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Rebecca Yip Student number: 641155

Chosen pattern : Drangonfly wings

Influence of pattern on form * Intricate pattern Emphasis on the surface of the lantern. *Differemt thickness of patterns on the wings The layering lighting effect of the lantern to create shadows with different depth and thickness.

Paper models

1. In Modul one we had the task of transforming our pattern into a three dimensional model. This model gave me a better understanding on how I want my scale of the cut out patterns to be.

2. Our second task was to create a model by repeating the transformation proccess, but be free of the base pattern. This model contributed a little to the shape of my final lantern.

Clay model

Making the clay models evokes thoughts on how to hold the model, and also the lighting direction I want to acheive. Here, I have decided that I want the lantern to be held by palms facing up,and for the lighting to span out from above.

Paneled options

Prototypes I wanted to see whether the card cutter could cut the patterns on my model, and also how it can be assembled using the tabs. Here I find that the tabs gives the structure to the model. I did not like the horizontal tabbing, therefore, made sure that my final model was unrolled in horizontal strips.

Final model

Unrolled faces

Black card

Ivory card

Model making

Lighted lantern

Final model

Module 3 - Fabrication  
Module 3 - Fabrication  

Virtual Environments module 3