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it gives you. I've been on the Outreach Committee this year which is about awareness of the needs of the local, national and international community and a desire to make a difference. We plan lots of different events such the Senior Citizen Drop-In and support charities throughout the year by fundraising or volunteering.

Sixth Form at a glance

There are so many opportunities to pursue at BMS. “I love the atmosphere and the freedom of choice

Pippa Edge - joined BMS in Year 3

Student support Fostering personal development is a crucial component of life in the Sixth Form at BMS. We recognise that students are at a crossroads developmentally with a more independent lifestyle just two very short years away. We approach personal development from the simple philosophy that life is about more than just qualifications, specifications and taking examinations. Real life is about making difficult, complicated decisions and we aim to equip students with a set of skills that will help them become well-rounded individuals. As well as offering a range of leadership opportunities inside and outside of BMS, becoming a senior monitor or Head of House is something to which many aspire and is a responsibility taken very seriously.

The excellent monitor system is valued equally by those “receiving support and by the monitors themselves as an effective way of providing additional care for the individual at key points in their school career and as an opportunity to take responsibility. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Sixth Form at a glance