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On a reference page: ·· A reference list should appear at the end of your assignment and include full details of all sources (discussed, quoted or paraphrased) that are referred to in the body of your text. These should be leftaligned and in alphabetical order of author. In a bibliography: ·· Where work has informed or influenced what you have written (but is not referred to in your work), it should be included as a separate list in a bibliography (placed behind the reference page). A very wide variety of material can be used as source material for your assignments – books, journals, as well as a great range of online resources such as online journals, databases, e-books, websites, and live performances. All the sources you use must have authority, be up to date and relevant. Referencing a book with one author The ‘copyright’ and title page should always be used to find referencing information; this should be set out as follows: ·· Author (surname, initials) ·· Year of publication (in round brackets) ·· Book title (in italics) ·· Edition of book (abbreviate to ‘edn.’), but not needed for first edition ·· Place of publication (if there is more than one name, use the first one): Publisher ·· Page number(s) (if using a direct quote).


Higher Education Student Handbook 2016-17  

Bedford College

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