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Created by: Jesenia The Comedian

SERIES SYNOPSIS: Becoming Ricardo is a slap-stick comedy about a downand-out actress, Jesenia Cruz, who In a desperate attempt to get her career moving faster, she decides to audition for a lead role, in a major network TV show, as a MALE character she’s played many times before – Ricardo Montalban. With the help of her makeup artist cousin, Sonia Cruz, Jesenia, lands the lead role in “CRIME, LAW AND JUSTICE” and quickly finds herself struggling to maintain a double-life! What she thought would be easy, turns her life up-side-down, as Ricardo Montalban’s career sky rockets into stardom, and Jesenia remains a struggling actress. Somehow Ricardo has all that Jesenia wants, and Jesenia finds herself resenting the person that she’s created. How will Jesenia cope with her double life? What kinds of situations will she end up in living as a man? With her medaling mother Lydia, her crazy ex-boyfriend Josè, her new boyfriend Steven, her partner-in-crime cousin Sonia and her love struck female co-star, Vivian Vox , who has fallen head over heels for Ricardo. Jesenia has more on her plate than she can imagine! Will someone ever discover her secret?

BECOMING RICARDO is one of the "5 WEBSERIES THAT SHOULD BE ON YOUR RADAR" (ABC/Univision) BECOMING RICARDO is one of the "Latino Web Series Levels the Filmmaking Playing Field" (Latin Heat) BECOMING RICARDO is “The Next Big Slap-Stick Web Comedy Series – Created by a Latina!” (New Latina)

WHAT’S NEXT? After a successful fundraising campaign we raised enough money to begin production on 4 more episodes. We’ve already completed a pilot episode, which can be found on our website, and we are excited to bring you 9 more episodes full of fun slapstick comedy. Because our fundraised budget will only allow us to film just the next 4 episodes, we’re always seeking sponsorship. We are currently marketing the show to Television channels.

LEAD CAST: Jesenia, Lisa Velez-Mello, Sofia Rodriguez, Junio Teixeira, Ron Rivera, Giordona Aviv, Roman Suarez DIRECTOR: Tony Clomax CREATED BY: Jesenia WRITTEN BY: Jenni Ruiza and Jesenia


Becoming Ricardo was featured on BronxNet’s OPEN show.



CAST LIST (cont’d):

CAST BIO’S: JESENIA The Comedian is a Puerto Rican actress/writer/producer/director. She is a theater & film actress and has performed in both comedic and dramatic roles. Jesenia is also a stand-up comedian and has been the Head Writer, Producer, Performer and Creative Director for two sketch and Improv comedy shows: AY QUE FUNNY and LOCO MOTIVES. She created, wrote and starred in BECOMING RICARDO, which is loosely based off her own life and experiences as a Latina Actress in NYC. SOFIA RODRIGUEZ is a Dominican actress. She studied Dramatic Arts at Talent Unlimited. She’s worked with the nonprofit Epic Theater Center. She practices her craft through film and stage. Works include African Booty Scratcher (which can be seen on HBO), Secret life of Jolie and Anna in the Tropics. She is also a recipient of a writing scholarship from the American Theatre Wing, for her short play “His name is my name too”. Sofia has also completed a 3 year run of performances in the off-Broadway hit “Platanos and Collard Greens”. LISA VELEZ-MELLO (aka: Lisa Lisa) is a Puerto Rican “Latin Pop” icon with distinct vocals and a large influence on the music and world communities. Historically acknowledged as the originator of the Latin Hip Hop/Freestyle genre, Lisa Lisa gave rise to powerhouse divas such as, Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Selena, and Jennifer Lopez. During the course of her career, Lisa has also been featured in many television shows, starring for two years on the Nickelodeon network’s “Taina” and has appearing in numerous Broadway and Off Broadway shows. Still making records and performing today, Lisa Lisa’s genuine persona exudes through her music, embracing the fans into a care-free environment. It is no wonder Lisa Lisa has and will continue to reign as the Queen of Latin Hip-Hop. ROMAN SUAREZ With 15 yrs of Entertainment Experience, Roman is no stranger to captivating and engaging audiences. His ability to entertain is enabled by his witty comedic charm aimed to embrace the conscience and culture trends of mature and young audiences alike. In 2006, Billboard Magazine highlighted Roman as a TOP 30 UNDER 30 Music & Entertainment industry figure noting him as “Savvy & Daring”. It was in 2011 when Emmy Award Winning Comedian, Mike Robles allowed him to open for his Comedy Rumba shows in New York City. Now Roman performs standup and sketch comedy all over New York City, Roman entertains through his comedic spontaneity combined with vivid characterizations of a Latino upbringing, with a charismatic embrace on American culture. JUNIO TEXEIRA Junio Teixeira is an Actor and Dancer. Teixeira was born in Brazil and book his first artistic job when he was 15 years old. His artistic skills brought him to the US where he's being acting, dancing and modeling since 2005. He also appears in many TV commercials, Runways, Models Campaigns and Music Videos.

RON RIVERA Ron's passion for acting began at the early age of 9. He studied at Erasmus Hall School for Performing Arts where he played the lead in several contemporary plays. In the early 90's, he was featured in films like "A Bronx Tale" with Robert Deniro, "Carlito's Way" with Al Pacino and several others . Since then he has appeared in many Independent/Short films - many of which have won prestigious awards at film festivals. Ron played the lead role in Bonnie Wright's play "From Deep inside the Dark" in 2010 that received rave reviews in NY newspapers. GIORDONA AVIV is a Model/Actress from Podgorica, Montenegro. She is a SUPER MODEL in her country and very respected in that field. She came to the United States to broaden her career and implement more acting. Since coming the the U.S., she has been cast in several independent features and has appeared on Comedy Central, TruTV and the Biography Channel. SEAN MORALES is a Chilean/American actor from Brooklyn, NY. He started his career by auditioning and working in Independent films. At an early age Sean had an interest in theater and sports but chose to stick with sports alone. It wasn't until later in life where he decided get get back to what he enjoyed most, acting. And in 2009 he auditioned and landed a role in Code Name: Operation Black Thunder where he won "The Accolade" for best supporting actor(2010). He can also be seen in guest spots on “One Life to Live” and “As the World Turns”. NASSER METCALFE is a Afro-Cuban actor from the south side of Chicago, Illinois. He started his acting career at the age of 14 and by the age of 18, he was lying about his age just to perform his new passion of standup comedy, slowly making a name for himself in his hometown of Chicago. In the 90’s, Nasser then moved to NYC and performed in several off-broadway plays, including portraying the character Banquo in Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Harlem. Nasser is a founding member of In 2006 Nasser lit up screens as Fazul, along side Vanessa Williams and Tatum O’Neal in the acclaimed independent film My Brother. In 2008 Nasser joined Mariah Carey as Dr Maxwell in the Lee Daniels film, Tennessee.

About the Writers, the Director and the D.P. …… JESENIA The Comedian: Creator, Writer, Producer, Actress Jesenia is a New York actress/writer/producer. She’s a seasoned theater & film actress, having performed both comedic and dramatic roles. Jesenia is also a stand-up comedian and has performed at all the major comedy clubs in NYC, including: Carolines and StandUp NY. From 2009-2011, she was the Head Writer, Producer, Performer and Creative Directorof The Ay Que Funny Sketch Comedy Show, which showcased at the NuyoRican Poets Café, the National Comedy Theater and ended its three year run at the Broadway Comedy Club. In March 2012, Jesenia began a new Improv/Sketch Comedy troupe “LOCO MOTIVES”, currently performing all over NYC. Jesenia is currently pitching her TVseries "BECOMING RICARDO", which is based on her signature character Ricardo Montalban, an off-beat, high-strung macho man. One of Jesenia’s career goals is to become the FIRST Latina cast member/writer on a TV network Sketch Comedy Show! Her comedic inspirations are: Chris Farley, Freddie Prinze, Jackie Gleason, John Belushi, George Lopez, Ben Stiller, Kristin Wiig, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Lorne Michaels, Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett. Jesenia has trained at the Manhattan Comedy School, Black NEXXUS, the UCB and The Second City Training Center in Chicago, IL. JENNI RUIZA Writer, Producer, Actress, Assistant Director. Jenni is a NYC-based actor and writer. She began her professional career in January 2011 where she worked on her first comedic short with and In 2011, she also signed on as a writer and featured player for the sketch comedy show "AY QUE FUNNY" created by Comedian Jesenia. Now, Jenni is cowriter and producer for "BECOMING RICARDO", a hilarious webTV sitcom debuting its season in early Summer 2013. Jenni also performs musical improv with The LocoMotives around NYC and co-hosts "COMEDY GIRLS", a radio show discussing everything from relationships to fashion on BlogTalkRadio. She is also a contributing writer for with a popular weekly column focusing on The Bronx.

TONY CLOMAX: Director (Episode 2-10) and Director of Photography (Episode 1) With an M.F.A. in Film and a collaborative and passionate spirit, Award-winning filmmaker and WGAe member Tony Clomax implements an "Collaborative” approach to creating thought-provoking and entertaining content for Film, TV, Web and other innovative platforms of today. Skilled with the ability to write, direct, produce, shoot and edit, he takes pride in creating a nurturing environment for his actors to thrive. In addition, he leads a highly talented crew with a clear vision of creativity and purpose. With versatility in storytelling and adeptness in various genres, his projects are original, polished, technically sound, specific and highly entertaining. As a Producer, Director or Editor, Mr. Clomax and his production company Maximeyes Productions has collaborated on awarding-winning pilots, short films and documentaries such as Disciplinary Actions, Heads or Tails, Drunken Freestyle: An Interview with Tupac Shukar, October 16, Open Wound, Athena and Can She Be Saved? In addition to working on his Award-Winning 12Steps To Recovery series, Mr. Clomax has several feature scripts currently in development such as the neo-noir Harlem Boils and the musical drama House Music All Night Long, as well as receiving various feature scripts to consider as a director. He lists Clint Eastwood, Sidney Poitier, Christopher Nolan, Michael Mann, Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola as directing inspirations and Hal Ashby, Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, Sergio Leone, Sam Peckinpah and F. Gary Gray as personal favorites.

CJ GATES (Director of Photography Episodes 2-10) Bio, picture and links coming soon.

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