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deadline. To do this you need to complete a mitigating circumstances extension form and pass it to the course manager for consideration on or before the assessment date. The form advises you about what supporting evidence is required. A copy MUST also accompany the assignment when handed in. Late claims will normally only be considered under exceptional circumstances. Mitigating circumstances are normally granted for things such as illness, family bereavement or other personal circumstances. They are not granted for poor organisation. Failure to agree an extension is likely to result in a lower grade being awarded. The University of Bedfordshire and the University of Northampton have their own arrangements relating to deadlines for the submission of work which you must follow if you are on a university validated course. Applications for mitigating circumstances are handled through your tutor at College, and they will explain what you need to do. Assessment Appeals Courses are designed to make coursework assessment decisions very straightforward. However, some procedures can be difficult to understand at first. During your induction your tutor will explain how your work will be assessed. It is possible that you may not always be happy with assessment decisions. Initially, always ask your assessor (lecturer) to reconsider their decision. The assessment appeals policies (one will 26

Higher Education Student Handbook 2016-17  

Bedford College

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