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BED SHEET & BEDDING BUYING GUIDE FOR BUYERS Everything you need to know for a good night's sleep The bedding and bed sheets you choose can make the difference between a cheerful "good morning!" and a groggy "morning already?" Check out our buying guide below to help you chose the best sheets for a good night's sleep and a great day ahead.

What Is A Duvet?

Pronounced as Du-vey, it is essentially a filler (bag) which is filled with down, feathers and soyabean or artificial stuffing like polyester microfiber to create a warm bed covering that takes the place of quilts and bedspreads. Duvets typically come in line with the actual bed size as it is supposed to fit on the whole bed rather than fall off it.

What Is A Duvet Cover?

Duvets are usually filled with natural materials like down, feathers and wool. This makes it difficult to wash the duvet as the stuffing could get ruined. Duvets covers are washable covers just like pillow covers which help protect the duvet.

Duvet covers allow you to change the look and feel of your bedroom whenever you want, without completely redecorating by simply changing the covers.

Duvet covers are made of cotton, rayon, silk blends, microfiber and suede. You can also purchase them as a part of the bedding set, for a coordinated look all in one colour and design.

What Is A Comforter?

A comforter is a type of blanket which is intended to keep the user warm while sleeping. It is usually filled with synthetic material and encased in a covering. The comforters are slightly larger than bed allowing for draping over the sides. Sometimes a comforter is also sold as a "bed in a bag" with complete set including bedsheets. Comforters are sometimes reversible to offer different colours on each side. Comforters can be easily washed and do not require separate covers as Duvets but they can be paired with Duvet Covers if needed.

What Is A Quilt?

A quilt is a type of blanket, which is normally composed of three layers of fiber: a woven cloth top, a layer of batting or wadding and a woven back combined. A technique called quilting is used to craft a quilt. Quilt fillings include feather, down, wool and cotton. Those filled with Soyabean & Aloe Vera are perfect for sensitive and allergic users. They are lightweight yet provide natural warmth and depending on size, can also be used with duvet covers for protection. Quilts are made using Box Stich and Gusset methods. Box stich quilts can be identified via box like squares on the quilt which trap the filling and don’t let it move around leading to an equal fill. Quilts featuring a Gusset provide an additional layer increasing softness and allowing even spread in filling.

What Is Thread Count?

To keep it simple, thread count is “The number of threads woven horizontally and vertically in one square inch of fabric.” It determines the quality of a bedding sheet. Usually, higher the thread count, higher will be its quality and lustrous finish. It also determines the softness and durability of the sheets. Bed sheet thread counts range range from 120 to 1500. At higher thread counts, Jacquard and solid colours are preferred.


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