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·· copying and submitting the work of a fellow student or allowing your work to be copied ·· copying the text from books or journals without referencing the original author ·· buying and submitting an assignment from the internet. Remember! ·· Plagiarism committed by accident is still plagiarism. For example, unknowingly using someone else’s ideas or not referencing your work correctly is still considered to be plagiarism. ·· Plagiarism can be present in any form of work that is submitted for marking. This can include presentations, computer programming, art work or performances, as well as written work. ·· Plagiarism is not just using someone else’s work or ideas without their permission. Work or ideas that are submitted without proper referencing details will still be regarded as plagiarism, even if you have permission from the original author. To avoid plagiarism occurring, make it clear when the ideas or words of someone else have been used in your work. You can do this by properly referencing your work. Always remember to check with your course teacher/lecturer and follow their referencing guidelines. Assignments are normally submitted through Turnitin software – your tutor will explain what you need to do.


Higher Education Student Handbook 2016-17  

Bedford College

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