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My Grandparents My grandfather’s name is AbdulWahhab .He is a smart man and he really likes nature and science .He really cares about people. My Grandfather was born in 1932 in Baghdad, Iraq. His father’s name was Mohammed and he had a leather factory. His favorite activity was playing outside. He had one brother only. He played with his brother. He always liked school because he likes learning a lot. He had a big office that’s full of books. When he grew up he went to Baghdad to learn pharmacist. He then become a pharmacist and that job made him rich. When he married my grandmother they had 13 children including my mother .He had a very big house and he had a lot of animals like chimpanzees, parrots, cats, dogs and a lot more! My grandfather always taught his children to study and be good at all times. He had a car but he liked nature so he walked to places instead to be eco-friendly He liked helping people that’s why he wanted to become a pharmacist. His children never watched TV because he taught them that playing outside is better and its fun and because of him my mother had a great future. One of his challenges in life was to get the pharmacist degree in a time where education was still at its first steps!

My grandparents  

This is a Biography about My Grandfather!

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