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Electronic editions of print journals, from databases/online resources: ·· Authors (surname, initial) ·· Year of publication (in round brackets) ·· ‘Title of article’ (in single quotation marks) ·· Title of the journal (in italics, in Title Case) ·· Volume number (issue number), page numbers ·· Name of database/electronic journal supplier (in italics) ·· [Online] ·· Available at: URL of electronic journal supplier (insert the entire URL address) ·· (Accessed: day month year). In text: Museums are now moving towards ‘narratives that focus on rupture, conflict, discontinuity and displacement’ rather than traditional representations of history (Chappell & Chappell, 2011). In reference list: Chappell, S. & Chappell, D. (2011) ‘A Museum in a Book: Teaching Culture Through Decolonising, Arts-based Methodologies’, International Journal of Education and the Arts. 12(LAI 1). [Online] Available at: (Accessed: 21 May 2016). Referencing organisational or personal internet sites If you are unable to find the originator or date of a webpage, you should ask yourself whether the information it contains is reliable. 21

Higher Education Student Handbook 2016-17  

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