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Parking driving residents round the bend Pages 4-5

My parents' memorial was removed from cemetery Pages 6-7

Now it's lift-off as Aerospace Museum opens Pages 9-13

Community garden: we could 'relocate' it - councillor


Fears for The Square as World Foods store closes down Page 15

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November, 2017

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November, 2017





We could 'relocate' community garden' A South Glos Cabinet councillor has told campaigners that Filton's Community Garden could be 'relocated' if the land was needed for future developments. Cllr Colin Hunt said he personally hoped it would not come to that but that he had no option but to recommend the council's Policies, Sites and Places Plan which, if adopted, would lead to most of Elm Park safe from future development – but a significant part of the community garden would be at risk. He did not go into detail about how or where the relocation would happen. The Cabinet recommended the PSP Plan to the full council which was sitting as Filtonvoice went to press and was expected to rubber stamp the plan. Councillors said that the only options were to adopt the policy, which covers some 250 green spaces across South Glos, or reject it. There were no legal options to make changes for individual areas. The community garden strip, including 200 trees, the boules court, cycle speedway and orchard, would give the council the chance in future to widen the ring road. Earlier, campaigners,


pictured, made impassioned pleas to save the land. Chair of the Save Elm Park group Dave Mikkelson said: “Ripping up places like Filton Community Garden is not answer. We’re committed, angry and mobilised and we urge councillors to return to green space designation." Mr Mikkelson said there had been overwhelming public support in Filton to save the land with around 3,000 people signing a petition. He said the garden, created 2013, had previously been no-go area. He added that volunteers

put in more than 3,000 hours of unpaid work a year. Local resident Elizabeth Elesden said she had real fears about the levels of pollution which would be caused by widening the road. She said: "Filton was cut in half when the ring road built. Is it now the intention to turn it into motorway? Residents are infuriated. Filton town councillor Keith Briffett said traffic in Filton was unsustainable. He told councillors: "Please put people first, not your jobs." Campaigner Brian Smith

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said local people had worked hard to give a positive impact on wellbeing with a huge effort put in by residents and councillors over the years. South Glos Filton councillor Ian Scott said: "If the buffer zone were to go ahead it would be vandalism on an industrial scale. "Officers would be damaging a well-loved park. Members from all political parties are supporting the campaign as well as our local MP (Jack Lopresti)." Cllr Adam Monk said another option would be to take land from the Shield Retail Park car park opposite. Officers said adoption of PSP will ensure the council is up to date with national planning guidelines. Cllr Hunt said: "I have sympathy. There is no proposal for any land grab at all. We may never have to and I may hope we don’t. But if a future development needs widening then we will have an option. "But it would still need to go through planning and a local plan. There are times we must accommodate the car. If we do, we have reassurances the garden will be relocated." Cllr Hunt rejected the idea consultation was not carried out properly. Garden scoops award again: Pages 16-17


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November, 2017


‘It's disgusting what council has done at the cemetery’ by Rebecca Day A Filton resident has been left distraught after South Gloucestershire Council removed a memorial vase from his parents’ headstone at Filton Cemetery. Michael Smith, of Shellard Road, realised that the vase had been taken when he struggled to find where his parents were in the Garden of Remembrance – the cemetery’s area for cremation caskets. He told the Filtonvoice that he was shocked when he discovered that the vase, which was book-shaped with inscriptions, was no longer there. It had been removed by the council as part of their efforts to make improvements to the area and reduce health and safety risks, following a number of reported incidents.

Mr Smith tried looking for the memorial in the piles where the council had placed other items, including plant pots, sculptures, and small ornaments, but he had no luck. He also sent a photo of the

vase to the council, but he is still waiting for it to be discovered. Mr Smith told the Filtonvoice: “It’s disgusting what the council have done. They took something that doesn’t belong to them and have just thrown it all into a pile. “When I first went up there after they had tidied up, I struggled to find where my parents were. “The council says that it was for health and safety reasons, because items were in the walkways, but the vase was on top of the headstone – it wasn’t in the way at all.” He added: “I go up there once a month to put something on my parents’ grave, so they know I’m still thinking of them. “I didn’t see any sign to say that the council was planning to tidy up the garden.”

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Michael Smith, of Shellard Road, with pictures of his parents' grave, including the memorial vase, at Filton Cemetery, which is off Coldharbour Lane beside UWE. Left, the sign put up by the council

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November, 2017




The items which have been removed from Filton Cemetery by South Gloucestershire Council and which will be kept for a year should visitors wish to reclaim them Signs were put up in August by the council, informing visitors that cemetery staff were going to be removing any broken or unused vases from the headstones on October 18. A South Gloucestershire Council spokesperson said: “We apologise to Mr Smith for any distress that this incident has caused to him and his family, and we have written to him to offer our sincere apologies. “Mr Smith has this week kindly provided us with a copy of a photo (taken in July 2011) showing the items that he wishes to reclaim. We are currently in the process of identifying his items and will be contacting Mr Smith asap to arrange return-

ing the items to the grave. The first signs advising of the tidy up around the cremated remains section were erected on site in August. “These signs gave notice that in mid-September we would be removing any broken or unused containers and carrying out a general tidy up. “Once the initial work was carried out new temporary signs were erected to provide contact details for anyone wishing to reclaim any items that may have been removed from their grave. “We will be holding all items for a minimum of a year to allow time for infrequent visitors to reclaim items should they wish to do so.”

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November, 2017


Ongoing parking issues are driving residents round the bend

By Rebecca Day SOUTH Gloucestershire and Bristol councils need to work together to solve our ongoing parking issues. This is the call from Cheswick Village residents who are growing increasingly frustrated with commuter parking in the area. They say that it is drivers from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and University of the West of England (UWE) causing the problems, but feel that South Gloucestershire and Bristol councils are doing little to tackle the problem. Roads with particularly problematic parking include Long Down Avenue, where commuters have been spotted parking on double yellow lines, Danby Street, Leader Street, Long Wood Meadows, Wider Mead, Great Copsie Way, Lawn Close, Home Leas and other adjoining roads. South Gloucestershire Council told the Filton Voice that it is in conversation with Bristol City Council about various parking issues in the area.

They add that the double yellows in Long Down Avenue have now been refreshed and the road is being monitored by enforcement officers. In addition, the council has also received funding from developers to investigate and implement waiting restrictions in parts of Cheswick that are not covered by a scheme. Restrictions have already been implemented in The Bowery and Wood Mead areas, which include limited waiting bays to deter all-day parking. Residents say that these restrictions have pushed parking issues further into the estate. Rebecca Nutt told the Filtonvoice: “MOD parking is getting really silly now. They are parking on double yellows down Long Down Avenue, it’s really dangerous. Eleven were parked on a bend as I went past, with construction traffic trying to get through with difficulty.” Katherine Hill said: “Recent double yellow lines and school bay restrictions mean

the entrance into Leader Street then leading left into Long Wood Meadows has become ridiculous with the most thoughtless parking - regularly on a blind bend corner on LWM forcing cars onto the wrong side of the road! An accident is only a matter of time.” Lloyd Anderson said: “The other end of Hermitage Wood Road, on the junction with Danby Street, is also a car park every working day. It has definitely become worse since restrictions were put in elsewhere.” Mark O’Grady said: “Personally I think if they limited parking to two hours between 10am and 3pm they would tackle 90% of the problem and not impact the majority of residents or visitors.” Kate Marks told the Filtonvoice that there is a “complete lack” of joint working between SGC and BCC. She said: “Cheswick has been developed as a self-contained village, straddling two local authorities, but their parking policies are in conflict. “The overarching Joint Local

Transport Plan has two specific sections that should be being applied to Cheswick – meeting local circumstances and introducing or expanding Residents Parking Schemes in areas which suffer from commuter parking.” Claire Randall said: “The lack of a well thought out, joined up, cross boundary strategy to tackling parking issues is just creating more issues and moving the problems round the estate. “Simple application of double yellow lines is ill conceived, short

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November, 2017


sighted and has no longevity.” Lee Parker said: “We don’t have any problems, but we bought a house with enough car parking spaces for us plus visitors. Just a thought.” Local councillor Trevor Jones told the Filtonvoice: “I have spent many hours consulting with residents on the detail of all traffic regulation proposals as they have been brought forward. “Implemented schemes are visited regularly by the council and I can report that a significant number of parking tickets have been issued in recent weeks. “The updated Residential Parking Standards policy only supports schemes when ‘Normally, 50% of dwellings have no off street parking, i.e. a garage and/or driveway available for one or more vehicles’. ‘Normally’ was inserted so that in the event that an area falls just above the 50% it could still be considered. I would anticipate that parking on all areas of the Cheswick development significantly exceed that policy stipulation. “Home Leas’ parking scheme is close to agreement, consultations with residents on schemes for the more recently developed phases will follow once funding has been received from the de-


veloper. As always I am happy to discuss concerns with residents at any time.” A South Glos Council spokesperson said: “Double yellow lines on Long Down Avenue have recently been refreshed and are being enforced by our parking enforcement officers. “A waiting restriction scheme has recently been introduced in The Bowery and Wood Mead area, and includes limited waiting bays to deter all-day parking by students. “In addition, we have recently received developer funding for the investigation and implementation of waiting restrictions in parts of the Cheswick development that are not currently covered. “As Cheswick sits so close to the border with Bristol, we are in conversation with Bristol City Council about the parking issues in the area. “Our sustainable travel team continues to work with both MoD and UWE on various initiatives to reduce the level of single occupancy vehicle commuting.” Nigel England, Community Liaison Manger at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), said: “The university takes its civic responsibility very seriously indeed and listens to and works with local communities. “We have consulted with people living on Cheswick estate and worked in partnership with residents, local councillors and South Gloucestershire Council. “The university has funded a traffic regulation order that has now been installed that has helped to reduce parking issues.” James Morvan, Travel Plan Project Officer at UWE Bristol, said: “In recent years we have


invested in walking and cycling routes through campus, high quality cycling facilities and helped establish a comprehensive bus network that also benefits the community. “Our travel surveys indicate a large uptake in sustainable travel and a significant reduction in car journeys to campus.” A Bristol City Council spokesperson said: “The council recently advertised proposed parking restrictions in the vicin-

ity of the care home on Hatton Road. These restrictions were proposed to address concerns raised by residents through the developer on inconsiderate and unsafe parking. This work was funded by the development prior to adoption by the city council. “We are currently considering the objections that were raised through this process prior to determining a way forward with the scheme, whilst continuing to work with our neighbours.”

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November, 2017




It’s lift off for Aerospace Bristol Five-page special to celebrate new museum's opening THE highly-anticipated new home of Concorde, Aerospace Bristol, opened its doors to visitors last month, offering the chance to embark upon an exciting journey through more than a century of remarkable aviation history. The new museum boasts the last Concorde ever to fly as its stunning centrepiece.

Located on the historic Filton Airfield, Aerospace Bristol is a family attraction that tells a fascinating story of ordinary people achieving extraordinary things, with amazing aerospace exhibits – including aeroplanes, helicopters, missiles, satellites and more – and a variety of hands-on activities, such as a real Airbus A319 wing where

visitors can move the flaps and slats to explore the physics and engineering of flight. The star attraction is Concorde Alpha Foxtrot, the last Concorde to be built and the last to fly. Visitors can explore the history of Concorde, step aboard the iconic aircraft, and be wowed by a dramatic projection show

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onto the supersonic jet that tells the story of Concorde and what it was like to fly at twice the speed of sound. Lloyd Burnell, Executive Director of Aerospace Bristol, said “Aerospace Bristol offers something for everyone: Concorde, as always, has the power to amaze and looks just continued on Page 10

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Museum facts n Aerospace Bristol is located on the historic Filton Airfield, off Hayes Way and just a few minutes from Cribbs Causeway n The project has been funded by corporate partners – including Rolls-Royce, Airbus, BAE, South Gloucestershire Council and GKN - and received a £4.7m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. n Fundraising for the £19m project is not yet complete and Aerospace Bristol has launched a public appeal for Concorde memories and donations to support the museum. Details can be found at: concorde-stories. n The main Aerospace Bristol exhibition is housed in a 100-year-old grade II listed building, originally built as an aircraft acceptance park, where airframes and engines were put together and flown to the front during the First World War.


November, 2017


An exciting journey through from Page 9 stunning in her new home. “We have created a first-class exhibition to tell the story of Bristol’s aerospace achievements from 1910 to the modern day, and there are great fun interactives to keep all members of the family interested and entertained. “We hope that all those who saw Concorde on her final flight into Filton that historic day will want to be one of the first to come and pay tribute to this very special design and engineering icon and learn about the Bristol people who worked here over the years. Tickets are available now at” National Lottery players have helped the new museum to take flight, as the project received a £4.7m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.


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Tel: 01934 526301 for more information.

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November, 2017



Ticket info

aviation history Nerys Watts, Head of HLF South West, said: “From First World War fighter planes to the groundbreaking Concorde, British aviation was born and bred at Filton Airfield and thanks to National Lottery players, Aerospace Bristol is an incredible gateway to that heritage. We’ve been delighted to support this project and all the wonderful team and volunteers who have made it possible – we look forward to Aerospace Bristol’s continuing success.” The new museum also gratefully received generous support from corporate partners – including Rolls Royce, Airbus, BAE, South Gloucestershire Council, GKN and Renishaw. Fundraising is not yet complete and the museum is appealing for public donations and asking people to share their memories of Concorde via an online ‘memory map’ at The Concorde Hangar is also an events venue, where up to 500 guests can enjoy a threecourse dinner under the wings of Concorde or a drinks reception on the balcony alongside the aircraft. Aerospace Bristol are planning to use the space for corporate events, weddings, Christmas parties, birthdays and private celebrations.


AEROSPACE Bristol tickets are available to purchase upon arrival at the museum, to book online at or by phone on 01179 315 315 during museum opening hours. Tickets entitle visitors to enjoy free day return visits for a whole year from the date that they are first used (T&Cs apply) and make an ideal present for birthdays, anniversaries or special family gettogethers. Advance booking guarantees entry to the museum on your chosen day and you can choose to print at home to enjoy ‘speedy boarding’ - avoiding queues at the admissions desk. Aerospace Bristol is also open for community group and school bookings. Working with industry partners, the museum has developed a practical and inspiring learning programme for school groups of all ages and aims to inspire young people to pursue exciting careers in science and technology.

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Objects in the exhibition include:


November, 2017


Aerospace museum sure to be a

n Model aircraft, including a model Bristol Boxkite n A Bristol babe replica n A Bristol Scout replica n A Bristol Fighter replica n Engines, including the Hercules, Pegasus and Olympus 593 n The forward section of a Bristol Beaufighter n The forward section of a Bristol Britannia n A Bristol 403 car n A Bloodhound surface-to-air missile n A towed Rapier surface-to-air missile n A Skylark rocket n Various model satellites n A Sea Harrier n Lots of interactive exhibits n And of course, Concorde Alpha Foxtrot, the last Concorde ever to fly

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November, 2017



Facts about Concorde

e a real high-flier


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n Average cruise speed: 1,320mph (Mach 2.02) n Typical take-off speed: 250mph (220kt) n Max take-off weight: 185,070kg (408,000lb) n Cabin width: 2.63m (8ft 8in) n Height: 11.30m (37ft 1in) n Wing span: 25.56m (83ft 10in) n Length: 62.10m (203ft 9in) n The record time across the Atlantic was 2hr 52 min 59s. This was New York to London n Components for Concorde were manufactured in several locations in the UK and France, and there were two assembly lines, one at Filton and one at Toulouse. n The first British prototype made its first flight from Filton on 9th April 1969, 38 days after the French prototype. n Concorde was powered by four Rolls-Royce/SNECMA Olympus 593 engines. This engine is the direct descendant of the Bristol-Siddeley Olympus, the world’s first two-spool axial-flow turbojet engine, designed and built in Patchway. n The final Concorde flight was made on 26th November 2003, when Concorde 216 flew from Heathrow to its final destination of Filton. n Concorde G-BOAF has 100 seats. n A total of 20 were built and all 20 flew - but only the last 16 flew commercially - 2 Prototypes - 2 Pre-production - 8 British - 8 French



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November, 2017


n NEWS World Foods in Cheswick is closing amidst concern that rental rates are failing to encourage businesses to operate in The Square. Residents have also taken to social media to voice concerns that The Square' risks becoming run down if the empty units are not filled soon. As Filtonvoice went to press, there were several units vacant as well as World Foods. The owners of WorldFoods told Filtonvoice: "We are closing due to poor trading conditions at The Square. The footfall is close to nothing due to other units being empty." Other residents say: • The shops on offer haven't been open at the right times • Prices are too high • Empty units discourage people from shopping • Some residents may prefer larger stores like Asda for their lower prices • Rents are too high • The units are too big



World Foods closes amidst concern for The Square On Facebook, there were calls for owners Balfour Beatty and agents Alder King to reduce rents to try to fill up the units. A Balfour Beatty spokesperson said: "We can confirm that World Foods will unfortunately no longer trade at The Square in Cheswick. We continually monitor the cost of our retail units to ensure prices are in line with standard market value.  "Since completion in 2015, nine of the available units have been leased and are in working operation. "We will work closely with our letting agents, Alder King and Insight, to seek new tenants for the remaining vacant units and we are currently in negotiations

with a variety of retailers to secure the outstanding sites as soon as possible. In January, Filtonvoice reported that agent Alder King 'had strong interest in Unit 14, and are currently in negotiation

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with an interested party for Units 1, 2 and 3'.

NEXT MONTH: What can be done to revive The Square?

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n FILTON COMMUNITY GARDEN We need your votes for Award FILTON Community Garden has been nominated for the Fields in Trust UK’s Best Park, as voted by YOU! Award and now needs public votes to win. Over the last few weeks 360 nominations have been received by Fields in Trust for parks and green spaces that are a much loved part of their local communities. Now it is time to choose the winners; cast your vote at bestpark Filton Community Garden was the dream of former councillor Bill Moore who sadly passed away recently. His determination and hard work truly paid off as the community garden is now a much loved area of the town and a fitting tribute to his memory. A team of volunteers keep the garden looking spectacular and schools and community groups get involved through planting beds and holding events.


November, 2017

Garden wins highest recognition from Royal Horticultural Society THE annual Royal Horticultural Societies awards presentation was held in Torquay this year. A delegation from Filton Community Garden consisting of Helen Johnson, Janet Hillier, Cllr Anne Kenyon and Chair of Filton Town Council Darryl Collins made an early start full of expectation but always, with the thought in the back of their minds of whether the garden had maintained the quality displayed in previous years. As it turned out they had nothing to fear, for the fourth year in a row Filton Community Garden were awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's highest award of outstanding, a fantastic

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achievement and just reward for the dedication shown by the volunteers. Each year the assessors challenge us to improve and we never let them down, this year we have added the fantastic owl sculpture and fairy door experience along with the orchard planted by our schoolchildren and the bee conservation area. What about next year, well you will have to see, we have two projects currently in the planning stage but I can say no more. Many thanks to the residents of Filton and wider Community for the tremendous support you give us. Dave Mikkelson, chair Filton Community Garden

From left to right Lord Julian Fellows Chair of Filton Town Council Darryl Kenyon and Helen Johnson at the

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ws l



November, 2017

Last Post to be played in garden at Remembrance

(Downton), Lady Emma Fellows, Collins, Janet Hillier, Cllr Anne Royal Horticultural Society awards

AN emotional Remembrance Day event will be held in the Community Garden behind Filton Leisure Centre on Saturday, November 11 at 11am. Gathering from around 10.30am the oath will be read by Bill Knight, a local veteran who has done so for the past two years. Cornet player Marcus Dunstan, from Filton Concert Brass, will be on hand to play the Last Post ahead of the reading, and the Reveille after the one-minute silence. The programme will be as follows: n The Last Post n The Oath n Placing of wreaths n One-minute Silence n The Reveille

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LOCAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Catering Franchise (currently known at ‘The Hatch’) at Elm Park Playing Field, Filton. If you are interested in running a small outside cafe please contact:Lesley Reuben, Town Clerk, Filton Town Council, Elm Park, Filton, South Glos. BS34 7PS or email or call 01454 866679 Mon/Tues Thurs/Friday Closing date 31st October 2017

Opening times: 8am – 6pm The Honeytree Day Nursery and Preschool is committed to providing your child with the best care and education, contributing to your family efforts in giving your child the best foundations for life.

NEWS FLASH! We’re excited to announce that we are undergoing a refurbishment project to install two new classrooms for our All Year Round 3-5s – a dedicated room which is for our Term Time Only 3-5s, Breakfast, After School and Holiday clubs, as well as relandscaping our garden. • • 0117 931 4650 • Filton Road, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 0XY Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email



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November, 2017


Filton boy makes national table tennis team THIRTEEN-year-old Louis Price, from Filton, has been named as one of four Under 15's in the England table tennis squad for the 2017-2018 season The players were selected following the annual assessments held this summer and will participate in regular training camps as well as working on individual training and fitness programmes as well as receiving personal input from national coaches between camps. This will not only give them the opportunity to train together but also to train abroad, have access to specialist Strength & Conditioning on camp, and have an international competition schedule to support their needs. National Youth coach Matt Stanforth said: "The selections for this year's England youth squad have been more difficult than ever. We continue to raise

the standards of what is expected from the players in order to give them the best possibility of reaching their potential in the future.” Louis has also been selected as one of two players to represent

England at the forthcoming Home Nations International with other top players from around the UK and Ireland. The event kicks off early in November in Guernsey with team and singles events.

It has been a meteoric rise for the youngster, who started playing just over four years ago when the fields were too frozen to play football. He also plays league table tennis for Cardiff in the Senior British Premier League, comprising of players from around Europe as well as signing for Sochaux in the National League in France. Dan Ives, Louis' coach, said, "This has been the culmination for lots of hard training work in Bristol and abroad and to be part of the England squad will only give him more quality training partners that he needs to progress. "His move to Grantham will allow him to experience more intensive training - his Senior ranking of 88 (September 2017) as a 13-year-old shows he's going in the right direction."

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November, 2017





New chapter for primary school as author Thomas opens libary

Charborough Road Primary It was a day of celebration for staff and pupils at St Teresa's Primary when their new library was officially opened. Author and illustrator Thomas Docherty arrived with a huge pair of cartoon scissors to officially unveil the new facility, which has been a year in the making. During a special day of activities, Thomas led and assembly then took part in workshops with each year group. Head teacher Sam Land said: "The library has taken over a year to develop with the invaluable help from parents, volunteers, PTFA, staff and ÂŁ4,000 from the Foyles Foundation. "I would especially like to say a huge thanks to Mrs Knight, our Reading Recover teacher, who has been instrumental in the development of the library. "Thanks to Mrs Knight's vision and dedication we now have a space that inspires all to excellence and instils a love of reading." Thomas Docherty is an acclaimed author and illustrator of children's picture books including Little Boat, Big Scary Monster, and the Driftwood Ball.

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Filton Chest & Heart Committee are holding a fundraising

CHRISTMAS FAIR MORNING Monday, 20 November 2017


Autumn fayre run by local women raises more than £3,000 for good causes

10.00 am – 12.00 noon Doug Daniels Pavilion Elm Park, Filton £1 entry fee (includes refreshments & mince pie) Stalls and Raffles

ALL WELCOME For more information & details Tel: 0117 9759126

November, 2017

Pictured is a very happy Dexter with some of the goodies from his prize bag!

On Saturday 14 October, two local residents, Jeanne Clements and Sian Allan held what has now become an established annual event, once again hosted at Shield Road school. For the past three years two local charities - BRACE Alzheimer's Research and Filton Park Pre-School Playgroup - have been supported, with a third charity being chosen each year.    In the past the charities to benefit have been the National Autistic Society, Meningitis Research Foundation and the Bristol Children's Hospital Burns Unit. 

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November, 2017





This year's charity was Headway Bristol, a local charity helping to improve the lives of those affected by brain injury.  The organisers were delighted to be able to give each of the three

charities an amazing £1,050 each. The Autumn Fayre included shopping stalls, an Auction, games, tombolas, raffle and a very popular Cafe.   Local school children were

invited to participate in a Decorate a Leaf competition and the winners were Dexter Woodward from Shield Road Primary, Isabelle Clark from Wallscourt Academy and Ella Ponter from Charborough

Road Primary. Both ladies would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported the event and to all the volunteers who helped on the day to make it such a success. 

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November, 2017


Anniversary party hits the right note Residents at at Beaufort Grange in Cheswick had lots of fun celebrating 25 years of Barchester Healthcare, one of the biggest independent care home providers in the UK, last month. Beaufort Grange, a Barchester care home, got into the spirit of the celebrations with live entertainment, party games, a buffet, and a lot of cake, which were enjoyed by residents, staff and visitors alike.  General Manager at Beaufort Grange Kelly WhittingtonGidley said: “This has been a huge amount of fun and our entertainers were a great way to bring people together in celebration. "I want to thank everyone who helped make the day amazing.” One resident at the home said: “It was really nice seeing everyone come together to celebrate such a landmark anniversary. "The music was so invigorating and it was lovely watching

everyone get involved with tambourines and maracas.” Barchester Healthcare was founded in 1992 by Mike Parsons after discovering from his own personal experience just how difficult it was to find a good quality care home for two relatives in need of nursing

care. With aims to create a better alternative, he bought Moreton Hill, a 17th century farm that he converted into a unique care home. 25 years on, Barchester is one of the top care providers in the UK, caring for more than 10,000 residents across the country.

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November, 2017




You can BE a FRIEND for elderly Age UK in South Glos is seeking 11 people from Filton to be part of their Befriending service. According to the charity, in the UK, one million older people go a month or more without seeing or speaking to a friend, family member or neighbour. A spokesman said: "We need to change that. We need to make sure help is available for all older people who find their lives adversely affected by loneliness, illness or poverty, whatever the time of year. "Could you spare some of your precious time to help us reach more people in need living in your community? We are facing an unprecedented demand for our Befriending service across the county and one of your neighbours may be in need of help. We are in need of 11 volunteers in Filton for our Befriending Service. Could you visit a neighbour? "Befriending is simple but

very rewarding. Our volunteers pop in for a chat once a week for around an hour and talk about everything and anything. It is simple but means so much to the older person. Joan, a Befriending service recipient, said: “Sometimes the only time I laugh is when Sue (Befriending volunteer) comes around,” Volunteers benefit from the visits as much as our clients, as Emily explains: “I feel needed! When I visit my client it’s obvious she’s pleased to see me. With a child who is now self-sufficient and a very busy husband, it’s quite nice to be appreciated so much when I have my weekly visits with my client” You can help to change the lives of local people and make sure no one has no one, especially with winter coming. For more information call 01454 411707 option 2 or e-mail volunteering@ageuksouthglos.

1pm 12 - 1 Open a week* s 7 dayollection only *C



You can even have a winter barby at new takeaway Don’t let the cold weather dampen your desire for a barby … Filton’s newest takeaway, M&M Kebab and Pizza, has a charcoal barbecue so customers can enjoy chargrilled meats all year round. The shop, at the junction of Toronto Road in Filton Avenue, opened early October and is already proving a hit with the local community. It is the latest one of nine M&M Kebab and Pizza takeaways to open in the city. The family-owned chain prides itself of having over 20 years experience serving Bristol. On the barbecue, which has been installed as part of the counter, customers can enjoy marinated kebabs, meat skewers and burgers. Other items on the menu include a variety of kebabs, including shish and doner, as well as pizzas, burgers, sides and desserts. Meat is sourced from local butchers and served fresh on the day, and salads are prepared daily. Shop manager Mehmet Sert has worked for M&M Kebab and Pizza for over 10 years. He works alongside his father, who has worked for the business for over 20 years. He told the Filtonvoice: “I like to think that M&M Kebabs is more than just a takeaway. “Our charcoal barbecue makes us stand out from other kebab shops, as we are one of only a few takeaways in Bristol to do this. “We’re enjoying being part of Filton. There’s not many other takeaways in this particular area so it’s been really busy.” Mehmet plans to install seating in the shop so customers have the option to eat in. It is currently collection only, but orders can be taken over the phone. The takeaway is open 12-11pm, seven days a week, including bank holidays. M&M Kebab and Pizza, 388 Filton Avenue, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 0BE. Telephone: 0117 969 3377.

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388 Filton Avenue, Filton, BS7 0BE • 0117 969 3377 Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email

Filton Town Council Meeting dates November

14th, 7pm Finance Committee and Planning Meeting Doug Daniels Pavilion 28th, 7.30pm Full Council Doug Daniels Pavilion


12th, 7.30pm Full Council Doug Daniels Pavilion

Contact us

Town council office 01454 866 698; Leisure Centre 01454 866686; uk

Leisure reception hrs: Mondays 9am – 7.45pm Tuesdays 9am-8.15pm Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays 9am – 7.30pm Saturdays & Sundays 9am-5.30pm


Multi-level play area: just £2.50 per child Come and try our multi-level play area, now includes slides and ball pit with a separate under 3’s section and submarine. Bring the kids along to play and explore while you sit back and relax. After the kids have run out of steam you can take advantage of our new seating area to enjoy hot or cold drinks, or snacks available from our bar area. Our soft play is available to dropin and also for pre-booked parties with our new dedicated party room included. Come and try our multi-level play area, now includes slides and ball pit with a separate under 3’s section and submarine. Open daily from 9.00am till 5.00pm, bring your little sea monsters for some fun. Only £3.50 per child. (Residents' rates available, please ask at reception)

A coffee machine is available in the party room next door to our softplay. Parties Softplay Parties are available Saturdays and Sundays from 12-1pm and 2-3pm. (Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays evenings now available) A maximum number of twenty five children are permitted.

Residents can hire refurbished pavilion for meetings and events

PLUS: Book out our revamped skittle alley Skittle Alley for hire

New teams welcome For further details please contact: Deb Holman on 01454 866697

Pop in and see us or call 01454 866686 for information. PLUS: Do you know we are more than just a swimming pool? We have fitness classes & bootcamp, badminton, table tennis, snooker, tennis courts and 5 side football courts all on offer. We also have sports fields, softplay, a skate and bmx park, children’s play area and outdoor Gym. For any more information please give us a call on 01454866686, or online at www.

Need to run an event or want to hold a meeting somewhere different? We offer flexible, affordable and accessible meeting rooms with WIFI available. For more information or to make a booking please contact us 01454-866686. Last month we were pleased to announce that the refurbishment work is now completed in the Doug Daniels Pavilion and skittle alley. We are extremely happy with the results and we are looking forward to the future in a much more modern atmosphere.  The pavilion works comprised of new glazed windows to replace the aging metal doors, with new flooring and toilets and kitchen. There are all new electrics, lighting and new suspended ceiling as well as being re-decorated.  The skittle alley now has a modern feel with a new seating area, suspended ceiling and a brand new skittle alley and viewing area. There is now access to a coffee machine so you can now sit and enjoy a coffee overlooking the pools.  Both the pavilion and skittle alley are now available to hire. For more information or to view our facilities please call us on 01454-866686. 

Filton Town Council Job vacancies: Lifeguards FULL TIME LIFEGUARDS NEEDED -

This is not your average 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday job and involves working shifts, which include early mornings, mid shifts, late shifts and weekend work (one weekend in three). *Applicants must hold a current NPLQ certificate.

What does the job involve?

It will be your responsibility to watch over our visitors to ensure they're safe in our pools and throughout the Leisure Centre, taking emergency action as and when required. Monthly NPLQ training is compulsory for CPD. General housekeeping duties throughout the centre.

Call 01454 866686 for more details

A warm welcome to the Ratepayers Arms bar where we have BT sports. We have a good selection of beers lagers, wines spirits and ciders, soft drinks tea and coffee. We also offer a range of real ales and guest beers.

If you feel a bit peckish, then we have a range of hot bar snacks or freshly prepared rolls on offer. We hold a monthly quiz to support local charities,so grab some friends and come and join us ... and bring the old grey matter!


PARISH OF FILTON TOWN COUNCIL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That a casual vacancy has arisen in the Office of Councillor for the Parish in the Northville Ward. Anyone expressing an interest to be co-opted onto the Council until the next election should contact the Town Clerk via letter, email or telephone or in person. If you are interested you will be asked to give a short 5-10 minute presentation about yourself and your background and possibly answer question from Councillors. Tuesday 28th November at 7.30pm in the Pavilion, Elm Park, Filton

Lesley Reuben Town Clerk & RFO FILTON TOWN COUNCIL Dated 1st November 2017

Elm Park І Filton І South Gloucestershire І BS34 7PS

December, 2016



T: 0777 555 0607

n YOUR MP with Jack Lopresti

Already, our local NHS organisations are overspent by around £72m, while local authority budgets are expected to reduce by 35% over the next four years. If demand for services continues to grow in the way


South Glos and Filton tow November, 2017

expected, the existing £72m gap will grow bigger and in five years’ time will be hundreds of millions of pounds. Just to meet increased demand the local NHSexpansion, will have are allocated for road providenecessary. almost 240 more iftodeemed acute beds, almost 600,000 I hope that the council more GP contacts and of 12% listens to the concerns themore nearly 3,000 local residents who capacity in community services signed petition organised by such asthe district nursing. Dave Mikkelson and see what a The NHS financial challenge fantastic community is forecast to increaseasset fromthe Community Garden is. The year is quickly passing by as it was once again the Autumn Fair held at Shield Road Primary School. This year funds were being raised for three great carve boneless rolled turkey causes: Headway Bristol, Brace breast. Research and Filton Alzheimer Park Pre-School Playgroup. To prepare your bird I had a discussion the n Remove the bag with of giblets Headway Bristol team about from the cavity. the fantastic work they’re doing n Place the birdtheir in aupcoming non-stick locally and about or foiled baking tin. which I Christmas Carol concert, look to attending n If forward using stuffing, put every in the year. Lotsend of stalls were also neck of the turkey, selling festive decorations too, a cover with the excess skin reminder that Christmas isn’t too secure with a cocktail far and away!

Lots of hard work now we're back at Westminster THE first weeks back at Parliament have been busy with lots of issues to be raised and discussed with my Westminster colleagues. Following on from events over summer in Patchway and Stoke Gifford, I spoke in a general debate on the travelling community where I raised the issue of how failings in provision, enforcement and oversight intensified local incidents involving illegal traveller camps. I am pleased that since that debate, the government has decided to review the law after listening to concerns from myself and other South West MPs that responses from different local authorities were not consistent. Following on from my two half-marathon challenge for CLIC Sargent, I proudly became Vice Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Children, Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer.


The group aims to scrutinise the effectiveness of the system supporting young cancer patients throughout their experience of cancer; influence Government policy to reflect the needs of children, and provide a forum for discussion in Parliament of the

Christmas is just days away now and we face the daunting task of COOKING THE TURKEY! This once a year culinary key issues affecting children and feast, although challenge, is young people withacancer. really that Backnot home indifficult. the constituency, have written First, youIneed a gooda letter to South Glos quality bird to suitCouncil your in support of Filton Community family. The different types Garden against current plans include traditional white or under which parts of Elm Park bronze turkey, or the easy to


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November, 2017





'We can offer real job flexibility' - McDonald's McDonald's in Filton - part of a group which hires more than 1,000 in the Bristol areas - is looking for staff. The restaurant at Abbey Wood retail Park, which recently underwent a significant refurbishment, has vacancies in all roles. The jobs, which are open to anyone 16 and upwards, range from customer care to working in food preparation. New staff can opt for flexible hours, so-called zero hours contracts, or guaranteed hours based on a minimum number of hours which can be as low as four hours per week. People manager Heather Stroud, who herself worked her way up through McDonald's graduate scheme, said that zero hours contracts were often popular, especially with students and parents who need to juggle childcare issues. She said: "We offer flexible

Heather is pictured with Krisztian Stadinger, who has worked for McDonald's for more than six years

hours which can suit some people's lifestyles but we also offer guaranteed contracts based on minimum schedules of four, 16 or 30 hours per week.. "Staff also get a free meal at their break.

"We try to rotate people in the jobs and many who have started part time are now working full time with us. The roles can include behind the counter jobs, food preparation, customer service and other tasks."

Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email

She said hourly rates begin at £5.10 for 16-17 year olds up to £7.60 for those over 25 and there was also a £1/hour extra payment for overnight working hours. Other options include applying for managerial roles which are both hourly rates and salaried and McDonald's also offers Apprenticeships, a graduate scheme and a degree in conjunction with Manchester Metropolitan University. The Filton restaurant is one of 12 across the Bristol area run by franchisee Mike Guerin with around 1,000 staff members and 150 managers. To apply, contact and put in your postcode to find local jobs in Filton.

Thursday 23rd November

November, 2017





Head teacher pays tribute to 'fantastic role model' The head teacher of Orchard School Bristol has paid tribute to a Year 11 student who died in hospital last month. The student, aged 15, was described as a 'fantastic role model' by head teacher Julia Hinchliffe. According to Public Health England, his death was originally thought to be a 'probable meningococcal infection' but officials later said 'tests completed to date were negative for meningococcal infection which can cause meningitis and septicaemia'. However PHE said it was still important that students and parents are aware of the signs and symptoms of meningococcal infection. Mrs Hinchliffe said at the time: "We were informed of the desperately sad news that one of our Year 11 students died in

hospital over the weekend. We are communicating with his family at this very difficult time. "This student was a fantastic role model, a high achieving young man, who was held in high regard by all pupils and staff. As a student at Orchard School Bristol for 5 years and a member of our community, he will be greatly missed.  "We are doing our best to provide comfort and support to his friends and classmates, to children across the school and to staff.  He was a popular and much loved member of

our school family. Given the circumstances of his death, we are also working with the Health Protection team. "According to PHE, the best advice remains for students, family and friends to be aware of and alert to the signs and symptoms of meningococcal disease, such as vomiting,

Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email

severe headache, unexplained temperature rise, dislike of bright lights, neck stiffness, a non-blanching rash, drowsiness, and altered levels of consciousness. “If anyone is feeling unusually unwell, and displaying the symptoms they should contact their GP immediately or call 111.”

November, 2017





With PC Paula Manos of Filton Beat Team

Don't be caught out by rogue doorstep traders Have you had people cold-calling or delivering leaflets for home maintenance or gardening work? We’ve had recent reports of people offering to clean driveways or make roof or gutter repairs. While many legitimate firms use promotional leaflets, it’s a favourite tactic for so-called ‘rogue traders’ – people who persuade householders to have work done unnecessarily, to a poor standard or who overcharge. There’s a link between these rogue traders, who may have convictions for fraud and other offences, and burglars. In some high-value gold burglary investigations we've found that the householders have had people cold-calling or received leaflets in the days before their break-in. There was a recent incident of a man who offered to make repairs for an elderly householder in Bristol, then stole

cash from him and made off without doing any work. Thanks to a call with vehicle details from a concerned witness, we made an arrest. We work with South Gloucestershire Council’s trading standards officers to deal with offenders and want to remind you how you can steer clear of unscrupulous traders: • Be suspicious of any business leaflet which only contains

a mobile number. Genuine businesses will include the trader’s 4211 full name, PC address and landline telephone number Paula Manos •D  on’t deal with cold callers on your doorstep • Do not pay for work or materials in advance or hand over a cash deposit


We can help you create the bathroom of your dreams

• Get three quotes for work • Don’t agree to a trader starting any work straight away – you have a legal right to a cooling off period before work starts • Failure to provide a notice of cancellation rights is a criminal offence  • Keep your cash in the bank, not at home  You can report rogue traders through Citizens’ Advice on 03454 04 05 06 or by emailing trading.standards@southglos. South Gloucestershire Council’s website, www. has a ‘Buy with Confidence’ directory along with more information about rogue trading and doorstep crime. 3137about If you’rePC concerned anyone calling door-to-door in Matt Griffin your area – especially if they are visiting elderly or vulnerable people – call us straight away on 101. If a crime’s underway, ring 999.


With over 20 years' experience in the bathroom industry, the Tile and Bathroom Warehouse is the perfect one stop shop for all of your needs. We are a proud independent business with national buying power. We are also Bristol’s biggest independent tile and bathroom retail outlet. Whether you are renovating your bathroom, lookingPCSO for 9819 PCSO 9107 PCSO 8598 a simple update or have a Georgia Bush Matt Horton Soandro large project, we have the solution. We can guide you through every stage of your bathroom fit out – from S measuring up through to choosing the right installer. NEED & TILE M We have hand picked only the best manufacturers, O O BATHR including Vado, Vitra and Laura Ashley – so expect five YOUR R O F SHOP star quality products at an affordable price with industry STOP , ONE T C leading guarantees, WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory E .30pm ERF am-4 -3pm 0 1 THE P t a ,S Scheme) approval and BSI (British Standards Institution) am US: .30pm unday 10 S CALL Mon-Fri 9am-5 compliance. For more information about the Tile and Bathroom Warehouse, visit: or call: 01179 770011. Open Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 4.30pm, and Sunday 10am-3pm.

1 1 0 0 7 79 7


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Saturday 18th November

Christmas starts at WillowBrook! It’s all starting at 12pm with...

LIGHTS SWITCH ON AT 5PM Stilt Walkers Juggling




Balloon sculpture

Donut stall


Hot dogs & burgers






Fun fair rides l

Craft table

Treasure Trail and lots going on all day!


Great shopping in the heart of the community

November, 2017





Major new homes sites announced A MAJOR new housing development near Cheswick over two sites, Constable/ Crome Road and the Romney House area, has been announced. A very well-attended consultation event was held at the Cameron Centre where residents could view plans and leave comments. Bristol City Council say:“The council held its first consultation on these two sites on October 10 and residents attended from the Lockleaze and Aurora Spring, Cheswick Village area. “The council received a number of comments on the displayed proposals that will feed into the planning process before applications for Planning Permission are developed.”

The proposals for new housing on the vacant sites along Constable Road and Crome Road show that the new development would provide a mixture of two, three and four bedroom houses and one and two bedroom flats. The proposal also includes three single-storey small business units to provide some additional employment space for the area. On-street parking is provided along Constable Road with a rear parking court serving an apartment building on the corner of Crome Road and Constable Road. The new houses along Crome Road would have some off-street parking to the front of each house. n For those who were unable to

An aerial view showing the site boundary and context make the last consultation on the October 10 you are able to view and give comment on the proposals displayed at this event by visiting the Council’s web page at place/romney-house-constableroad-development/ and visiting the Consultation Hub at https:// romney-house-constable-road-

Affordable, quality childcare for the local Filton community Flexible hours available

For more information about Robins Preschool crèche and holiday club  and to make a booking or for a show around, contact Kerri on 07986276978 or email You can also like Robins Preschool, Creche and Holiday Club on Facebook at: 

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development/consultation/subpage.2017-10-16.9804654113/ The closing date for comments is Monday 6th November 2017. Please note that a further consultation on the revised proposals will be held on Monday 4th December 2017 at 7pm at The Cameron Centre, Cameron Walk, Lockleaze, BS7 9XB.

November, 2017





Approval given to revised plans for Filton Airfield

Councillors on South Gloucestershire Council’s have approved revised plans for a 2,675 home development, along with employment land, infrastructure and transport facilities on the former site of Filton Airfield. The original planning application was previously considered in June 2015, when outline planning permission was granted, subject to signing a Section 106 agreement. Former owners BAE Systems sold the site to Malaysian developers YTL, who own Wessex Water, in 2015. There had been suggestions that the development could include a 30-storey building but this has been shelved. This amended application included the same amount of development as previously approved, but with revised plans including a new ‘Destination Park’ that links heritage sites in the area,

details for a new town centre which connects employment and residential areas, and a relocated railway station. Cllr Trevor Jones, Chair of South Gloucestershire Council’s DC West Committee, said: “This development is one of the biggest in the area for over a decade and will provide much needed

housing for local people. “As well as delivering high quality homes, employment, retail and leisure facilities, an important element are the transport connections. These facilities are key to ensuring people are well connected to the area’s key employment and education hubs.”

As well as the 2,675 residential units (which include houses, flats and a residential Extra Care facility), the application included 24 hectares of employment land, a rail station, community centre, three schools, doctors surgery, sports facilities, open spaces, shops, restaurants and a hotel.

live happy! live happy! with with Slimming World Slimming World TUESDAY MONDAY The Pavilion, Elm Park, FIlton Monday 5.00 p.m. & 7.00 pm Contact: Carolyn - 07715 942226

Southmead Community Centre, Greystoke Ave. 9.30 a.m. & 11.30 a.m. 5.30 p.m. & 7.30 p.m. Contact: Nicola - 07873 818193

St. Andrews Church, Elm Park (off A38), Filton.

Littlestoke Community Hall, Littlestoke Lane.

Southmead Community Centre, Greystoke Avenue.


9.30 a.m, 11.30 a.m. & 7.30 p.m. Contact: Ruth - 07515 422522

5.30 p.m. & 7.30 pm Contact: Kimberley - 07469 947406

WEDNESDAY Horfield Leisure Centre, Dorian Road. 3.30 p.m., 5.30 p.m. & 7.30 p.m. Contact: Carolyn - 07715 942226 0344 897 8000 0344 897 8000 Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email

9.30 a.m, 5.00 p.m. & 7.00 p.m. Contact: Sharron - 07947 064711

Littlestoke Community Hall, Littlestoke Lane.

9.30 a.m, & 11.30 a.m. Contact: Sharron - 07947 064711







































1 2

3 4





EASY for children




Each horizontal row, each 2x2 square and each column must contain all the numbers 1-4.

Across: Cauliflower, Tomato, Pepper, Carrot, Onion. Down: Cucumber, Eggplant, Beet, Potato.

This month: Football teams

Can you find 53 team names or nicknames hidden vertically, horizontally or diagonally?




November, 2017

Across 1 Cot, 3 Mop, 5 Crib, 6 Washer, 8 Tile. Down 1 Car, 2 Tub, 3 Mow, 4 Pantry, 5 Closet, 6 Wall, 7 Hall.



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Albion, Alloa, Aston Villa, Blues, Boro, Burnley, Bury, City, Clyde, Crewe, Darlington, Dons, Exeter, Forest, Fulham, Grimsby, Hamilton, Hammers, Hearts, Hereford, Hull, Ipswich, Jays, Lincoln, Luton, Millwall, Owls, Partick, Pensioners, Preston, Raith, Rams, Red Devils, Reds, Robins, Ross County, Saints, Seagulls, Southampton, Southend, Stoke, Swindon, Tigers, Toffs, Torquay, Tottenham Hotspur, Town, Tranmere, United, Wanderers, Wigan, Wolves, York


VEGETABLE CROSSWORD The pictures are the clues – can you recognise all these different kinds of vegetables, and do you know how to spell them? Answers above – but no peeking yet!

This month: Around the home

The numbers point you to the letters on a phone keypad Southampton

Clues Southend Across 1.Stoke 268 3.Swindon 667 5.Tigers 2742 6.Toffs 927437 8. 8453

Down 1. 227 2. 882 3. 669 4. 726879 5. 256738 6. 9255 7. 4255


Tottenham Hotspur 2 is A, B or C 6 is M, N or O 3 Town is D, E or F 7 is P, Q, R or S 4 Tranmere is G, H or I 8 is T, U or V 5 is J, K, or L 9 is W, X, Y or Z United










Wanderers Wigan Wolves York



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November, 2017




Harriet's family raise cash for ICU THE family of Harriet Shelley have already raised more than £1,200 in her memory for Southmead Hospital Charity. Donations and tributes have been flooding in to Harriet’s fundraising page – from family and friends as well as from people who did not know Harriet but have been moved by her story. Mum Toni Harris organised a special event to raise money for Southmead Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit where doctors battled to save Harriet’s life after she was hit by a car in Bristol in April this year. Harriet, 21, who had just completed her final midwifery exams and was due to start a teaching course at university, suffered severe head injuries and died a week later in May. Her family and friends paid tribute to Harriet at a special event at the Salthouse in

Clevedon on October 14 where they planted a blossom tree and released 100% biodegradable balloons. Harriet’s mum Toni, from Clevedon, who also has three sons, one of whom is former Union J singer George Shelley, said: “We are touched that so many people have so far donated to Harriet’s fundraising page –

especially people who never met her, it shows just how many lives she touched during her life. “Harriet was a very special person who made us immensely proud and we want to help create a lasting legacy in her name to bring something good out of tragedy.” Five of Harriet’s organs were donated after her death – saving the lives of five people. Toni said: “I really want to raise awareness of the importance of signing the organ donation register, Harriet had never signed the organ donation register, and we faced a very difficult decision but decided that she would want to donate her organs as she was such a selfless and giving person.” If you would like to support Harriet Shelley’s fundraising campaign please visit https:// uk/harriets-fund-page

DAVE TRIMBY ROOFING SERVICES l A family run business with many years experience l High Quality wide range of roofing services l Lead working | All aspects of Slating & Tiling l Flat Roofing | Loft Conversions l Re-felting & Renovations l Roof repairs and renewals l Fascia, soffit and guttering work l No Job too large or Small. All work Guaranteed l Competitive Rates | Private & Commercial 0117 904 3656 | 07899 921 338 Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email


First BRA day to help breast reconstruction NORTH Bristol NHS Trust will be holding what is believed to be the UK’s first ever Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day event next week. BRA Day is an initiative created by Canadian plastic surgeon Mitchell Brown MD in 2011 to promote education, awareness and access for people considering post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. North Bristol NHS Trust’s free event is open to anybody wishing to find out more about breast reconstruction surgery. The Trust’s BRA Day will be held on Friday 3 November at the Holiday Inn in Filton. To book your free place or ask for further information, please email PlasticSurgeryBreast ReconstructionTeam@nbt.nhs.



T: 0777 555 0607


November, 2017


Where to find your Remembrance Day services THE Stoke Gifford Branch of the Royal British Legion launched its Poppy Appeal on October 27 at Bristol Parkway Station. Members and supporters of the Royal British Legion Stoke Gifford and Patchway Branches, including Stoke Gifford branch Vice President Jack Lopresti MP, himself a veteran, were in attendance, alongside Chelsea Pensioner Michael Allen, standard bearers, cadets, scouts, other youth groups, and members of the RBL Riders Branch with their bikes. The Last Post and Reveille were played by bugler Finley Norton, and the branch has put its launch on its Facebook Page at The money raised for the Poppy Appeal goes to the RBL's Welfare Fund, which is used to give help and support to current and ex service personnel and their families. If you or someone you know

needs help from the Royal British Legion please contact the RBL national helpline - 0808 802 8080. n At Filton Community Garden, Saturday November 11, 11am, the fallen in wars will be remembered with the oath read by Bill Knight, a local veteran who has done it for the past two years. Marcus Dunstan will represent Filton Concert Brass by playing Last Post. n The Filton Remembrance Day Service will be held at St Peter's Church, Filton on Sunday, November 12. There will be a service in the Church starting at 10 am, with a service at the War Memorial in the church cemetery at 11 am. There will also be a short service at the war memorial beginning at 10.50am on Saturday 11th. n The Stoke Gifford

Remembrance Sunday service will be held at the Memorial on the Green in North Road, Stoke Gifford, at 10.15 am on Sunday, November 12. This is a short service. The act of Remembrance takes place with the laying of wreaths and the two minutes silence. Following this outdoor service St Michael's Church in Stoke Gifford has its normal Remembrance Service in St Michael's Church, North Road, Stoke Gifford. Also the Baptist church in Rock Lane off North Road has an 11am service, which members of the RBL attend. n Patchway Branch RBL is holding its annual remembrance Parade on November 19. Alf Sollars, chairman of the Patchway RBL Branch, said: “The Patchway RBL Remembrance Parade will be on Sunday, November 19.

Funerals from £1,895

“Muster point for the start of the march will be at Patchway Parade next to Coniston Medical Practice, BS34 5TF. This will leave at 10.30am sharp, and pressed down Coniston Road to Scott Park, BS34 5JR. Early attendance is recommended at the muster point. “Refreshments will be available at the end of the ceremony, and all are welcome. “We at Patchway Royal British Legion always look forward to the people of Patchway attending this parade. “We will remember them." For more details on Patchway RBL, contact chairman Alf Sollars on 07912 260725 or at n Armistice Day: The Stoke Gifford Branch holds services at 11 am at Bristol Parkway Station; Willowbrook Shopping Centre, Bradley Stoke; Sainsbury's, East Filton and ASDA Filton.


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November, 2017



The Stoke Gifford Branch of the Royal British Legion launched its Poppy Appeal on October 27 at Bristol Parkway Station n The 2017/18 Poppy Appeal started on October 1 and needs more volunteers to help raise much-needed funds for the Poppy Appeal. Money raised for the Poppy Appeal goes to the RBL Welfare Fund to help and

support current and ex-service personnel and their families. It spends over £80 million a year on its work. n People interested in volunteering for the Poppy Appeal or who are interested

in joining the RBL (you don't have to have served in the Armed Forces to join the RBL), can contact the branch at The Stoke Gifford Branch, which covers Stoke Gifford, Little Stoke, Filton, Stoke Lodge and

For latest news, offers and competitions follow

Opening times: Mon-Fri Sat Sun

7am - 5pm 8am - 5pm Closed

@BrewersPaints on social media!


OR TINTED COLOUR 5L £41.66 (exc VAT)

Bradley Stoke, holds an annual thank you meal for its volunteers. The Branch has raised £50,000 each of the last two years for the Poppy Appeal, totalling more than £100,000 over the last two years.

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*Prices shown in branch include the discount. Offer runs 1st October through to 30th December 2017. Excludes Contract Direct. While stocks last.

• Paints • Wallpaper • Woodcare • Brushes • Rollers • Tools

• Thinners/solvents • Fillers/sealants • Workwear • Torches • Ladders • Cleaning

769 Filton Ave, Filton, Bristol BS34 7JX • 0117 979 3921 • Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email




November, 2017





National recognition for school's e-safety plan

Abbeywood Community School has been recognised for the high quality of its work on e-safety, having been awarded the e-safety 360 award, following a site visit by an external assessor. The award acknowledges a range of aspects including: • How well the school prepares students to make safe and legal use of the Internet and Social Media, to recognise threats and what to do if anything goes wrong. • The protection offered by school Internet access so that inappropriate materials are not accessible. • Responses to any e-safety and e-bullying incidents that occur both within and outside of school. Students, staff and parents were all quizzed and confirmed the key message that the whole of the school “does e-safety”. This is reflected in the assessor’s report to the school, which is full of


positive reflections on what she saw during the day and includes praise for all aspects of e-safety. Headteacher David Howe said: "This award is nationally recognized as the highest

benchmark of e-safety that requires schools to meet demanding criteria across a range of areas. "Abbeywood is only the second secondary school in South

Gloucestershire to have achieved this award and recognises our commitment to allow our students to thrive in an inclusive and caring learning community .”

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November, 2017





Superheroes help charity link with store Sainsbury’s East Filton has officially launched a partnership with BRACE as its new Local Charity of the Year. BRACE, based in the Brain Centre at Southmead Hospital, supports world-class dementia research in universities in South West England and South Wales. The beneficiaries of the work are people all around the world who suffer from dementia.  Support will help fund urgent research that aims to identify the causes of dementia, diagnose it earlier, and develop effective treatments.  BRACE was chosen by Sainsbury’s customers through a public vote in store and online in June. The charity will now receive a year’s worth of support through fundraising and awareness raising from the store. Representatives from the charity joined Sainsbury’s stafft to kick start the partnership with

a bucket collection and general fundraising. Chris Wilkinson, Store Manager, said, “We had a very successful launch for our new Local Charity of the Year, BRACE. I’d like to thank all of our customers for their support on the day and can’t wait to see how the partnership develops.”

BRACE staff and volunteers joined the launch, pictured left, along with Dr Laura Palmer, Manager of the SW Dementia Brain Bank. Her uncle is the actor John Challis, who played Boycie in Only Fools and Horses (and is also a supporter of the charity) so two volunteers dressed up as Batman and Robin in honour of the famous scene in one of the shows.   The store is running a Christmas Raffle for BRACE, the top prize being £200 worth of shopping to be spent at the store.   Tickets are on sale in store Mark Poarch, BRACE Chief from Monday 13 November at Executive, added, “Thank you to £2.00 each.    everyone who came to support Other events planned for next us over the launch weekend. year include an Auction, Quiz We’re really excited to have night and a Car Boot sale.    been chosen as the store’s new For more details on the Local Charity of the Year as the Charity and its work please visit partnership will help us to raise website www.alzheimers-brace. awareness about dementia and org. fund medical research.” This article is a corrected version of the story which appeared in September

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Dinky Dolphins, baby and pre-school swimming session, games music and play, 9.30am-10.30am. These sessions are first come, first served. £4.25 for 1 adults and up to two children, Filton Sports and Leisure Centre Tea Dance, Filton Community Centre, 1.45pm-3.45pm. 07527 808206 St. Peter’s Ladies Group (formerly Wives Group) “We are a group of ladies, who meet in St. Peter’s Church Hall at 7.30 pm on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, except August for a talk or social gathering. Our programme can be seen on the church website at www.stpeterschurchfilton. com. New members very welcome, just come along on the night or ring Jane on 0117 9699987 or Janet on 0117 9696958. Bristol & Avon Family History Society. We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month, except JUNE which is the 3rd Monday. We do not meet in JULY or AUGUST. VENUE BAWA Southmead Road FILTON at 7.30pm. There is a varied programme of family history related topics and speakers, for beginners and more experienced researchers. Help, books and more always available at each meeting. Further information from

Tuesdays Pre-School story and Rhyme time 9.30am, Filton Library, Shields Centre, Aqua fit Tuesdays, 9.45 – 10.30am, cost £4.75 a session, class suitable for non swimmers, participants must be 16 yrs and over, Filton Sports and Leisure Keep Fit Association classes, all welcome, Filton Community Centre 2-3pm. Keep fit with dance moves Improve your mobility and general wellbeing, have fun, challenge yourself and feel more confident, keeping fit to music. The class also includes some body conditioning. Working at your own pace, the class is suitable for everyone. Come along and make new friends at this very social and friendly class. Pay as you go at £4 per session. Wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. For further information contact Eileen Scott, (qualified instructor), on 07969929733, and visit the website for more info about our organisation. Westerly Showband welcomes able adult wind band musicians to its weekly rehearsals every Tuesday at Horfield CEVC Primary School Bishop Manor Rd, Bristol BS10 5BD from 7.30 to 9.30 pm. Under its experienced conductor Chris Harris players will be receive the coaching and support needed to achieve a satisfying performance. Band practices take place in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere and include nice biscuits. The repertoire includes a wide variety of genres especially chosen to please both band members and audiences alike. Prospective members can look at the website at www. westerlyshowband .com or ring 0117 9561950 for more information. Visitors to rehearsals are always welcome. See also Friday for training band. Facing Forwards is an educational and social group for adults with learning disabilities meeting term-time Tuesdays 10am-2.30pm at FACE, Elm Park, Filton, BS34 7PS. With ASDAN awards in the mornings and social time in the afternoons these days are about fun, development and independence; £3 half


day or £5 full day. More details contact

Wednesdays Filton Garden Club, St Teresa’s Social Club, 7.30pm. 1st Wednesday of every month, 0117 975 9126. Not January. Filtones Choir. Don’t like going out in the evening? At a loose end on a Wednesday afternoon? Ever thought of joining a choir? Why not come along on and exercise your lungs and challenge your grey cells with our friendly group of people who are The Filtones. We are actively seeking to recruit altos, tenors (gents or ladies) and basses to join our happy band. We sing four part harmony but ability to read music, although useful, is not essential as we supply CDs and MP3 files as teaching aids. We give afternoon concerts to elderly people’s clubs and societies around Bristol and two evening concerts in June and December from which we donate much of our profit to charities. We are a very caring and sociable group of people who sing together with the aim of giving as good a performance as we can, but mainly to enjoy ourselves. For more information please ring Jilly on 0117 9232281 or Shirley on 0117 9654348 or e mail or look at our web site on www.thefiltones. Alternatively, just call in at Eden Grove Methodist Church Horfield BS7 0PQ between 1.30 and 3.45 pm on a Wednesday afternoon (not during August) for a listen and a chat. Men in Sheds in Filton is extending its hours to meet demand. The DIY group, which aims to tackle loneliness and isolation among men aged over 50, operates from the Scout hut in Nuffield Grove, providing a space to socialise, build, share skills and drink tea. Men in Sheds Filton is part of a national movement, initiated by Age Concern Cheshire in 2009 and sustained by the UK Men’s Sheds Association. There are now over 200 “sheds” across the country, with many more being developed. The group runs every Wednesday, from 9.30am-12.30pm. Horfield Townswomens Guild are a really friendly Guild that meet on the second Wednesday of every month at St. Gregory the Great Church Hall, Filton Road, Horfield at 2.30 pm. Ladies are welcome to just turn up or ring Edna on 0117 949 5413 for a chat about the Guild. New Harmony Ladies’ Choir Bristol …. an established choir since 1994 who offers a chance for ladies to get together and have a good old……sing! No auditions are necessary apart from placing you into the correct voice group - soprano, mezzo soprano or alto. We are a very socially minded group and often enjoy activities outside the singing role. We perform several concerts a year and sometimes travel to other parts of the country to sing with other choirs. Our repertoire covers classical, choral, jazz, popular, folk, and show songs in fact, a wide variety. Everyone is welcome to Horfield URC church hall, Muller Rd on Wednesdays 7.30-9.30. We’d love to meet you. For more information contact our website or our secretary Angela Northavon Singers Northavon Singers are looking for new members in our four-part all age choir. We sing in Filton and South Gloucestershire at many local venues,supporting local causes and events with two public concerts each year. We do not need you to have a formal audition but will help you to find your voice group. We sing a wide variety

of music from light Classics to country, folk, modern, musicals and more. We are a friendly group and would be glad to help you settle in ! Come to rehearsals at St.Peter’s church hall Filton, each Wednesday at 7.30 pm (Opp.Airbus) or phone Margaret 0117 9699206 or visit website publicity@northavonsingers. On the third Wednesday of each month the Avon branch of the International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS UK) meet at the Avon Suite BAWA Club. 7.45late. Over 18 please unless accompanied by an adult. All types of plastic modelling and one of the largest groups in the UK. For further information check out website Filton Historical Group. meet at Pavilion, Elm Park, Filton. 7.30pm last Wed.of months. Sept. to April (not December) Interesting speakers. For further details: 0117 9695198.

Thursdays Bristol Male Voice Choir...if you enjoy singing, even if only in the shower/bath, then this is the place to come! We have fun every Thursday evening from 7.15 in the company of like-minded gentlemen. The choir practises every week at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College (formerly Filton College) on Gloucester Road, Filton. For more information look at our website or telephone our secretary Alan Snook on 0117 9424378. Bristol Sugarcraft Guild meet every third Thursday in the month except August.We welcome all -from beginners to the more competent crafter Meetings start at 7.30-9.30 at St. Andrews church. For more information ring Bristol 9568737 or 9653568 Dinky Dolphins, baby and pre-school swimming session, games music and play, 9.30am-10.30am. These sessions are first come, first served. £4.25 for 1 adults and up to two children, Filton Sports and Leisure Centre, term time only, term time only. Filton Ladies, St Andrew’s Church Hall, 2pm-4pm, new members welcome, call 0117 904 1844 Silver surfers: FACE, Elm Park, BS34 7PS, 10am-noon Drop-in for ‘silverhaired’ folk (over 50yrs) to get help with accessing computers, the internet, mobile phone technology, digital cameras, and much more! Run by a dedicated team of friendly volunteers with Lisa at the helm, this supportive group is just as much a social session as it is about learning! Come and join us! Come along anytime, just £2.50 per session with free refreshments. Does not run during August. Should you wish to take Flower Arranging lessons, there is a small, friendly group which meets at Filton Community Centre (formerly Filton Folk Centre) on Thursday evenings at 7-9pm from mid September. Catering for beginners and improvers we cover all aspects of flower arranging from traditional to contemporary including Church flowers and flowers for special occasions. More details from 01454 323610 or 01454 412087. The Avon & Bristol Woodturners meet every third Thursday at St Teresa’s Church Hall from 7pm to approximately 10pm. For details,, North Bristol Creative writing group. Meets fortnightly. 07535111294

November, 2017

St Peter’s MU (Mothers Union) 2nd Thursday of each month (except August), 2pm in the church hall. All ladies and Gentlemen invited. For more information look on St Peter’s Church web site or call 0117 9491833 or just turn up. Stop Smoking Sessions, 3-4pm. Appointments to be booked in advance. 01454 865502. smokefree@southglos. Diddi dance, Preschool dance class for girls and boys ages 18 months to school! Thursdays 9:45-10:30am, St. Teresas Church Hall. Contact Emily for your free trial.07850983821. emily.norman@

Fridays Pre-School story and Rhyme time 2.30pm, Filton Library, Shields Centre Toddler Group, meets term time only at St Andrew’s Methodist Church from 10 to 11.45. A warm welcome to all toddlers and their carers. Concord band is Westerly Showband’s training band.We meet every Friday 7.30pm – 9.30pm at the Doug Daniels Pavilion, Filton Leisure Centre, Elm Park, BS34 7PS. Our Conductor Keith Williams is a well known Teacher and Performer in Bristol, we play a wide range of music, so if you would like to get back to playing again, look no further. Contact Jayne 07880724948 / jaynerentonharper@ Or come along with your instrument and have a play. Visitors to rehearsals are always welcome. Aqua fit, 9.30 – 10.15am, cost £4.75 a session, class suitable for non swimmers, participants must be 16 yrs and over, Filton Sports and Leisure Over 30s dance party at the superb BAWA club, Filton, on the first Friday of every month (except for june when we meet on the first Saturday)..……. It’s the ideal night out for the 30 * 40 * 50 plus age range. Come and dance amongst a friendly lively crowd. Enjoy a good mix of music dancing thru’ the decades including some motown and soul favourites. Club times are 9 ‘til 1 - last entry 11pm - very smart casual – gents are required to wear collared shirts – no tee shirts or trainers. Dance adm £8 plus Bawa guest m’ship – come early & party the night away at this For more info call 07860 578708 StAndrew's Methodist Wesley Guild meets in the Church lounge every other Friday evening at 7.30 p.m commencing September 8th. We are a small, friendly group with a wide variety of speakers and members evenings and would welcome your company. There is no membership fee, just a small subscription on the evening which includes light refreshments. Ring 0117 9698523 for further details.

Saturdays 9.30am – 10.30am, Filton District Councillors’ Surgery, Filton Library. Filton Library, Shields Centre, free one to one IT tuition with our Computer Support Volunteers on Saturday mornings. Contact the library. Monthly Chatterbooks reading group for children in years 5 – 6. Meets on a Saturday afternoon, Filton Library, Shields Centre. St Teresa’s Catholic Church, Vigil Mass, 6pm

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November, 2017



n REGULAR EVENTS Sundays St Peter’s Church, 8.00am Holy Eucharist; 10.00am Parish Eucharist with crèche and Sunday Club; Noon, Baptism (by appointment); 6.00pm Evening Worship (Choral Evensong on the 1st Sunday of each month)’. St Teresa’s Catholic Church, Morning Mass, 10.30am. Other masses visit www. St Andrew’s Church, Filton, 10.30am, Morning Worship; 6pm, Evening Worship

Pyramid Youth Club Juniors 5-9 yrs Thursdays 6.30 - 7.45 p.m. Inters 10-12 yrs Mondays and Fridays 6.30 - 8.00 p.m. Seniors 13+ Mondays and Fridays 8.00 - 10.00 p.m. Judo Tuesdays Juniors under 13 yrs 6.30 - 7.30 p.m. and 13+ - adults 7.30 9.00 p.m. New members are welcome. Please ring 9691315 if you want more information. There are vacancies in all age groups. Based at 470 Filton Avenue, contact Margaret 0117 9691315


Wednesdays: Youth club for 12-18s (Year 8+) 7.30-9.30pm, £1 Thursdays: Ignite Thursdays: (all sessions £1) 4.30-5.30pm: Sensory Sparklers group for people aged 11+ with complex sensory needs 6-7pm: Bright Sparks Youth club for age 11-15 with learning/social difficulties or ASD 7.30-9.30pm: Illuminators Transitions social club for age 16+ with learning/ social difficulties or ASD No 1-2-1 or personal care provided please bring support worker/carer. Fridays: 3.45-4.40pm: Street dance for 8-14year olds, £4 5-6pm: Youth club for School Years 3, 4 & 5, £1 6.30-8.30pm: Youth club for School Years 6,7&8, £1 We've extended the time and added a year group!New members always welcome to all groups. Based at: FACE, Elm Park, Filton, BS34 7PS, phone 0117 9691938, email info@facefilton. and website uk Please follow us on Facebook: ‘FACEFilton’ and Twitter: @FACEFilton to keep updated with our news!

Filton Community Centre 983 6500 FiltonCommunityCentre Mondays Tea Dance 1:45 - 4:00  Tel: 07527 808206 Krav Maga 8:00 - 9:30pm Tuesdays Keep Fit 2:00 - 4:00  Tel: 0117 9693326 Flower Arranging 2:00-4:00 Dog Training  7:00 - 9:15  01454 616630 Cacti Club 7:30 - 9:30 (3rd Tues)  Tel: 0117 9503604 Kumon Maths and English Classes 3.30pm - 5.30pm  Tel: 01454 281 037 Pilates 7:30 - 8:30pm with Nicola Fry


n DIARY DATES 07500 962 821 Yoga with Rashmi 7 - 8pm 07789 747834 Wednesdays Pilates 9.30-10.30am with Nicola Fry 07500 962 821 Dawn James Art 1.30 - 3.30 Tel. 0117 975 9683 Jumpfit 5.40 - 6.40pm Tai Kwan Do  6:30 - 7:30 Tel: 07971 684912 Krav Maga 8:00 - 9:30pm Thursdays Lift Employ ability 9:30 – 12:00 Short Mat Bowls 2:00 - 4:00pm Flower Arranging 7:30 - 9:30pm Kumon Maths and English classes 4pm - 6pm  Tel: 01454 281 037 Karate 6:00 - 9:00pm Fridays Karate 6:00 - 8:00pm Saturdays Little Kickers Junior Football 08:45 - 11:45 Ballroom Dancing (3rd & 5th Sat) 7:4510:45pm Sundays Karate 10:30 - 12:00

Filton Historical Group The Filton Historical Group was formed to encourage knowledge and appreciation of history, especially of that local to this area. Presently the Group arranges seven monthly talks which take place between September and April each year, and usually start at 7.30pm. The first meeting starts at 7.00 pm to allow time for payment of yearly subscriptions. The meeting in April also starts at 7.00 for the short AGM prior to the talk. New members are always welcome and anyone wishing to join can come along to any of the meetings, or contact the Membership Secretary: Alan

SHE7, Braemar Crescent, Filton

"Ukulele Filton is a thriving group that is happy to attract new members. We meet at Filton Sports and Leisure Centre, on Monday evenings; 7.00 to 8.30 pm. No previous experience necessary. Spare ukuleles and song books will always be there for you to try. For further details, phone Sue on 0117 979 0381; mobile 0750 4561 831."

Tuesday Coffee Morning 10am – 12pm Computer drop Club 2pm – 4pm Bingo 7.30pm – 9.15pm Wednesday Over 50’s 3 course lunch £3.50, 12.15pm, sit down at 12.30pm Thursday Over 50’s 3 course lunch £3.50, 12.15pm, sit down at 12.30pm Friday North Bristol Amateur Radio Club, Open to Public, 7pm - 10pm Saturday Bingo, 7.00pm –

1st Filton Scouts, Cubs & Beavers Beavers, aged 6-8, two groups, Weds 5pm and 6.15pm Cubs, 8-101/2, Mon and Thurs 6.30-8pm Scouts, 101/2 - 14, Tues 7-9pm The group is based in Scout Headquarters, Nutfield Grove, Filton, BS34 7LH. All sections are open to boys and girls. Contact for all sections is John Cahill (, Phone 0798 605 3005)

Rainbows, Brownies and Guides Tuesdays Brownies - ages 7 - 10 years Guides - ages 10 - 14 years Rangers - ages 14 + Wednesdays Brownies - ages 7 - 10 years Thursdays Rainbows - ages 5 - 7 years For more information please contact :

Snook, tel: 0117-9424378. e-mail: Currently Membership is £12 per year, which covers admission to all seven talks. Visitors are welcome and asked to pay £2.50 per meeting. Tea/Coffee and biscuits are available at 50p per session. PROGRAMME until Christmas All meetings will be held on Wednesday evenings in: The Pavillion, Elm Park, Filton, Bristol (by The Folk Centre). 29 November 2017 - ‘Frenchay Hospital's Hidden History ’ 7.30pm

Saturday, December 2

New Harmony Ladies Choir and their guests Bristol Male Voice Choir invite you to celebrate with them their joint Christmas Concert, at Horfield United Reformed Church, Muller Road, BS7 9RB, on Saturday December 2nd at 7.30 pm. Enjoy a fabulous variety of music with the two choirs. For more information and tickets, see ,     or ring 01179567874.



IN ADVANCE FROM DOT BRYANT 0117 9690654 MEMBERS OF THE CHOIR OR AT THE DOOR Retiring Collection in aid of Freewheelers (Blood Bikes) Charity No 1001067

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November, 2017

89 Kenmore Crescent, Filton Park, £450,000

The perfect family home could be yours SUPERLATIVES fall short when describing this stand out property located in the sought after street that is Kenmore Crescent, Filton Park. Overlooking Monks Park and within the catchment area for the highly regarded Charborough Road primary school, the property retains character and charm whilst being greatly enhanced by the current owners. This really is the perfect family home. Accommodation includes an entrance porch, spacious hallway with downstairs WC, a lovely light and airy sitting room with bay and working open fireplace to the front, At the rear is an outstanding extended kitchen/diner featuring a wood stove and high-end kitchen with underfloor heating, through to the utility area and access to the third reception room currently used as a playroom. To the first floor are three well proportioned bedrooms with fitted wardrobes and a beautiful three-piece family bathroom with

Lights switch on Live music, children's entertainers, fairground rides and Santa's grotto are on offer for shoppers as the Christmas lights at Bradley Stoke’s main shopping centre are turned on. The festivities at the Willow Brook Centre will begin at midday on Saturday, November 18, with the lights going live at 5pm. A Robbie Williams tribute act will entertain the crowds during

walk-in double shower. The second floor has been converted to include the fourth master bedroom with ensuite with fantastic views overlook-

ing the mature manicured rear garden. Externally the property benefits from off-street parking to the front for a minimum of

two cars. The property is sold with no chain and an early inspection is recommended to avoid disappointment.

the afternoon and there will also be music in the mall and town square thanks to Bradley Stoke Radio and Jelli Records. Characters from children's favourite Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom will be live on stage throughout the afternoon and wandering entertainers will be on hand to amuse shoppers.

BRACE Alzheimer's Research which is their charity of the year. The top prize is £200 worth of shopping to be done at the store. Tickets will be on sale in the store, £2 each or £10 for a book of 5.

who has been studying the wildlife of Bristol for more than 30 years. Many of his observations come from his own garden, but he also explores the woods, heaths, rubbish tips and pavements of Bristol. Much wildlife thrives in our city, and much more just manages to cling on.  Thursday, 23rd November 2017, 7pm – 9pm at The Station (in the Dance Studio), Silver Street, Bristol. BS1 2AG. All welcome. Visitors £5 / Members £2.

Christmas raffle Sainsbury's East Filton are holding a Christmas raffle for

Wildlife in our city Avon Organic Group's talk this month is “Making Room for Wildlife” with Rupert Higgins, past vice-Chair of Avon Wildlife Trust and freelance ecologist,

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November, 2017


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filtonvoice To advertise in our trade services section from as little as £15 per month contact Richard on 07775 550607 or Emma Emma on on 0117 077159082121. 770 448 ELECTRICAL SERVICES


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Clothes cupboards full TERRY’S GARDEN of items you never wear? Lost weight but CLEARANCE can’t afford a whole

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