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Official Newsletter of New York District - Division 6 September 2011 Issue

Giving Key Clubbers the edge on the latest D6 happenings!

In this issue:

LTG’s Greeting Hey what‟s up Division Six! I hope all of you are enjoying the new school year as much as I am! Hopefully you all have had a Key Club meeting by now and are planning events for this year! I highly encourage each and every one of you to take part in as many of your club‟s projects and Divisional events this year as possible. You‟ll have plenty of opportunities to make friends from other clubs within our division who share an equal passion for Key Club. I would like to remind you about our next Divisional which is coming right up on Wednesday, October 5th at 7 pm at West Hempstead High School. We will be discussing upcoming events as well as completing a unique advocacy service project. I‟m asking everyone who attends to try their best to wear purple to support Anti-Bullying month! Also extremely important please do not forget that this year‟s Division 45-6-7 Fall Rally will be held on Sunday, October 23rd at the Merrick Golf Clubhouse from 10:30 am to 4 pm. Admission is only $5 (which includes lunch) and all proceeds will be going to TWO great District Charities- The AIDS Healthcare Foundation and the Christian Appalachia Project! There is also a

contest to see which Division will have the highest attendance so please come to represent our division and bring your service leadership spirit! It‟s going to be an exciting day filled with important workshops and a service project so please do your best to attend! Workshops include club officer trainings and member trainings to learn more about Key Club. Additional workshops will include Public Speaking, Writing a Winning College Essay, Running for Higher Office, Governor‟s Project, 60 Service Ideas in 45 Minutes, and Life After Key Club. I hope you enjoy the rest of this newsletter and look forward to seeing you all very soon! Remember if you need help or have questions about anything please do not hesitate to ask me (:

LTG’s Greeting……….…1 Governor’s Greeting.....2 Secretary’s Greeting….2 Sacred Heart KC……….3 Club Spotlight…………..4 Alzheimer’s Walk………5 9/11 K-Family Day……...6 Aktion Club……………...7 Black&White Ball……….8 Treasurer’s Greeting…..9 Governor’s Project…….9 District Projects………..10 Project Eliminate……...10 Club Paperwork……....10 Club Events…………….11 Contact Info…………...12

Yours in friendship and service, Lt. Governor Becky Hopkins NYD Key Club- Division 6 516-640-9384| PS- I love every one of these pictures so I had to include them all!


October 5th October 23rd

West Hempstead High School- 7 pm Merrick Golf Clubhouse- 10:30 am

Governor’s Greeting Governor Domenick Pesce Hey New York District Key Club, For those of you new to Key Club this year, my name is Domenick Pesce and I will be serving as your New York District Key Club Governor. I would like to warmly welcome you all to this 2011-2012 service year. Whether you are a Freshman new to Key Club, or veteran member, I‟m sure this school year will provide us all with great opportunities for service! I have served in the Kiwanis family for the past 6 years at my home club of East Meadow High School in Long Island, New York. My job as Governor for the New York District consists of serving you, the Key Clubbers of the state in any way that I can. I facilitate Lieutenant Governors and District Board Officers to make the District run smoothly and successfully. As the school year begins Key Club becomes a lot busier than usual. Your clubs will begin to plan their own service projects and fundraisers. I encourage you all to get involved in not only your home club events, but Divisionals and Divisional Projects as well. Be connected throughout Key Club in the club, Division, and District level. The Governors Project also offers clubs to perform a more unique kind of service. This year‟s Governor's Project is called “Music and Art Within our Hearts”. It simply advocates and encourages the planning of service projects or fundraising that somehow involves or promotes the music and the arts. With the economy in its current condition, and school administrators cutting left and right, students are beginning to lose out on things such as music, arts, and even Key Clubs! This is an opportune time to show your teachers, parents, and administrators how much extracurricular events mean to you as well as all of the good they accomplish. Finally, please stay in contact with the District by subscribing to our email list at, as well as the Official NYDKC Facebook Group (, what are you waiting for? Go to the homepage and subscribe! Encourage your Key Club friends to subscribe as well. I‟m extremely excited to be working with so many of you this year and wish you all of the best luck in your school, SATs, college applications, and of course Key Club. Inspire to have an exceptional year!

Secretary’s Greeting Secretary Daniel Ivan Lin Hello New York District, My name is Daniel Ivan Lin, your District Secretary for the 2011-2012 service year. I'd first like to welcome you back from your summer vacation and hope that all of you enjoyed yourselves over the past two months. For those of you whose clubs were inactive during the summer, welcome back to another year of action packed Key Club fun! Though it has only been a month, it is important that you transition back into Key Club as soon as you can. As simple as it may seem, there are many things to keep in mind. First, it is important that your club submits paperwork. For those clubs that were inactive during the summer, it is important that you submit a Monthly Report Form (due on the seventh of each month). For those inactive months, because a club is still required to submit a blank Monthly Report Form, you still need to submit one. Second, for those clubs that have not held elections or have not been able to obtain the contact information of their club officers, please make sure to submit the Election Report Form as soon as possible. A deadline has been set for all Election Report Forms and that date is Friday, October 7th, 2011. Please remember to save the date! I hope that the amount of paperwork I receive will increase as the school year continues and that we will continue to grow stronger as a district with respect to paperwork! Remember not to forget these basic duties and that you do more than what is necessary! Remember that dedication, a heart of service, and a smile are key to Key Club success! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at I hope that all of you will be successful in your school year and Key Club endeavors this year! Let's rock it / rocket, New York District! Thank you all so much! Please remember to stay warm! (And happy holidays in advance!) Yours in the spirit of service, District Secretary Daniel Ivan Lin

Sacred Heart Academy Key Club: Feeding our Community and Bringing Joy to the Sick By Sarah Masessa – Sacred Heart Academy Key Club President Every Tuesday from three to four in the afternoon, a multitude of girls, ranging from eager freshmen to veteran seniors, gather in the SHA cafeteria to pay homage to the community by participating in service opportunities through Key Club. It is a known fact that these volunteer activities have not only touched the lives of the destitute and sick, but also have inspired us peppy SHA girls in penny



loafers and collared shirts held together by paperclips. As the President of Key Club during the 2011-2012 school year, I have learned a great deal about myself, my school, and the community in which I serve. For one thing, I have learned that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is not just delectable goodness smothered on wheat bread and enjoyed with an ice cold glass of milk. This seemingly simple snack is seen as a welcomed, much needed meal in the eyes of disadvantaged families living in our own backyard. It has been an honor


and a privilege to work with the Interfaith Nutrition Network, better known as INN, in Hempstead as we created, bagged and delivered over 500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to them in order to help fight hunger.

Making „Happy Halloween!‟ cards to cancer patients receiving treatment at

St. Jude‟s Children‟s Research Hospital also warmed my heart. We will continue to comfort hospitalized children this April, as the club will embark on its third annual “Easter Basket Drive.” Each year, our Key Club collects various Peeps, chocolate eggs, jellybeans, and children‟s books and distributes them to children in local hospitals. Last year, we were even able to fill almost every single Easter basket with a timeless literature classic: Junie B. Jones! As the seniors continue to feel itchy with a severe case of senioritis and freshmen, sophomores and juniors navigate the halls yet again, the Sacred Heart Key Club will begin brainstorming activities for the 2011-2012 school year. It is truly humbling to see how a simple activity can truly change the lives of those around us. We can change the world. All that‟s needed are a few big-hearted SHA girls, faith, and a willingness to sometimes get that crisp white-collared shirt covered in peanut butter!



Club Spotlight


Division 6 attended the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Old Bethpage Restoration Village on September 10th!

Levittown-East Meadow K-Family 9/11 National Day of Service The clubs held a ceremony at Levittown Hall in which members of the various clubs rang a bell to honor those who lost their lives as a result of the attacks. Afterwards, they decorated pillowcases for military members in the care of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with longterm injuries suffered in combat. Several of the pillowcases will also be donated to firefighters in the Nassau University Medical Center's burn unit.

Left: Installing the new officers of the West Hempstead Court Aktion Club! Below: Creating masks to be donated to children in the hospital!

Governor Domenick and DPLG Stephanie

KPTC Service Leadership Committee Members with KPTC Foundation Board President Joe Corace, KPTC Service Leadership Liaison Rich Santer, NYS Safe Kids Coalition Executive Director Ro Ennis and Coordinator Kathy Blotiau.

Treasurer’s Greeting Treasurer Emily Gicewicz Hello, I hope the school year is going very well for everyone! My name is Emily Gicewicz and I am your District Treasurer for the 2011-2012 service year. If you are irresolute about what a Fundraising Report Form or a proof is, you have stumbled upon the perfect article to inform you! A Fundraising Report Form, commonly abbreviated as FRF, is a form that Treasurers must fill out after every fundraiser used to sum up your fundraising. This form can be located under report forms on The form takes two minutes to fill out and all you need to do is send me proof afterwards. What is proof???? I am glad you asked; proof is verification you did the fundraising you said you did. It is basically to have two sources say the fundraising you did. Proof can be a copy of the check from the money raised, letter from the benefiting organization, or an expense report. Email or mail the proofs to the information below. If you have any questions on what could be a proof or if you have trouble getting one, contact me. What is so important about FRFs are the fact that is gives your club credit for the fundraising and your club deserves that credit. You worked hard raising the money and now all you need to do is say you fundraised! A frequently asked question is if you have to fill out FRFs for due submission and the answer is no, it is only for fundraising. If you club fundraises to garner money for dues, then you would complete a FRF for that. Speaking of dues, you can start submitting them today! Keep in mind December 1st is closer then it may seem. There is a Google spreadsheet for FRFs and it has information on who submitted what and what clubs still need to send stuff in. Please check it out at! While you are on the World Wide Web, check out the treasurer‟s new Twitter and please “follow”!/NYDKCTreasurers! Thank you!

Governor’s Project by: Lt. Governor Emma Cheng Every new service year, we, the members of the New York District, are challenged to fulfill new goals and initiatives. Along with this year's District and International Projects, District Governor Domenick Pesce has specifically selected another initiative that Key Clubbers can contribute to on a local and District level. Last year's project, appointed by Immediate Past District Governor Nadyli Nuñez, focused on education. The project aimed to help spread knowledge to a diverse array of people from children to adults. This year, to put a fun and unique twist on the annually-appointed project, District Governor Domenick Pesce has created the initiative "Music and Art, within our Hearts" for the 2011-2012 service year. How exactly can you contribute to this cause? Any service project or fundraiser can count as long as it focuses on promoting the music and arts, two much neglected subjects during troubling economic times. You can create cards or artworks to donate to a local hospital, give a musical performance at a local senior center, or even donate to an art-based nonprofit organization. Almost anything you do can help achieve the Governor's Project! As chair of the Governor's Project Committee, I will be working with the rest of the committee to regularly release helpful suggestions and service project ideas via publicity materials and All these resources will be easily accessible online, so please take advantage of them as you delve into the project this service year. If you have any questions regarding this topic, never hesitate to contact me at Remember, even the simplest projects can count and you can be recognized for your work towards the Governor's Project at our upcoming Leadership Training Conference!

District Projects by: Lt. Governor Nick Viviano As you start the school year and start planning the events for your Key Club calendar, I urge all of you to try and incorporate a District Project into one or more of your fundraisers that you plan to hold throughout the year. As of August, the District as a whole has raised a total of $31,671.79. With our goal set at $200,000, we still have $168,328.21 to raise before the end of March. We will never reach our goal unless every club makes an effort to fundraise and inform your peers both in Key Club and out about everything that you can do with these 10 charities. There are 9 amazing charities that you can choose from, that provide service, not including Local Causes. If you would like a list of these charities or would like to learn anything about it including contact information, please visit the district website, Almost any question you have about any of these charities can be found on the website, including information about what is a Local Cause. However, if you have any questions about anything, please contact either myself, Nicholas Viviano, or the three other committee members including Kelseyliz Habla, Josh Hill and Stephanie Pena. Even though we still have $168,328.21 to raise, I am confident that we will be able to meet our goal. I know I have said it before, but whether it is a bake sale or a multi-club fundraiser, you are still making a difference and bringing the District closer to reaching our goal.

Project ELIMINATE by: Lt. Governor Sean O’Connor Hey All! I am Lieutenant Governor Sean O'Connor here from the fabulous Division 19 here in Central New York! I hope all of you are back in swing with your schools, clubs, and activities. (And I hope Key Club is up there too!) As you all should know, Project ELIMINATE has been selected as one of our District Projects this year. I am the chairman for this committee. Governor Domenick Pesce and I are looking forward to making sure that this cause is helped, and as soon as possible. For those of you who don‟t know, ELIMINATE is helping to cure Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus. This deadly disease steals the lives of nearly 60,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. The effects of the disease are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. This project is a joint project with the worldwide Kiwanians. With the joint efforts of Key Club and Kiwanis, it is extremely possible to eliminate Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus!

Division 6 Club Paperwork Status Chart

West Hempstead's Back to School Night where Key Clubbers asked for donations for the Jones Beach Breast Cancer Walk and promoted Stop&Shop's A+ program. Pictured are Faculty Advisor Ms. Lambo, Principal Rehman, Vice Principal Da Mayo, Club President Joe, and Key Clubbers Liz Romano, Athena Thomas, Brian Kenny, Jacinta Marshall, and Antony Russo.

West Hempstead Kiwanis President George Silks, Key Club President Joe DiMarco, and Key Clubber Jake Ejnes attended the Kiwanis Pasta Dinner at Pompei to honor Rosalie Norton and the late Kiwanis member Bob Smith.

WT Clarke President Gina Principato explains the Key Club moto, while standing next to their club’s board.

WT Clarke Vice President Jason Laskin reading the meeting agenda to club members.

Contact information Domenick Pesce Governor Daniel Ivan Lin District Secretary Emily Gicewicz District Treasurer Yasmine Soliman District Executive Assistant

Island Trees President Dan Freeda and their club’s board!

Mr. John Goldstein District Administrator Becky Hopkins Lieutenant Governor Kim Scharoff Kiwanis Committee Representative Kim Evans Executive Assistant Gina Principato Secretary Division 6 Advisors Dave and Gail Cummo

LTG Becky and EA Kim making the Summer newsletter!

District Projects Chair Nick Viviano

Division Six Edge- September  
Division Six Edge- September  

The September edition of the Division Six Edge!