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Independent Research The Constucted Wetlands team is designing an interior planting system that cleans greywater, used household water, while growing vegetables and ornamental plants. They have not yet successfully utilized plants as the main filtration system, but the interdisciplinary team believes this recycled system will be able to produce potable water while supporting agriculture.

Beebe Lake Redevelopment The Beebe Lake Redevelopment Project is creating a site plan and designing a new facility that will house Cornell Outdoor Education, act as a portal to the Cornell Plantations, be a hub for gorge safety efforts, and reincorporate Beebe Lake into student life.

The Anaerobic Digestion Team experiments with different digestor technologies in order to develop a plausible system for use by Cornell Dining. The team also works with the NYS DEC Bureau of Waste Reduction & Recycling to establish ways to use bio-gas produced by digestors for transporation.

“CUSD has truly defined my experience at Cornell. It has opened up so many doors and given me incredible opportunities to actually make an impact NOW.”

Farmpond Circle The Cornell NYCTech project allows students the opportunity to develop sustainable technologies for Cornell’s New York City Tech Campus. Students are collaborating with Cornell professionals and contracted design firms to create solar, wind, geothermal and other sustainable systems.

The Farm Pond Circle project aims to create sustainable affordable housing in nearby Lansing, NY. The sales of each unit will finance the constructuion of a comparable house in a developing nation.

CUSD Poster  

A poster describing Cornell University Sustainable Design's Fall 2013 projects.