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What Trendy Accessories Do I Wear to the Beach?—edited by KW 6.5.12 By Katherine Coogan

“Let’s go to the beach!” Those are the words that everyone longs to hear during the summer. But then you’re faced with that looming question, “What should I wear?” You’re in luck, because there are more than a few options to choose from. This season is full of fun accessories that can brighten up any outfit. The Oversized Tote: You don’t want to feel like you’re packing for summer camp, but getting to the beach and realizing you forgot your phone or sun block is can put a damper on the day. You want a bag that has everything you need, so an oversized tote is key. With your towel, sunscreen, suit, phone, shoes, and everything in-between, you should purchase something big and that is a comfortable size for you. To lighten up your outfit, choose a lightweight material (so you don’t break your back) in a bright color or pattern. Then you’re good to go! Sunglasses: Now that you have your bag prepared, you need a stylish pair of sunglasses to match. Unfortunately, not all sunglasses are for every face shape. They come in a variety of styles from thin to bug-eye, round, Ray-Ban, aviator, cat-eye, and hippie. Which style would be perfect for you? This can be the most difficult decision to make, because it all depends on your face shape. Your best bet might be to go to a sunglass store and have some fun. Try on all different types even if they are a little funky. Bring a friend for an honest opinion. Once you find a pair, play around with other colors

and shades of that brand of sunglasses. Buy a pair that you feel comfortable wearing so you can strut your way out of that store with confidence. Sandals: A fun pair of sandals can make each step glamorous. There is nothing wrong with solid colored Havaianas, but a great sandal can make a comfortable beach outfit come to life. And there is nothing wrong with more affordable choices from stores like Marshalls or Payless. Colors like tan or navy blue match nearly everything but bright neon patterns can make you legs look long and tan. Hats: Last but not least, wear a hat. It not only looks cute, but it also protects your face from the sun. For me, there are three go-to types of hats. The first is the sunhat, which takes on a more mature look, but also makes you look like a Kate Spade model right off the runway. The second selection is the fedora. The fedora takes on an artsy, city-life look to an outfit. Finally, there is the notorious baseball cap. Admit it, we are all jealous of the girl who can plop one on her head and look fabulous, but who says you can’t do the same? It lends a sporty, laid-back approach to any outfit. No matter which you choose, remember that hats look best when the person wearing it feels great. While you soak up the sun with your tote, sunglasses, sandals, and hat, don’t forget to wear sunscreen and have fun. The last thing to remember is that be confident in who you are and don’t be afraid to go for a little style!

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