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Specialists in Building Preservation Since 1965


At Lamphier & Company, our mission is to provide intelligent, cost-effective solutions to the challenges of building protection, preservation and safety. Our vision is to identify problems, explore and develop new solutions, and pioneer new advances in response to the ever-changing influences in our field, while remaining flexible and considerate in customizing solutions to our clients’ unique, individual needs. Integrity, our most valuable asset, dominates all of our decisions as well as our actions.

Waterproofing and Structural Glazing Here, the selection of the right chemistry and understanding joint geometry is critical. We have found that in this area of construction, the misuse of sealants causes more water intrusion than any other area. Generally, it’s not the building material, but how it was or was not constructed that causes most water intrusion.

Mold Moisture is controlled by two basic methods, one to remove moisture by HVAC positive pressurization and dehumidification of the building interior, and two, not allowing water to pass into the building envelope. Our experience has shown far too much emphasis has been placed on remediation and HVAC and not on correcting construction deficiencies. Don’t forget - the moisture that causes mold came from somewhere.

Reconstruction and Restoration Our services typically include site inspection, identifying specific problems, consultation with the owner or manager, followed by a very detailed proposal which will prioritize problem areas. When the owner/manager wishes to contract with Lamphier & Company, all work will be completed by our own full time employees, assuring everyone involved of a highly professionally run project. As a State Certified General Contractor, you can rest assured that whatever is required, we will comply with all codes and requirements necessary, giving owners and managers peace of mind that their property has been thoroughly addressed and protected.

Roof Coating White is the new green. Why? Because white reflective coatings reduce energy consumption. Coating roofs with Energy Star® approved products will save money and in some cases, your power provider may already offer direct rebates to you. We have the experience necessary to evaluate the use of energy saving coating systems and the skilled employees to carry out and assure a successful, long lasting system. This system will provide a substantial cost savings and help protect the environment by requiring less energy and producing less greenhouse gasses. circa 1965

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Painting and Protective Coatings Lamphier & Company began as a commercial painting company of five generations of painting contractors by Clarence J. Lamphier, who ran a very successful and reputable company. Later, Clarence was joined by his sons Robert and Gary, who literally grew up in the business and participated in nearly every type of coating being developed. This personal experience we gained has shaped who we are today. We are on the cutting edge of coating technology and will remain so. You could say that painting is in our blood. As Protective coatings were being developed, we embraced the new, better performing technologies and used them to further protect our customer’s physical assets. The changes in coating technology are continuous, and we’ve made it our business to stay on top of the advancements. Today we’ve shown our clients how they can double the life expectancy of traditional systems using what we’ve learned. Lamphier has also participated with manufacturers before products are brought to market, as well as before they are released from technical development.

Welcome To Lamphier & Company What originally began as a painting and glazing company has evolved over the past 44 years into a corporation that is highly reputable and distinctly different. At Lamphier & Company, we’ve focused on buildings and facilities after construction. We identify problems and concerns of our clients, provide site inspections, consultations and recommendations, prepare highly detail specific proposals, and follow through with contracted services – a true turn-key start to finish service.

what we do At Lamphier & Company, our services can be broken down into three categories: • Waterproofing and Glazing • Painting and Protective Coatings • Reconstruction and Restoration We have set the highest standards for the long term protection, preservation and performance of commercial properties and institutional facilities. Our experience and judgement provides simple solutions to existing problems, and can show you how to protect and maintain your property. We are a Class A General Contractor, and our turnkey services include sight inspection, product recommendation and contract services utilizing our own full time employees, all fully trained and with level two background checks. Our clients throughout Florida will attest to the fact that Lamphier & Company has earned their trust and continued business.

New Technologies We’ve made it our business to know what works and why. Staying on top of product advances and emerging technologies is constantly ongoing. According to Nace “The National Association of Corrosion Engineers” 80% of coatings failures is contractural application, almost 20% the specification was deficient and less than one half of one percent is manufacturer related. Ultimately, no manufacturer wants to produce something other than what their printed data says. At Lamphier & Company we take the fitness of use of a given product and present it on it’s proven merits and stand responsible for the results. We have a proven track record of extending life cycles by taking advantage of new technologies. Our successful track record in doing this is unmatched by any firm. We’ve also pioneered new technology on our own. We recently demonstrated a light emitting coating system for use as an emergency egress system. The response from this demonstration, particularly from the fire department officials, has been both rewarding and overwhelming.

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Lamphier & Company  

Specialists in Building Preservation since 1965

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