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The spaces within the factory are zoned based on the zoning of a car, as shown in the

The journey of the visitor begins on entrance of the site. The drive leads the visitor rou engine gabion wall is visible from the entrance, and is the backdrop to the line of sales The material palette is taken from the industrial qualities of the area: the steelwork left

The embody project presented me with the topic of wire, which I approached with an a

The concept for the factory derives from the manufacturing process of cars. The cars a required shapes. In the same vein, the form of the building is stamped and folded (as s roof is clad in PV tiles.

Parapet Flashing Flexible Membrane Blocking Waterproofing Air Barrier

Parksafe 580 Image

Metal Cladding Cantilevered Steel Frame

Roller Gate (Plan 1:100)

Steel Frame Column

Roller Gate (Section 1:100)

Transfer Area

Smart Cart (Elevation 1:100)

Mesh Smart Cart (Plan 1:100)


Smart Cart (Elevation 1:100)

Metal Cladding Cantilevered Steel Frame KISS Barrier (Elevation 1:25)

KISS Barrier (Elevation 1:25)

Steel Frame Column

KISS Barrier (Plan 1:25)

Steel Frame Column Desk Concept Image

DPC Insulating Block Reinforced Concrete Floor Slab Concrete Foundations

Desk (Elevation 1:25)

Desk (Plan 1:25)

e diagram above.

und the rear of the building, under a fold in the facade. The visitor’s car park is situated in the midst of the forecourt, to emmerse the visitor in the product of the factory. The feature s desks. factory. discarded on site (steel framework), concrete in the town centre (as concrete screed), whilst maintaining the brickwork of the original factor

aesthetic intent. I created a fascinator using wire, representative of building wire. Therefore, a component in the facade of my building is mesh, made from recycled wires and steel.

are built up from a chassis, which relates to the steel frame of the building. The car bodywork is made from sheets of metal called blanks, which are stamped and folded to the shown in the diagram below). The darker grey areas represent concrete screed, where the lighter represents areas which are clad in steel, to represent the concept externally. The

Steel Fence

Concrete Screed Roof Membrane Decking Rigid Insulation Metal Deck DPC Truss

Concrete Screed

Rigid Insulation Metal Deck Truss

Mesh Glass

Concrete Screed

Floor Joist Damp Proof Membrane

Factory Technical Section 1:50

Stage 3 Design Portfolio  

Collaboration of stage 3 design work and extracurricular projects.