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Trend prediction for 2014

Trend Forecasting

Initially my research into the year 2014 led me to focus on world issues and the one that ranked the highest is the concern about the decrease in oil and how that would impact on our life. I then moved onto WGSN and was immediately aware of the reoccurring theme of romance. Along with the combination of film releases for 2014 I was aware of the persistent theme of reflection on the past.For the year 2014 I predict that the decrease in oil and resources will force people to embrace ideas of craftsmanship. I believe that the focus will shift from fast disposable fashion to the appreciation of quality materials and fine detailing such as the luxurious hand spun silk. I have considered the appreciation of love, life, and the increasing number of elderly people. I believe that the decrease in oil and technology will ensure that we return to the notion of appreciating our surround- ings and our experiences: both lived and felt. I feel strongly that life will shift from a fast, dynamic and technological approach to a state where people engage with their inner self through emotional interaction with others and their own state of selfreflection. In relation to the world of fashion the focus will be on quality and embellishment and the finer details of design. Companies like cash for gold have ruined and commercialized such a precious substance that should be appreciated. ‘Despite the recent weakness in precious metals, the longer-term outlook for gold and silver remains bright’ In 2014 because companies such as Cash for Gold will have bought all the gold it will become more of a treasured item again mainly caused by the greed of the human race.


Now that the festive season of 2014 is well and truly upon us I cannot think of a more appropriate way to celebrate than in an exquisitely created hand crafted embroidered dress. What better way to make a statement at an indulgent Christmas party? Whether you select the striking discordant gold encrusted shorts or the delicate spiders web designed snow-white lace top. Whatever you select make sure it’s skillfully handmade because for this season the focus is on the craftsmanship. Gone are the days of sweatshops producing 300 t- shirts in an hour this is the return to skilled seamstresses that our great grand- mother’s used to be.

Raid your grandmother’s old trunk in the attic or the garage and find that ancient sewing kit, the beads, sequins and gentle threads and sew! Focus on appliqué, beading and stylish studding. But remember ladies and gents less is more and the key here is elegance. Choose your pieces wisely, overdo it and you could look like a walking talking Christmas tree. Inpiration stemmed from the new release of The Wizard Oz, what better example of appreciation of materials. Where will your yellow brick road take you?


Have you ever stopped and appreciated your surroundings? Have you ever looked at a flower in detail, studied the way the petals fall, and considered why leaves fall from trees. Each spring/summer the trend floral follows the cyclical movement of nature but this year it’s different. Instead of the loud garish, toxic prints we have seen before us a new phase has begun with the introduction of luxiourious materials, soft colours and hints of detailed floral prints reminiscent of the Pre- Raphealite painters. Go outside and pick yourself the most beautiful flower you can see and give it too a loved one it will create more happiness then anything you can buy. Be creative spray a leaf gold, create your own table decorations, or tie a bunch together with a gorgeous ribbon. Whatever you do just appreciate it you don’t know how much longer it will be here. Imagine the world with no flowers, no trees, no grass. All the things we take for granted. The decline in bees could make this be- come reality quicker then we expect. Indulge in exclusive pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. You never know flowers could be a long lost myth in the future. Carry a basket of flowers around with you; people will view you in a more positive happy way. Come rain or shine get yourself outside as my mother always says it will do you the world of good. ‘Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.’ Need I say anymore? These trends do not have a specific age bracket that is the beauty of the new world we live in. There are no divides. Younger people are reflecting the grace and elegance of their elders


Botox and facelifts are a long lost memory as people embrace the beautiful changes their skin makes. ‘Please don’t retouch my wrinkles. It took me so long to earn them.’ (Anna Magnani.) Wrinkles show a laughter filled happy life why would you want to hide that? Usually the wellmaintained Victoria Beckham has been spotted laughing and smiling with her family. Showcasing a silk white vest and jeans. Most shocking of her she has ditched the 10-inch heels and swapped for a beautiful pair of gold-studded sandals. Never has she looked so beautiful. Natural beauties such as Sienna Miller and Nicole Richie have also been admired for their own take on floral. Last week Nicole wore a flowing maxi dress detailed with gold leaves created by skilled hand stitching, she stated that it had been made for her on her last visit to India. Who needs Prada? 2014 will be the year people associate with change. Sporting events such as the world cup and the commonwealth games will be looked at with positivity and appreciation rather than disappointment. ‘Everything is perfect in the universe - even your desire to improve it.’ ( Wayne Dyer.) The demand of the human race means will we never want to stop improving the world but at some point it must go too far, the question is has it already? You have to look at the millions of people who stampeded there way to the new ipad 3. Has the demand for new technology gone too far? As amazing as the Internet is, has it not become too accessible and too addictive. People are updating their facebook statuses from the aisle on their wedding day! I say disconnect yourself from the cyber world, even if it is just for one day. Send a loved one a letter it will mean so much more then any text message.

Since the survival of the ‘End of the World’ life has become a slower paced life- style. Businessmen are finishing work early to spend time with their loved ones. Women are spending less time shopping and more time at leisure. A popular pursuit again is feeding the ducks at the park, enjoying the garden and flower arranging. Everything has gone back to basics that add a joy to life and don’t require electricity or the Internet. Old has become the very new focus on enriching one’s life. Aged wrinkly skin versus’s youthful skin creating a beautiful juxtaposition. Women’s strength and power is still retained but they are showcasing a more homely, fragile and delicate look. We welcome a black and white world is the most beautiful sense. Everything is simple. For all you pessimistic just have a look at the decrease in anti depressants since 2012 the rate of people seeing there GP because of depression has dropped an astonishing 67%. Yes this is not perfect but it’s a start. Slowly but surely the world is becoming a happier place. We all like to remember the past as a positive place but embracing the present with same attitude is a lot more rewarding. Take a look around the young and the old are spending time together again. There is no longer a clearer divide. Respect for your elders could not be any stronger. Young ladies are dressing to impress their Grandparents rather than baring all skin, orange stained skin may I add. Clean cut white t-shirts are a key item this season. This does not mean you will look plain and boring, if anything the complete opposite. The well-made and high-end materials will add grace and attractiveness like no other. It is a well-known fact then men are attracted to natural girls. Some girls spend hours perfecting the ‘natural look’ If he cant accept you in a tee and jeans he doesn’t deserve you in a ball gown. Individuals are not only respecting themselves in the way they dress but in the way they look after themselves. Obesity rates are decreasing, finally people are considering what they put inside their bodies if that is not something celebrate I don’t know what is.



Analysis and research into a innovative concept

How couples signify their relationship status through their style and the influence of celebrity couples through the media.


Style is measured by an individual’s perception of what is recognizably superior and inspirational. Historically this was linked to housing, cars and such displays of wealth that provided social status within a geographical locality. In the 50’s fashion style was defined by being chic, having panache, and embraced grace and charm and certainly focused on ‘nice gals’ behaving themselves. In the 21st century style, as a result of technological innovation, has shifted on its axis and become aggressive, arrogant, brazen; effectively personified as a creature that represents success. The modern day consumer considers the notion of style to be critical to their personal fulfillment, to such an extent that style itself has become its own genre, something concrete no longer elusive – a category that cannot be pigeon-holed. One aim of this study is to identify the birth of this new wave style as celebrated by the rich and famous and the waves of contemporary consumerism that have followed slave like in its wake. Consequently this abstract ‘style’ has impacted on the masses and illustrated variables such as price versus quality, male and female rivalry, and the development of personal sensitivities in the obsessive search for style and the desire for the attainment of such items as being reflective of one’s ‘stylish’ lifestyle. ‘Fashion has always been a feminine fascination, but statistics from the analysts at NDP Group Inc. show that now men are into fashion and spending more money on fashion- forward trends than women are.’

Men are now more interested in the fashion industry and the trends that it supplies. survey participant stated; ‘I think everything is becoming more similar with less actual choice.’Men are defining femininity with the deep V neck and the increase of sheer and patterned fabrics The male accessories market is booming, it is becoming more acceptable to see a male with a ‘man bag’ but why wouldn’t men need a bag when women don’t go anywhere without one. As much as men have defined femininity, women are openly displaying their masculine side. With Yves Saint Laurent creating the Le Smoking tuxedo suit for women it was the first of its kind to grab the fashion industries attention. ‘Yves Saint-Laurent was seen by many as having empowered women by giving them the option to wear clothes that were normally worn by men with influence and power.’ (Wikipedia, 2012) It was the globally admired Norman Hartnell who said ‘I despise simplicity. It is the negation of all that is beautiful’ He certainly would be turning in his grave to see where femininity is heading in this alcohol- fuelled society where the shorter and the lower are assumed to be the standard bearers of the female form. The female virtual world has become a twenty-four hour power base where girls are moving from designer purses, to a men’s travel wallet from Their definition of femininity is being erased in the search for equality in every sense of the word. Mr. Darwin eat your heart out, this is the new revolution!

Project Research


Founding a fashion publication

All styling & photography by Becky Grainger

‘I’d trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday.’


used to believe that nostalgia was a negative emotion and that looking back on my life would prevent me from moving forward. I always yearned for a younger sister, and when my mother became pregnant I was overjoyed at the thought of having a little sister I could play with. At the age of five I never considered the possibility of having a brother; it was never going to happen. I had decided that I wanted a sister, so that is what the stork was going to deliver to our doorstep. Still to my disappointment life does not work like that and I was presented with a little brother. How was I meant to play dressing up with a boy, aren’t they meant to like action men and cars? Jamie became Jane in my eyes and I refused to let his gender ruin my dreams of a dressing up partner, he was my imaginary friend in the female sense and in reality just an obnoxious boy! My fondest childhood memory is stumbling upon my two-year old brother attempting to totter around in my mother’s zebra print high-heeled shoes. It had worked! I finally had a little sister. My mother found it absolutely hysterical and its still a picture that haunts his life. Is there something in our DNA that at some stage in our life makes us embrace our femininity or masculinity? Or are we simply culturally sterotyped? Everyone told my concerned father that Jamie would grow out of it, not under my watch I used to think. ‘Jane’ grew a love for Angelina ballerina and my tutu regularly became his outfit choice of the day. The whole family, even my 100 year-old great Grandma who could barely see, was convinced he was going to be gay. The parades of numerous girlfriends have proved the years of cruel teasing wrong and my hopes and aspirations for a gay brother as compensation for the lack of a sister became sadly deflated. Looking back 20 years I now question why is dressing up only acceptable for girls? When I used to try on my father’s mammoth suit jackets it was deemed as cute and not that I might

have a leaning towards becoming a lesbian. French Vogue has recently used models that don’t even look old enough to spell their own name let alone sell fashion. They have slathered them in make up, given them a ‘glamorous’ hair do and made them sprawl provocatively across beds in some vague childish attempt to look alluring. There is some implicit sexual connotation that is beyond childhood. Vogue calls it ‘dressing up’ I call it a distasteful publicity stunt. Their perfectly contoured make up shows no sign of dressing up to me. My first experiments with my mother’s Chanel make up led to lipstick all over my face, foundation cream on the duvet, and my intentions of charcoal eyes culminated in mascara in my hair and something brown on the end of my nose.This striving for perfection is destroying childhoods. When I was ten years old I was worried about what outfit I could put my Barbie into, not how much I weighed. My concern was with devouring chocolate cake not counting the calories in it. Growing up was something old people did.Is it our yearning to be the heroine of our own story, to be our own Cinderella and be whisked away by a prince? Do we demand so much of ourselves that we are prepared to go to the limits of poverty and starvation in order to be able to exist within the fantasy bubble we have created. Is childhood no longer the time of dreams and peace but a few years to be galloped through in order to seek gratification through materialism? Frankly, I would give my heart and soul for the return of those innocent years when the rent was not my problem and the fridge both physically and metaphorically was full to overflowing. I cannot, sadly, have my childhood back but for goodness sake can someone stop stealing other children’s childhoods!


Creation of a PR campaign for Absolut Vodka

REFINE At Refine PR our aim is to deliver both a highly effective and cost effective solution that meets with our clients specific needs and delivers a high standard of service at all times. One of our attributes as a company is taking time to fully understanding our clients business. We strive to provide our clients with the very best creative led solutions and to provide an outstanding level of customer service. Eight years operating in the social space translates into specialist knowledge second to none. Plugged In are delighted to announce we are representing Absolut Vodka in the launch of their exciting new ‘Absolut Yours’ collection.

PR campaign

‘Welcome to the world of ABSOLUT’ Established in 1979 Absolut is one of the leading spirit suppliers and unlike other vodkas Absolut is made only from natural ingredients making it the perfect accompaniment to other blends. The now iconic bottle originated from an 18th century medicine flask discovered in an antique store in Stockholm. The two word headline and the simple sleek design makes Absolut Vodka one of the most memorable vodka brands. Absolut are renowned for their creative collaborations and their appreciation of distinct design. Successful artists such as Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol have been involved in The Art Collection, which now comprises a staggering 800 pieces. The success of this collection has been astonishing but the only step forward for Absolut to now take is to get the general public involved. ‘Absolut Yours’ allows you to create your own custom made bottle choosing from a range of text and imagery, you can create something completely unique. Bring out your inner Warhol and produce something visually inspiring.

PR campaign

Absolut Day

Absolut vodka are introducing to you their brand new custom made collection. Christmas is just around the corner making it the perfect time for Absolut to bring out something special. This year send something personal, visit and create your unique Absolut bottle. ‘Absolut Yours’ allows you to choose from a range of imagery and motifs, add your very own personal message and select your choice of flavours. The interactive feature allows you to see the bottle before ordering it so you can play around until you find the perfect one. Flavours can be mixed to please your palette, mix together pear and mandarin to make your own flavour. Call it what you wish. Absolut Yours will be launched on the official website on the 14th of September. Potential consumers are invited to create their own username and password so they can log in and experience teasers and be the first the view the interactive feature.

PR campaign

After the launch there will competitions running on Twitter and Facebook. When the owners of an Absolut Yours bottle upload a picture they will be entered into a prize draw. Prizes range from miniature Absolut bottles to a weekend in Las Vegas. This new collection shows everything Absolut stand for; new fresh inspired ideas. After the great success of The Art Collection the only move forward is to celebrate and appreciate the creativity and design of the general public. The most artistic designs will be selected from the Absolut team to join the 800 pieces that are currently exhibited in the Historical Museum of Wine and Spirits in Sweden. Your designs could be debuted along side the likes of Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol. ‘ABSOLUT has always found inspiration in the arts, and creativity is what drives our brand forward.’ Be the face of the new Absolut.


Three month internship at fashion brand Jules B

Examples of styling weekly womens and menswear photo shoots.





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Introduce a clash of colour to your ready to wear collection with the Animal Aztec top by new brand MSGM. The animal print panelling both on the front and back introduce a quirky meets playful approach, whilst the sleek black trim adds a contemporary aesthetic and ultra sleek finish.

Signature Versace, the ship print dress from the Versace Collection range is a statement way to work chic occasion wear. Crafted in bold lilac hues with notes of bright yellow, this Versace dress exudes avante-garde appeal. Perfect for a wedding or even the races, this dress is set to make a lasting designer-led impression at any party.

Editorial writing for Jules B

Create a sleek, polished look with the Iris dress from McQ by Alexander McQueen. In a contemporary cut with a classic aesthetic, this dress is guaranteed to make a lasting impression at any occassion. This Alexander McQueen dress cuts a sharp silhouette due to the bodycon shape, instantly flattering the feminine form.

Experience gained in editorial writing, social media updates, polyvore, pinterest, weekly blog posts and assisting in online merchandising.










Keep things dapper this summer with the Andale blazer from expert Italian tailors Acquaviva. Only partially lined making it perfect for the warmer months, the jacket features a dandy pinstripe throughout that is echoed through the heritage-led elbow patches and contrast button fastenings. Team with chinos & a patterned bow tie for garden party refinement.

The Benny jeans from luxury American designers True Religion are a sharp contemporary option for the summer. The contrast top stitching and bold signature detailing adds striking character to these go-to denim jeans. In a slim fit for a contemporary shape, the jeans will instantly become a staple option for casual dressed down weekends. For a classic yet rugged look style with leather boots, or dress them up with brogues.

Editorial writing for Jules B

Naturally luxurious, the extra fine Merino wool sweater from Sand will provide superior handle, softness and next to skin comfort. Perfect for layering, the v-neckline will look plush against a sharp shirt and tie, or ideal to add a vibrant splash to any downtime ensemble.

Tartine of Peas, Pickled Onions & Egg Taking inspiration from hearty rustic dishes, this week’s must-try recipe comes from Aran, author of the Cannelle Et Vanille food, life and photography blog. Using her personal blog to create ’anything and everything sweet that comes out of my heart’ Cannelle Et Vanille is a place for Aran to fill with nostalgia and the smells and tastes of her childhood. An insightful meets artful food journal, each scrumptious dish brings a personal and stylish approach to home cooking. Covering all courses, this recipe brings a refreshing twist to one of the most forgotten meals of the day – Breakfast! So why not experiment with something different? Mixing sweet and sour flavours, Aran designed a gluten free appetizer of tartine of peas, pickled onions and egg. Created by simply toasting gluten-free bread, with mashed peas, avocado, pickled onions, soft cooked eggs and a pinch of both salt and pepper, this dish will instantly become a fun, home cooked favourite. Styling and photographing each dish herself, Cannelle Et Vanille also includes clear step by step instructions on how to make each delightful dish. To easily add this culinary masterpiece to your cooking repertoire simply follow the recipe below:-

Written by Becky Grainger for Jules B StyleFile

New York City Easter Parade Last week saw a flamboyant display of fabulously fun accessorising at the annual Easter Bonnet Parade in New York! Taking place along Fifth Avenue each year, revelers donned outlandish costumes and the best array of decorative Easter hats for the greatest display of Easter celebrations. Attracting thousands of residents and tourists alike, people line the New York streets each year to applaud the participants and take part in the festivities. With a history dating back over a century, the parade began as a 19th Century gathering of New York’s high society wearing their Easter best after church services, they even incorporated the elaborate Easter floral displays from Church in their own dress. This social tradition gradually evolving to become a feast of cultural expression in America. With Boardwalk Empire actor Steve Buscemi and band Vampire Weekend taking part in this years bonnet fun, the most outlandish creations included a crown of tulips, a woven bee hive adorned in flowers and a translucent top hat! With the most decadent display of Easter embellishment and accessorising, here are a few of our festive faves‌ Written by Becky Grainger for Jules B Stylefile

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Fashion communication students final year portfolio