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to fitness! Keeping fit is important to maintain your body’s strength, health and shape. However, when you lead a busy life, keeping track of your physical activity levels can be tough. Whether you’re a casual walker or training for a marathon, Harvey Norman have many smart options for you to help you achieve your goals set your goals for your next race or choose an ambitious long-term target, ensure you meet your potential by monitoring every aspect of your training cycles. Forerunner 235 by Garmin not only allows you to track your distance, pace, time and heart rate, you can also download advanced workouts and training plans to the GPS sports watch from the online Garmin Connect network. Concise, easy-tounderstand charts, graphs and maps let you view your activities, track progress toward goals and wirelessly upload and share relevant data directly with Garmin Connect. So, you can compete with friends or family members on weekly running challenges — and compare your results in real time, using the LiveTrack feature. A built-in accelerometer captures distance and pace data when you’re running on an indoor track or treadmill, with no need for a separate foot pod accessory. Once your jogging is done, it doubles as an activity tracker, counting your steps and calories throughout the day. It also reminds you to move after sitting for more than an hour! You can receive current weather conditions, forecasts and smart notifications on your smartphone– which makes scheduling a run, hike or cycle during the day all the easier.

NEW TO THE GAME For better fitness, start with the heart. Knowing your heart rate can be useful when you exercise, because it will help you know whether your exercise is intense enough to provide health benefits, but not so intense that it could cause you any health problems. Heart rate monitors geared towards athletes have been available for years, but now everyone can measure the steps they’ve taken, calories burned and distance walked – whether that’s while cycling to work in the morning or climbing ten levels of stairs to reach your office. Fitbit Charge HR can do just that – tracking all-day activity. The wristband can monitor your heart rate automatically and continuously to accurately track calorie burn, maintain workout intensity, maximise training and optimise health – all without having to use an uncomfortable chest strap. What’s more, the Fitbit Charge HR will also monitor your resting heart rate, which can quantify the benefits of your newly improved lifestyle – you can watch your resting heart rate decrease as you get fitter! AMP UP YOUR WORKOUT Getting into a relationship with the gym is a bit like being in a relationship with a partner – once you join forces, it’s a long-term commitment with ever-changing expectations and goals. But ultimately, it should make you feel happy and positive about the future! Regardless of your fitness aspirations, wearing a smartwatch can ensure your gym experience is more rewarding and sustainable – that you can meet your health goals as you update your exercise plans. Fitbit Blaze is a smart fitness watch which helps you to maximise each workout every day. With advanced technology in a versatile design, this revolutionary device tracks your workouts, monitors your performance stats and gauges your process. Next-generation features include Connected

Fitbit Charge HR - Heart Rate & Activity Wristband, €134

GPS, which can display map routes if you choose to take your session outdoors, FitStar, which allows you to access step-by-step instructions and PurePulse, used to monitor heart rate and set a heart rate zone to ensure you’re pushing yourself but not overdoing it.

You can also choose from various sport modes such as running, biking and cardio and the wireless-enabled sleek piece can also automatically recognise and record exercises for you, so that you’ll get credit even if you forget to log it! All-day activity, sleep tracking, and call,

SMART TRAINING All of the fitness devices available at Harvey Norman are lightweight and portable, making them convenient to carry around when you train. With the wide selection of Connected Fitness and Health products available, you can plan, improve and analyse your Garmin training regime to a tee! If you’re Forerunner 235, Fitbit Blaze unsure about what smart watch €358 in Black or or activity tracker to choose, Plum, €229 Harvey Norman’s Technology Specialists can help you to find text and calendar notifications the product that’s right for can help you to track your day you, whether you’re a beginner with ease. It really is a fantastic or more advanced athlete. aid to improve your lifestyle! For more information, visit KEEP ON MOVING or No two runners are the same, and pop into your nearest Harvey neither are their goals. For those Norman store and speak to with a competitive nature, as you a Technology Specialist

Harvey Norman - Get Connected to Fitness - July 2016  

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