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Taking applications to join Year 7 in 2021

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Welcome to our Academy


Our vision

6 A growing academy with state-of-the-art facilities 8

Inspiring curriculum

10 Life beyond the classroom 11

Shape your future with us

12 Life at Wixams Academy 14 Transition to secondary school 15 Supporting your child 16 Our location 17 How to apply 18 Tours and visits

We are so impressed with the school. Our son enjoys it and has made great friends. His learning has improved, he enjoys his lessons and always has positive things to say. We are very happy. Keep up the great work.

2 | Tel: 01234 608950 Email: info@wixamsacademy.co.uk Wixams Academy Year 7 Parent

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WELCOME TO OUR ACADEMY Dear parents and carers Welcome to our prospectus. Our core purpose at Wixams Academy is to inspire and challenge all students to achieve exceptional achievements and to develop those key skills and qualities that will serve them throughout their lives. We are still a young Academy, having opened in September 2017, but we have already developed a reputation of providing a highly aspirational education in a nurturing environment. In September 2020, we will have four year groups: seven, eight, nine and 10 and we will grow into a full secondary school with our aim to deliver a world-class education through outstanding teaching and innovative approaches to the curriculum. We provide a broad curriculum, including an exceptional range of extracurricular clubs and enrichment courses and activities, to foster interest and develop well-rounded students. As a father of four children, ensuring students are supported to feel happy, secure and able to thrive is essential to me. Therefore, delivering the highest quality student experience is at the heart of everything we do, from providing inspiring teaching and learning to personalised student support. I very much look forward to welcoming you to the Academy and working with you to achieve the very best possible outcomes for your children.

Paul Spyropoulos Principal

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Our vision is to provide all of our students with a first-class education comparable with the very best schools nationally. We also aim to develop those skills and qualities in our students’ character which, hand-in-hand with exam qualifications, will deliver success and resilience in later life. When our students leave us, they will be fully qualified, motivated and personally equipped to succeed in life and contribute to a rapidly changing world.


Determination — having the grit and resolve to never give up

Respect — treating everyone as an equal

Responsibility — owning our behaviour and actions

Community — contributing to the Academy and wider community

Honesty — being true to each other and ourselves

Compassion — showing empathy for others

BEDFORD COLLEGE ACADEMIES TRUST (BCAT) We are proud to be part of Bedford College Academies Trust (BCAT). BCAT was created to drive up local educational standards and has an impressive track record of success. The Trust believes our region deserves outstanding schools and its commitment to Bedfordshire means that all of its resources are focused on education for the local community. BCAT and its sponsors: • Educate 16,000 students across Bedfordshire • Run Bedford College; National College for Motorsport; Shuttleworth College; The Bedford College Group; The Bedford Sixth Form; Tresham College; Wixams Tree Primary School As part of BCAT, we draw upon unrivalled expertise and resources from the largest educator in Bedfordshire, helping us to ensure the quality of our students’ education is first class.

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A GROWING ACADEMY WITH STATE-OF-THE-ART FACILITIES Our vibrant Academy provides students with an inspirational learning environment to stimulate minds and fire the imagination.

Students enjoy the use of: • Specialist science laboratories • Large open plan library • Music room and recording studio • Sports hall • Multi-use games areas • High-tech computing labs • Playing fields • Creative design studio • Performing arts studio …and much, much more.

The school has a very strong family feel and I am so glad we chose Wixams Academy


Wixams Academy Year 7 Parent

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INSPIRING CURRICULUM Wixams Academy provides exciting opportunities for learning and delivers a high quality and balanced curriculum for all students. We concentrate on providing a rigorous, academic experience for every student with a number of unique and exciting science and technology options at GCSE. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for higher education at top universities and careers in rapidly growing industries. YEARS 7 & 8 Students gain a strong secondary foundation by studying the full range of National Curriculum subjects.






Physical Education



Religious Studies

Design Technology




Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish and French)

Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

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YEARS 9, 10 & 11 Our key stage four curriculum provides both traditional, highly academic roots as well as more specialist routes into the arts, technologies, and computing. We offer one of the broadest ranges of options in the borough. Each student also chooses enrichment options that include a variety of awards like Duke of Edinburgh, Sports and Arts awards.


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Enrichment Option

English Literature

OPTION D History Business Studies Design Technology Drama Media Physical Education

Core PE

English Language

OPTION A OPTION B OPTION C French Computer Science Computer Science Geography History French Art Art Geography Science Creative Media Business Studies Dance (Double Dance Physical Education or Triple) Design Technology Spanish Music Food Technology Spanish


YEARS 9-11


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LIFE BEYOND THE CLASSROOM We believe all children should develop beyond the classroom. Our students have many opportunities to take part in an exciting and engaging extra-curricular programme, giving them the chance to learn new skills and enhance existing ones. Clubs run until 5.30pm Monday to Thursday, and at lunchtimes. Some of the activities we offer: • Art club • Breakfast club • Coding club • Computing/programming • Craft club • Dance club • Drama club • Gaming club • Homework club • Journalism club • Science club • Numerous sports clubs and teams Our students are actively involved in their local community, and opportunities for them to develop their leadership skills and show community values are integral to the work of the Academy. 10 | Tel: 01234 608950

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SHAPE YOUR FUTURE WITH US ACHIEVING AT WIXAMS ACADEMY High expectations and the best teaching ensure that our students develop into inquisitive and active learners. Our culture of high aspiration creates an exceptional learning environment in which all students thrive. Excellent teaching means that all students are immersed in a powerful learning culture where they develop, grow and are inspired to achieve. Our lessons are engaging, active and take full advantage of the facilities that our building affords us. We believe that students learn best when working in a trusting and happy environment in which all staff members have the highest levels of aspiration and belief in each student. Students have numerous opportunities to learn outside the classroom with trips, visits and guest speakers.

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PERSONAL, SOCIAL, HEALTH AND CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION (PSHCE) All students study PSHCE which covers a range of topics including personal, social, health and relationship issues, sex education, citizenship, personal finance and British values — all tailored to students’ age groups. These lessons also play an important role in developing skills in leadership, public speaking and debating.

CUTTING-EDGE INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY (ICT) Technology is woven into our daily lives and we embrace this fact to enable students to go on and succeed in modern society. We provide students with cutting-edge computing facilities, including personal IT devices, where they have the most benefit in the curriculum. Teachers make extensive use of this technology, ensuring that it becomes an integral part of each students’ learning experience.

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Open from

8.15am until 5.30pm

LIFE AT WIXAMS ACADEMY THE SCHOOL DAY Wixams Academy is open from 8.15am until 5.30pm operating an extended school day. This timetable shows a typical day at Wixams Academy.

Wixams Academy — The Academy Day 8.15am-8.40am

Breakfast Club


Form time and assembly

9.05am-10.05am Period 1 10.10am-11.10am

Period 2


Morning break

11.30am-12.30pm Period 3 12.30pm-1.30pm Lunch break/Enrichment 1.35pm-2.35pm

Period 4

2.40pm-3.40pm Period 5 Enrichment • Compulsory Homework ‘Prep’ from 3.45pm-4.15pm (Tuesday & Thursday) 3.40pm-5.30pm • Support • Clubs and activities • Sports teams • Revision sessions • Library and ICT facilities

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My son is more confident and self assured. Prep is a real positive.

Wixams Academy Year 7 Parent

UNIFORM Our uniform means that students are well presented and take pride in learning at Wixams Academy.

HOMEWORK Homework is a normal part of learning at Wixams Academy. A variety of tasks will be set by subject teachers on a regular basis and weekly supported ‘Prep’ sessions help students to establish strong independent learning habits. Parents can support their children by checking all homework set on ‘Show My Homework’.

PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATIONS (PTA) AND PARENT VOICE We welcome and encourage parental involvement in the Academy, both through our PTA and by seeking the ideas and views of our families. We welcome new members, so if you would like to join us, please email info@wixamsacademy.co.uk

Tel: 01234 608950

Email: info@wixamsacademy.co.uk

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TRANSITION TO SECONDARY SCHOOL At Wixams Academy, we want all of our students to feel welcome and confident about moving to secondary school. Working closely with our middle and primary school partners, we gain a detailed understanding of the needs of all who join us, to ensure a smooth transition. Our comprehensive transition programme helps students joining us in Year 7 to quickly settle into Wixams Academy. Transition events include: • A n Open Evening and Open Mornings to see the Academy in action • A Transfer Day in July • E xtended transfer periods for students requiring more familiarisation with the Academy • Year 5 and Year 6 group visits.


SUPPORTING YOUR CHILD Whilst starting at Wixams Academy will be very exciting, we do recognise that moving to any new school can be daunting for students. This is why strong pastoral support is in place from day one. PERSONALISED TUTORING AND PASTORAL SUPPORT Our experienced team of personal tutors and non-teaching Heads of Year, ensures all aspects of student and family wellbeing are supported and assisted in all personal and educational matters.

LEARNING SUPPORT TEAM AND SENDCo We are committed to ensuring that every child achieves extraordinary things. We carefully monitor the progress of every student providing extra support to all those who need it. Our Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo) and team work closely with families to ensure all specific needs are met in the best possible way.

Tel: 01234 608950

BEHAVIOUR AND DISCIPLINE The high expectations set at Wixams Academy extend to the behaviour of its students. Our goal is for students to leave the Academy as active and mindful members of society, with high levels of self-awareness and control. Students feel safe and happy in our calm and supportive environment and behave responsibly giving an inspirational learning experience remove and within a culture of strong relationships, rewards and clear boundaries. In rare instances where this is not the case, individual children will be skilfully and carefully supported, whilst maintaining the calm learning environment for others.

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OUR LOCATION Our Academy is positioned in the heart of the growing and vibrant Wixams community. Sitting within large grounds, close to what will be the centre of the town, we offer an excellent secondary education to children from Wixams, Wilstead, Bedford and the surrounding areas. TRANSPORT


Wixams is situated on the A6 with easy road access to Bedford and the surrounding areas. We encourage our students to walk or ride bicycles to the Academy, with wide walkways and cycle paths leading up to the Academy and plenty of safe cycle storage.

A421 Kempston


ACADEMY BUS SERVICE We provide subsidised and dedicated Academy bus services covering the following areas: Route 1: Queens Park > Great Denham > Kempston > Elstow (Abbey Fields) > Elstow (High Street) > Elstow ( Lynn Close) > Wixams Route 2: : London Road (Stagecoach Garage) > London Road (Vets4Pets) > Harrowden Road > Shortstown > Cotton End > Wilstead > Wixams


Wixams Marston Moretaine


Houghton Conquest

Route 3: Marston Moretaine > Stewartby > Stewartby (Montgomery Close) > Stewartby (Village Hall) > Houghton Conquest > Wixams To keep up to date with the latest transport information for Wixams Academy please visit www.wixamsacademy.co.uk

Green Lane, Wixams, Bedfordshire MK42 6BA 16 | Tel: 01234 608950

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HOW TO APPLY Wixams Academy welcomes applications from students living in Wixams, Wilstead, Bedford and the surrounding areas. We admit a new Year 7 group each September. For a Year 7 place in September 2021, please apply by the 31st October 2020 via the Bedford Borough Schools Admission site www.bedford.gov.uk/onlineadmissions Our Open Evening for families seeking a place for their children in 2021 will take place on Thursday 22 October 2020. In light of COVID-19, the format of the event may be slightly different to normal. All information with regards to the event and how it will be run will be on the website, social media and local press before the event. For further information and to view our full Admissions Policy, including details of our oversubscription criteria in the event that the Academy receives more applications than we can accept, as well as our appeals procedure, please visit our website www.wixamsacademy.co.uk

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TOURS AND VISITS We welcome visitors to view the Academy in action. Please contact us at info@wixamsacademy.co.uk to arrange a tour.

18 | Tel: 01234 608950

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My daughter loves Wixams Academy and I am really happy with the progress she is making. Brilliant school. Wixams Academy Year 7 Parent

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