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Shakespeare’s Globe is an organisation with highly acclaimed and successful theatre and education activities and we are proud to continue to push artistic boundaries in search of interaction, interpretation and illumination through the text of Shakespeare, his contemporaries and new and original works. Shakespeare’s Globe further aims to be recognised internationally as the first point of reference for the study and appreciation of Shakespeare in performance. In certain circumstances we allow filming and photography on site on condition the production adheres to our terms and conditions. Most specifically it is worth remembering that Shakespeare’s Globe is a registered charity and as such will charge access for commercial filming and photography in order to further its mission. In other words, the work you do on site will directly benefit the actors, audience and architecture and ensure the ethos of this unique venue continues to thrive.

The following guidelines for filming and photography need to be read and signed prior to permission being granted. All crew working on site should be made aware of these guidelines in advance of access. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in filming being stopped. 1. Shakespeare’s Globe cannot usually be used to promote or endorse commercial activity unconnected with our core work. 2. Filming and photography must not interrupt the general running of the site. The site is in constant use throughout the year, but access to the theatre is generally possible in the early morning up to 9am March to October and 10am November to February (exact access times are dependent on existing activity on site and performances within the theatre). Filming and photography can be accommodated Monday to Friday only. This ensures our paying visitors enjoy the Globe without restriction and our staff suffer minimum disruption to their work. Filming inside visiting hours is only occasionally granted and would usually be limited to certain parts of the complex. 3. A minimum of 7 working days is required from receipt of your completed application form to the proposed date of filming/photography. This period may be shorter if the filming is deemed simple and the company not active at the time of proposed shoots but could also be longer in the case of more extensive location work. 4. Filming scripts must be submitted at least 3 working days before filming so we can check factual accuracy and artistic integrity. 5. The crew should ‘recce’ the location(s) in advance of the filming date. A final filming schedule must be submitted at least 3 working days before work starts so that appropriate arrangements for accommodating the filming/photography can be made. It is unlikely that extra requests made on-site on the day of filming will be easy to accommodate. The Theatre is an outdoor venue - if you plan filming outside, a contingency schedule is recommended in case of bad weather. 6. Filming fees apply. The final fee will depend on the scale, treatment and subject of your filming/photography project. Larger projects will be charged at a considerably higher rate. (NB: Location and feature filming rates are considerably higher – please contact Rebecca Storey, Senior Press and PR Officer on 020 7902 1492 or 7. No filming/photography of loan items is allowed without prior written permission from the lender. A proper schedule and plan prior to filming will allow us to advise if such permission is required and advise of any associated costs. 8. Crew size and equipment needs to be minimal. In some areas, crews may be required to leave non-essential crew members and equipment off site.

9. Permission to film the Globe’s performers, musicians or other personnel is not automatically granted and will be subject to a separate agreement in advance. Filming backstage, at rehearsals or during performances is not permitted for contractual reasons. 10. Permission to film education workshops, performances and events, is only permitted by special arrangement. please contact Rebecca Storey, Senior Press and PR Officer on 020 7902 1492 or 11. Permission to film visitors to the Globe is by special arrangement. When permitted an advance notice warning must be clearly displayed. Vox Pops are not permitted. 12. Please note that Shakespeare’s Globe cannot guarantee parking on site. This must be applied for and a charge between £50 - £250 +VAT applies. Spaces are subject to availability. For further information about local parking and permits please contact Rebecca Storey, Senior Press and PR Officer on 020 7902 1492 or Please allow sufficient time for parking when considering your schedule. 13. All camera crews and photographers are accompanied at all times by a member of the Globe’s Press Office. Shakespeare’s Globe reserves the right to stop filming at any point. 14. Permission to film/photograph is granted for stated projects only. Further permission must be sought from the Globe’s Press Office before pictures/footage can be used on any subsequent projects and an additional fee might be charged. 15. A location agreement must be signed in advance of access and a copy of a public liability insurance certificate must be provided. 16. Hazardous scenes are not allowed on the property (e.g. use of fire, special effects etc). Any alterations to the appearance of the buildings must be agreed in advance. 17. Filming of actors in costume, whether they are from Shakespeare’s Globe productions or otherwise, to re-enact scenes is not permitted. The basic hourly fee does not include fees for guides, Globe actors, musicians, dressers, interviewees and others, fees for which must be negotiated separately with the Globe. 18. Any filming at the Globe must be credited as follows: By kind permission of The Shakespeare Globe Trust 19. Any copyright issues that present themselves during the filming at the Globe (music, text etc.) are the responsibility of the film company. 20. It is the film company’s responsibility to organise any relevant health and safety checks during the filming and to prepare any necessary risk assessments. 21. Crew leaders are responsible for ensuring these guidelines and any additional instructions are understood and enforced by all crew members at all times. Crew members who continually flout guidelines, rules and regulations will be asked to leave the site. 22. Any filming that exceeds the agreed time allocation will be charged at the overtime rate of twice the agreed hourly rate. 23. Out of hours charges apply. Time and a half between 6am – 9am and double-time between 11pm – 6am. Please see the Rate Card for further information. 24. Shakespeare’s Globe has b-roll footage of the site from various locations, angles and times of day. This is available for download in various formats from the Online Press Image and Film Library. Fees may apply for commercial use and will be judged on an individual request basis.

Please be aware that there are no power points available within the theatre auditorium and stage area. Any lights/equipment must be supported by a generator/battery supplied by the visiting film crew. 1. All crew members must be constantly alert to guard against any damage due to people or equipment hitting, scratching, knocking over, or bumping contents as well as the interior and exterior fabric of any part of the building.

2. Only equipment required by the crew (listed on the application form and agreed in advance of access) can be brought into the filming/photography location. Crew must ensure all equipment is lifted, not dragged, when being moved and is not left resting against or touching any building fabric, sensitive surface or object. 3. No historic object or interior fabric should ever be touched, leant against or moved by any crew member. Only a member of Globe staff is permitted to move or adjust such. 4. There is no sound system in the theatre. 5. Power points are available backstage but only which may be used in exceptional circumstances 6. LIGHTING a. Lighting is limited to floodlights around the interior of the theatre and downlighters above the stage. These lights can only be requested for film crews in exceptional circumstances. It is the crew’s responsibility to provide adequate lighting for their filming. b. Maximum light levels of 600 lux are permitted in areas containing materials of low light sensitivity. c. All lamps must have glass shields and HMI lamps must be fitted with new UV gel filters. d. Cool lamps are required for close-up photography and filming of historic contents and interiors. e. Lights can be turned on for exposure readings and filming only – focusing should be carried out using ambient light. f. Lights should be reflected, not aimed directly at any objects or the main fabric of the building. g. All lighting equipment (including reflectors) must be kept at all times outside barriers and distanced 2.5 metres from historic objects and interiors. Additionally, they must be placed 1 metre further than its own height from the nearest historic object or interior surface. h. Conservators monitoring lighting conditions and equipment are permitted to stop work if any damage to property or contents is considered likely or possible. 7. Floor mounted equipment (including lighting stands and tripods) must have rubber-tipped or taped ends to prevent scratching or damage to floors, and occasionally boards and matting will be required for added protection. 8. No equipment can be attached to any part of the fabric of the buildings. All equipment must be held or stood in a secure and steady manner. 9. Cords and wires running along floors must be covered with cable covers, rubber matting or taped with low tack masking tape (to be provided by the Globe), so that visitors and crew do not trip or fall during the shoot. 10. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the theatre outside of areas designated for this purpose and food or drink can only be consumed in previously agreed locations. If any member of the crew is found to be in contravention of this rule, there is an on the spot fine of £250 for each offence. 11. The Globe reserves the right to stop filming at any point if activities pose a danger to the preservation of the Globe contents and/or interiors. Applications will not be processed unless terms and conditions are acknowledged and understood, failure to appreciate and respect terms and conditions could result in crews being asked to leave the premises and Shakespeare’s Globe revoking the rights to use footage gained

I agree to all of the above guidelines and conservation rules and regulations, and will ensure that all crew members are aware of them and abide by them.

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