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the sale of milk for several weeks. Not nearly enough time for a safety margin and one is led to wonder how the cows fared. To this day the ‘clean-up’ that was started in 1980 and expected to end in 2015, hasn’t been completed. The latest forecasts hope it will be done by 2040. Since then there have been far more incidents than are generally known of. The headliners like Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania [40 years a month ago] and the big daddy [bear?] Chernobyl coming up to 33 years ago in a few days, overshadowed some that didn’t. For instance, the one that occurred close to Kyshtym, deep in the Russian Ural Mountains in 1957 and kept quiet by the Soviets. Well over one hundred nuclear accidents and incidents have been suppressed over the years. Fukushima in Japan, amid quake and tsunami, hit the headlines in March of 2011. No surprise then that people had grown suspicious of, and had many concerns about, the trustworthiness of nuclear piles

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simmering in pressure cookers. Maybe there would have been more sources that were safer, more sustainable and easier to maintain and maybe the world would have moved away from such a destructive force just waiting for a bad actor to harness it. Too late now. We recoiled at the collapse of towers and spires yet neglected to close the door on alpha, beta and gamma rays. Darren let his eyes get used to the darkness and stood inside the entrance. At a certain time, there was enough light streaming in for him to not have to carry his makeshift torch - it was smoky and hampered his work. He moved towards the open boxes that were his current hunting grounds. A movement caught the periphery of his vision. There, a shape. He gripped the industrial can opener he wore tied to his waist. Then the shape materialised into a face. It was a boy, maybe he was 8 or 10 years old. The face mirrored Darren’s; surprise, anxiety and a hint of joy at the encounter. Darren’s hand slowly went up in the universal sign of peace.

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