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Newsletter for our Collaborators May 2010

Rallying for Results: 99 Days of Hope for Human Rights What you can do to help and how it can help your organization Dear Partner: The 99 Days of Hope for Human Rights campaign is what we are doing this summer to increase awareness of our cause: ending poverty as a means of realizing equality. What we will be doing is getting the word out around Chicago in as many ways as we can (door-todoor, workshops, events, networking, etc.) about Becoming We The People’s movement and al l the amazing organizations we are fortunate enough to have working with us. The campaign will be focusing on eight points that should be considered human rights in order to realize

What We Would Like From You: A quarter-page or half-page flyer about your organization that we can hand out during the campaign. This will help advertise for your organization as well as show people that we are all coming together for a common cause. (You will need to make the copies of these. We can arrange to pick them up from you. ) Would like to have these by May 31. Participation in the events. We hope you will join us at any of our events and bring people with you. Talk about the work we are doing together. We are spreading the world regularly about the great things your organization is doing. We hope you are telling people you are working with us as well. Keep us informed about your events. Be

sure to send us updates about what your organization has going on so we can participate and spread the information as well.

equality. These basic human rights are: -Food -Clothing -Shelter -Healthcare -Employment -Education -Love -Equality The campaign will run from May 31, 2010 until September 6, 2010. Expect to see a lot of us! We hope to see you around the city with us, too!

Upcoming Events Saturday, June 5- “Red-Lining” for Human Rights 9 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. We will be riding the CTA Red Line in matching shirts as a means of exposing the movement. See our website for details. Monday, June 14- Monthly Meeting 7:00 to 8:15 p.m. We will be doing monthly meetings on the second Monday of each month. We hope you can attend! Saturday, September 11- Fundraiser for firstresponders from 9/11 that are now ill. More details TBA. Saturday and Sunday, September 18 & 19- March for Human Rights. More details TBA We will be sending out a weekly e-mail during the 99 Days of Hope Campaign with the events going on each week. Please check our website regularly as well for new events.

Feel free to contact me at any time about anything via e-mail or telephone: or 773597-7887

May 2010 Newsletter  

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