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We are committed to equality and diversity and want you to feel welcome and comfortable in College. The College is home to people from a range of cultures and backgrounds with a variety of beliefs, attitudes, values and abilities.

It is important to us that all students have the opportunity to express their views and opinions about the College and their experiences here.

We believe in treating everyone fairly and celebrating our differences, and do not tolerate any form of behaviour or activity which is discriminatory or makes others feel uncomfortable. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated, or that you are a victim of harassment, please talk to your Personal Achievement Tutor or a Student Services adviser who will work with you to resolve the problem.

Just a few of the ways in which you can have your voice heard are by: • becoming a student representative for your course and attending course team meetings • joining the student voice network • becoming a student governor • talking to your tutor • giving us feedback through regular surveys and focus groups


• using the ‘Have Your Say’ system for complaints, suggestions and compliments

At Bedford College we actively promote the core values of British society:

• applying to join our team of Student Ambassadors.

• democracy (getting involved in College life) - voting course rep

The College’s Student Engagement Strategy is available on our website at

• the rule of law (having clear procedures and expectations) • individual liberty (safeguarding, and all the support and guidance you need) • mutual respect and acceptance of different faiths and beliefs (working harmoniously with others in our diverse College community). Whilst at College you will have opportunities to explore and develop the values, knowledge, confidence and skills and to successfully progress to employment.

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Undergraduate Handbook 2018-19  

The Bedford College Group

Undergraduate Handbook 2018-19  

The Bedford College Group