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Our dream To make of our beach a small paradise filled with flowers and trees The beginning 1-1-2010

3,5 years later May 2013

We started 1-1-2010 with a few flowers and a lot of sand, every day more colour was added to the beach and today we enjoy the flowers every day.

2,5 years later May 2013

Bedouin Star – Negma Bedouia Hassein and Patricia Nuweiba Sinai Egypt

7 bungalows just a few meter from the Red Sea / Aqaba Sea Waking up by the sound of the rippling Sea Open the door of your beach bungalow

The best bed view you can imagine Relax and enjoy the view Or take a camel We have a large coral ride reef which you can easily explore by snorkelling

Inhoud 5  
Inhoud 5