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Early Modern Writers at the Globe The archives contain a wide range of production materials relating to early modern plays performed at the Globe, including programmes, prompt books, wardrobe bibles, music, recordings, show reports & production photographs. Please contact to confirm which resources are available for each play. Francis Beaumont & John Fletcher The Maid’s Tragedy

(dir. Lucy Bailey, 1997)

Venus & Adonis

(dir. Ian Caddy, 1998)

The Antipodes

(dir. Gerald Freedman, 2000)

John Blow

Richard Brome

Thomas Dekker & Thomas Middleton The Honest Whore

(dir. Jack Shepherd, 1998)

Damon & Pythias

(dir. Gaynor Macfarlane, 1996)

Richard Edwards

Christopher Marlowe Dido, Queen of Carthage Edward II Doctor Faustus

(dir. Tim Carroll, 2003) (dir. Timothy Walker, 2003) (dir. Matthew Dunster, 2011)

Thomas Middleton A Chaste Maid In Cheapside (dir. Malcolm McKay, 1997) A Mad World, My Masters (dir. Sue Lefton, 1998)