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ADDITIONALLY, WE HAVE ADVANCED DATA AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE TOOLS THAT HELP MERCHANTS OPTIMISE THEIR CONVERSION RATES … WHILE ALSO PROTECTING THEM FROM FRAUD Credorax performs banking services using the cloud-based Temenos T24 Transact core banking software, which operates end-to-end on the Microsoft Azure cloud. This all-digital banking platform provides many advantages for delivering new products and services, while adhering to the requirements from networks and regulators.

relationships with our merchants, so we can ensure they have what they need. We are in constant contact with them, to ensure that their payments are as optimised as possible, and if our merchants need something that we don’t have, we can build it for them quickly. That’s the benefit of being a NextGen payments processor and acquiring bank.

Typically, ecommerce merchants hold multiple accounts with various banks. They use a full-service commercial bank to manage their traditional business, such as payments, payroll, taxes and more while also using an acquiring bank to collect the funds they receive from their customers via credit cards and alternative payment methods.

How many currencies do you deal in?

Transferring the funds from one bank to another can be an inconvenience and requires additional resources to manage the funds. With our banking licence and advanced platform capabilities, Credorax can offer merchants both types of bank accounts — one for their income from sales and the other to support the typical treasury management functions businesses require. And these services can be offered through our platform, via an open API, making it easy to integrate with. If you were to mention something that makes your company stand out from the rest, what would that be? It’s hard to pick just one thing, but I think two of our best features are that we are an agile NextGen company with a boutique approach. Our agility enables us to continuously develop new products and services, while our boutique approach leads to close

We offer merchants the ability to accept a wide range of cards and alternative payment methods and to process payments in over 120 currencies, while receiving settlements in their currency of choice. This is incredibly important, as often merchants want to sell to customers around the world, but at the same time, they want to receive their funds in only one or two main currencies. We can help merchants offer customers the payment options they want, while also simplifying the process for the merchant. How would you describe your working culture? Is it a fast-changing environment, and do employees get to change roles from time to time as a result?

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Pictured: Charlon Scicluna — Malta managing director, Credorax

The payments and acquiring eco-system is extremely fast-paced because of constant technological innovations and changing customer expectations. Because of this, our working culture is that of a fast-paced hi-tech company – we must be agile and swift to innovate, to keep up with the trends and consumer demands. With that also come great opportunities for our teams to grow and develop professionally. At Credorax, we enjoy high employee retention rates, and many of our employees have held multiple roles within the company as they’ve developed their careers with us. In fact, just last month, we held an internal celebration to recognise over 26 team members who have surpassed the five-year mark with our company, and that’s in Malta alone. We’re also proud to be an extremely diverse company with 21 nationalities, and we’re also proud to be one of the only global FinTech companies with over 51% female employees throughout the entire organisation, including mid and upper management levels.

Credorax is a licensed NextGen merchant acquiring bank providing cross-border processing for ecommerce and omni channel payments. Our core gateway technology, SourceTM, has been developed in-house to provide a streamlined payment experience so smart, that merchants can reach their full business potential simply by better managing their payments. Credorax merchants process in over 120 currencies, accept a wide range of alternative payment methods, and get paid in their currency of choice. Our merchants also enjoy approval rate optimisation, advanced fraud protection, business intelligence and a host of other value-added services and products adding up to a payments experience unlike any other.

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