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·· Authors (surname, initial) ·· Year of publication (in round brackets) preferably the date the page was created/copyrighted; if no date is available, write (No date) ·· Name of webpage (in italics, in Title Case) ·· Available at: URL ·· (Accessed: day month year). In text: According to local Council records, the approximate population of Bedford in 2009 was 158,000 (Bedford Borough Council, 2011). In reference list: Bedford Borough Council (2011) Statistics and 2011 Census Information: Bedford Borough – the facts and figures. Available at: uk/council_and_democracy/statistics_and_census.aspx (Accessed: 21 May 2012). Secondary referencing: Whilst secondary referencing can be useful, the original text should always be used whenever possible. If the original source is not available (e.g. it is very old) and another author has referred to it, then it is acceptable to use secondary referencing. Acknowledgements to the University of Bedfordshire referencing guidelines.

You can find more information on referencing on the Learning Resources section of Moodle.


Higher Education Student Handbook 2016-17  

Bedford College

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