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Consulting and F&I training service


Chernek Consulting LLC is a global business advisory firm that provides multidisciplinary solutions to complex challenges and opportunities. Visit today to have more information.

About • Famous F&I consultant in USA has designed this training program to teach you how to earn customer loyalty for lifetime. You can request her to tailor made your F&I training in order to meet your specific sales requirement. Remember Chernek Consultant's F&I online training is engaging and valuable. With it you can not only keep up your sales figure but also remain ahead of your competitors.

Slow Market Condition

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Most of the customers don’t want to purchase a car rather take it on lease. Automotive and RV dealers have a finance and insurance manager to look into these matters and close the deals successfully. In adverse market condition, the manager needs the latest updates on leasing solutions to maintain the profit of his/her dealership. When the manager offers suitable lending option, the business bounces back and the automotive sales department may make more profit.Â

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F&I managers need to have a thorough knowledge about the products on sales and the possible legal risks in the finalized deals. They should be able to analyze credit and close deals successfully. From quick and accurate calculations to well organized customer approach, your F&I team needs training on everything. Visit learn about growing your profitability.

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Consulting and F&I Taining Center  
Consulting and F&I Taining Center  

If you feel the need to expand the skills in your F&I office.CCI Learning Center offers a consulting and online training service to all type...