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Thinly sliced creamy sheets, of soft alabaster, from roman mines of Wragmire moss, precisely cut, sheathed in glass, let light play in the apse.

from broken fragments re assemble light stain upon white lucencies prismatic sight

she lost make it now carve and work make it well range widely east and west pinecone lotus wheatsheaf grape from many one.

The church walls are cold and stone The marble is alabaster carved and rendered In the face of my sister the lichen gathers As the acorns fall The milk white face sleeps, eyes closed to the white weight above.

“with the doors closed, narrow panes lowered, in the panels, two iron arrows puncture the light.�

“A few brave sons protect it now, The bulwark of the laws, While i come here to ask of you to aid the glorious cause, my daughters are like snowdrops sent, All dress’d in white and trimm’d with green.” Fal, lall, &c.

Katherines death unleashed all sarah’s languages; of art, religion,alkali, irons works, architecture and unearthed histories. Roman, celtic hammerd in her mind. From alabaster quarried in wragmire, She carved fossils, pinecones, lotus flower.

“Yon lucid eye shall drop a tearThou haughty heart shall bleedAnd many moons shall round the year Ere i repent the deed”. Bur hymen heard, and with a smile, Declar’d he’d hover round Carlisle, Fal, lall, &c.

A dim contemplative light streams geological strata to reprise layered symbols from Egypt, the orient, Rome, greece: One life from many here as one.

becky and hannah poems by sarah losh

St Mary's Wreay  

A magazine about the church at Wreay.