedfordshire works in partnership Above: The new Gateway building at the Bedford campus. Undeniably swanky, but is it preferential to more affordable accommodation?

This escalation is usually in correlation with inflation, this was clarified in a quote from CLV: “It was agreed that only a small increase would be applied to rental rates for the 2015/2016 academic year. This in-

crease is to cover additional operational costs, which are beyond the control of CLV or the university.” As for the rest of the halls at our beloved university, including university Halls, Lea Halls and Bedford’s Polhill Campus, these are actually owned by the university itself. (However they are all managed by CLV, we told you this was confusing right?)

When you choose to live in halls at university it isn’t just your place to stay whilst you study, it’s also where you’ll meet future friends for life and gives you a valuable platform to get more involved within the Bedfordshire community. As the university owns the buildings (not just the land on which they are built) they are afforded the luxury of setting the prices themselves, hopefully as you will all be aware, they’re cheaper too. In fact, the University of Bedfordshire is in the lower third quartile of university owned pricing nationwide; the whole nation. Imagine a building with four floors. On the ceiling of the top floor are the most expensive halls and on the floor of the ground floor are the cheapest. Our University of Bedfordshire is sat casually in a recliner chair on the second floor. The biggest point that Graham Blake and Donald Harley made to us is that of the community. When you choose to live in halls at university it isn’t just your place to stay whilst you study, it’s also where you’ll meet future friends for life and gives you a valuable platform to get more involved within the Bedfordshire community. Whether that be in the students union, sports, societies it’s up to you, that being said, being in university halls gives you that stepping stone to get the best possible student experience. Words by Gregg Sullivan & Mark Kirwan What do you think of the Accommodation situation at UoB? Are halls too expensive? Are they pricing out potential students? Let us know on Twitter @bedsloud

Ready to Rent? Are you

Signing a contract for a new house is no small task and often students don’t ask all the questions they need to. According to the NUS report ‘Homes Fit For Study’ in 2014, fewer than half of students felt they knew their rights as renters; two thirds of students felt unsupported in their attempts to rent and a quarter of students felt “dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” with the management of their home. 76% of those who had money deducted from their deposit believed this was unfair, though only 16% had success in challenging the claim. So before its too late, make sure you use our ready to rent checklist to help you... Don’t panic... One in five students sign a contract seven months ahead of moving in. Find out about the local housing market and be wary of pressure from landlords/agents. Make sure to see multiple properties to compare rents and standards and speak to current tenants where possible. Get all housemates to view the property Use the NUS House-hunting check-list (available online at nus.org.uk) Before signing... There are several important documents you should ask to see before you sign; the Energy Performance certificate, Gas Safety Certificate and (where relevant) the Guarantor Form, the Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) licence and the Accreditation documents. Once you move in... Make sure you check the inventory when you move in and make edits as appropriate. Keep this safe as you will need it to help get your deposit back when it’s time to move out. Speaking of deposits, it is now the law that you know where yours is. Your landlord should place your deposit in a tenancy deposit protection scheme which means neither of you can access it until approved. One major green light is when a landlord lets you take your contract away. If they do, you can have it checked for free by the Beds SU Welfare and Advice team. The teams contact details and more housing information is available on our website bedssu.co.uk/advice Words by Rebecca Boyle, VP Welfare and Equality.




Clockwise from left: The current third year station managers Louie Smith, Leanne Clarke, Uzair Sayad, Jack Beeston and Ryan Dilks


adio Lab is a community radio

happens across all leagues and Rock Bottom


station run by students for

Radio every Wednesday, a show packed full

Recently, Radio Lab teamed up with Liquid &

students. Louie Smith, Ryan

of all the WWE wrestling gossip you could

Envy to give our listeners the chance to win

Dilks, Jack Beeston, Uzair Sayed

ever want.

free entry, a table and a bottle of champagne

and Leanne Clarke are this year’s station

for them and seven guests every week at

managers and are all third year journalism


their Epik! Monday’s student nights. All you

students. They dedicate their time to making

Radio Lab recently got its own ‘Listen Again’

have to do is answer the question posted

sure the station runs as smoothly as possible

service on our website, meaning you can

all over our social media to be entered into

and create an enjoyable listening experience

access any of the scheduled shows from the

the prize draw. The competition runs every

for everyone. We play what you want us to

past two weeks! Try it out at

Monday from 4pm until 6pm on the drive

and cover issues and events going on around


time show with Leanne Clarke.

the University.

MUSIC VARIETY Because we have so many volunteers with different shows on Radio Lab you can listen to almost any type of music. From 6pm you can listen to 6 whole hours of specialist shows featuring a variety of music such as drum & bass, rock & heavy metal, RnB and even gospel.

SO MUCH MORE As well as playing a diverse selection of music, many of our shows include features with interesting discussions, games and much more. Some of these shows include Football Lab every Saturday, a show dedicated to giving you the low down on football as it

Previous winner of the competition Beth


Musham said: “The competition was quick, easy and a good laugh to take part in with my friends.”

GET INVOLVED You don’t have to study radio to have a show on Radio Lab, we have volunteers from across all areas of the University. If you would be interested in having your own show go to radiolab.beds.ac.uk/getinvolved but hurry, there aren’t many slots left! Words by Leanne Clarke, Radio Lab Student Manager Radio Lab is available on the airwaves at 97.1fm, but for the more 21st Century among you, you can listen live at radiolab.beds.ac.uk



y t e i c r 21 So



Recently I was shadowed for the day by Dewi Knight, Policy Adviser to the Vice Chancellor,

I know there are lots of matures around and I would like to promote this very special group of students within the University; the thing is I don’t know the best way to reach you!

never been an undergraduate before and

which was greatly informative.

surrounded by students who were younger

Here’s what he had to say: “The

and more academic than me, I did at times

day spent with Sue was inter-

feel isolated and lacked peer support and

esting and informative, but was

friendship. It was a challenge in itself to

also really enjoyable. As much

be at university and encounter a complete

as the PAL session, lecture and

lifestyle change, let alone make friends.

meetings with tutors were instructive, what

University; the thing is I don’t know the best

I was determined to enjoy the student ex-

I found most useful was the opportunity

way to reach you!

perience (I had heard this terminology from

to discuss Sue’s perspectives on life at UoB,

my nieces and nephews), so I went in search

especially studying part-time. It certainly

cilities as this would complement the great

for some other mature students.

made me think about how we can ensure

facilities we already have here at Luton. If

that our diverse community of UoB students

you join the Society, it would help raise the

that catered for this group, so I set one up

can get involved in all the opportunities

profile of the mature and part time commu-

with the help of the Students’ Union. Then it

here. It’s something that Beds SU and the

nity. So I need to ask you out there - should

seemed a good idea to have a representative

University can certainly work together to

there be events in Fresher’s week especially

to act for this group so with the help of my

further develop.

tailored for the Matures? Hands up please!

At the time there was not a Society

sole campaigner, Heather Ivatt, I ran for office and was elected.

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I would love to hear your ideas on

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on what the University could do to help you

(Peer Assisted Learning), I found that work-

undergrads, and those who start studying

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ing as a PAL leader helped me tremendously

after other life experiences. Many thanks

face with regards to your course?

to find friends and colleagues. This gave

to Sue for answering all my questions and

me a sense of being part of the University,

putting up with me for a day!”

On top of this I became a PAL Leader

cementing my own learning and helping

I know there are lots of matures

Words by Susan Bartrop If you’re interested in taking part in the Mature

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first year feeling scared and lost.

very special group of students within the

Susan at susan.bartrop@study.beds.ac.uk