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apply to the College for a travel discount of £450. Your £450 discount will be used to offset the cost of the Shuttleworth bus service, rather than paid directly to you. You will still need to pay the remaining subsidised rate after the £450 has been deducted: this is £405 if you pay for the whole year up front or £150 per term if you pay termly. Shuttleworth buses are subsidised for all full-time students aged 16-18, so if you don’t qualify for the bursary, you may still access the Shuttleworth bus service. The cost of this is £640 a year up front or £225 per term. If you are not able to access the Shuttleworth bus service, the £450 travel bursary will be paid directly to you for use towards your preferred mode of transport. The College provides morning and evening bus services from selected pick up points around the area. Places on the bus services will be allocated with the following priority: • Any full-time FE student not eligible for the post-16 transport scheme • Any part-time student • Any full-time HE student

USEFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS BEDFORD COLLEGE NUMBERS Bedford College (main switchboard) 01234 291000 Website: Email: Ext. Direct Additional Support 5905 291905 Bedford College Apprenticeships 5090 291090 BROOKS Hair & Beauty



Careers Advisers 5423 291423 5933 291933 5611 291611 5608 291608

The College reserves the right to withdraw any service should circumstances make that service unviable.

Counsellors 5911 291911 email: Text: TALK to 07950 080723


Enquiries & Guidance 5902 291000 email: /5910

Students aged 19 or over on 1 September 2017 who are experiencing financial difficulty may be able to apply for assistance with travel costs from the Adult Support Fund or Advanced Learner Loans Bursary, depending on household income. You must live more than three miles away from the College. If you are successful you may be awarded a travel bursary worth up to £450. Please note that if you are aged 19 and on the second year of a two year course, you will need to apply to the 16-19 bursary and not the Adult Support Fund.

Examinations Department 5435 291435

Contact Student Services on 01234 291276 for information on transport to and from Shuttleworth.

Quality Department 5562 291562

Finance Department 5872 291872 email: Gas & Plumbing Technology Centre



Learning Resources Centre email:



Print Services 5319 291319 Reception 0 291000

Student Handbook 2017-18  

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Student Handbook 2017-18  

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