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became interested in plumbing because “ Iit’sfirsta well-paid profession and everyone needs a Plumber. Nothing at school really interested me so coming to Tresham College gave me more freedom to focus on what I wanted to.  I knew nothing about plumbing before coming here, so the practical

work took a while to grasp, but the tutors are really good. I really enjoy the practical tasks; from working with steel pipes, to installing a hot water cylinder in an airing cupboard and soldering it to the mains supply. I love being able to build something and make it work.

I have completed 100 hours of work experience with a local plumber and am looking forward to moving on to an apprenticeship and transferring all of the skills that I have learnt to the workplace. I’d like to eventually become a qualified Plumber and the college is helping to open up plenty of opportunities for me.” Kai  |  Plumbing Level 2

Full-time Study Programme Guide

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Tresham College Full-time Study Programme Guide 2019-20  
Tresham College Full-time Study Programme Guide 2019-20