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In text: Topliss, Hurst & Skaratt (2007, p. 234) point out that when office space is designed and built it is tailored to the specific needs of the work which is to be carried out within. In reference list: Topliss, S., Hurst, M. and Skarratt, G. (2007) Building services engineering & civil engineering. Dawsonera [Online]. Available at: bedford/Doc?id=10295326 Oxford: Heinemann. (BTEC national) (Accessed: 18 May 2016). Referencing journals Printed journals ·· Authors (surname, initial) ·· Year of publication (in round brackets) ·· ‘Title of article’ (in single quotation marks) ·· Title of journal (in italics, in Title Case) ·· Volume number (issue number), page numbers. In text: As Kumar (2011) pointed out in a recent article, the design of a blood pressure monitor can be simplified by using SoC. In reference list: Kumar, S. (2011) ‘System on Chip in Portable MEDICAL Electronics’, Electronics World, 116 (1895), pp. 28-30.


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