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Welcome from our Chair and our Chief Executive 10 years of EveryChild – looking back, moving forward

In November 2001, two like-minded organisations merged to form the charity we know, love, and work for today. Over the past 10 years EveryChild has run and supported projects in 25 countries with the aim of building positive futures for the world’s most vulnerable children. EveryChild’s success is built on our founders’ long histories and desire to promote child rights and build the capacity of families and communities, enhancing the lives of the poorest and most disadvantaged children. As you’ll discover in this 2011/12 review, this focus is as fundamental today as it was when our colleagues prepared their first ever EveryChild Annual Report. It’s been an incredible 10 years. We’ve formed partnerships with organisations and governments across the world. We’ve had the opportunity to work with inspiring children determined to make the very best of their lives. We’ve seen families, with just a little support and a lot of hard graft, transform their own fortunes. And we’ve contributed to systemic changes that will continue to benefit vulnerable children for years to come. We are proud that the projects we both run and support have been successful enough for EveryChild to hand them over, or develop them into new organisations. This year our work in Moldova, Russia and Ukraine transformed into new locally

EveryChild Annual Review 2011-12

managed and locally run organisations. Elsewhere, in Cambodia, our partner has taken over our joint project with children living on the streets – you can read more on pxx. Making these kinds of shifts in the way we work not only demonstrates confidence in our partners and staff; it also places the management of them where it should be – in the countries themselves. Our partners can ensure projects continue long into the future while EveryChild funds are retargeted where we can be most effective. Turning 10 is not just an excuse to pat ourselves on the back for work well done; it is also a chance to consider the next 10 years. At least 24 million children still live without parental care across the world – without mothers and fathers to look after them, these children are exposed to violence, exploitation and abuse. Failure to protect them undermines worldwide development goals. We are determined to have the greatest impact on the lives of those 24 million children. To do this we must fundamentally change the way we work. This is why we are a founding member of an international alliance of independent national organisations called Family for Every Child. There are already 13 members working in their own countries to ensure more children grow up in safe,

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2011/12 at a glance... Spring Nine fantastic people put their best foot forward and took on the 2011 London Marathon for EveryChild, raising a whopping £20,000. In Moldova nearly 300 children were helped to return to their families, or found other, family-like, care when we supported the closure of three residential institutions. Summer We marked World Day Against Child Labour by highlighting the plight of child workers in India and Malawi via The Independent online. 250 foster carers recruited by EveryChild in Georgia receive training. They are expected to support around 1,000 children living in residential care. Autumn After intensive research EveryChild and our partner in Nepal Children and Women in Social Service and Human Rights (CWISH) began working directly with child domestic workers. Winter

caring families and by the time we launch many more will be ready to join so that we can create a global movement for change. By bringing together national expertise globally we will reach far more children and influence greater change. Our alliance continued to grow in 2011/12 as we work towards launching in 2014. We can’t thank those who support us enough for their commitment to vulnerable children over the last 10 years. As you will see from this report, you really do bring about real and lasting changes. Thank you.

Traders in the City of London were held to ransom by EveryChild ‘fundraiders’ in our first Smash ‘n’ Grab, £500 was raised in just 15 minutes. Actress Hermione Norris (Spooks, Cold Feet) showcased our work in Malawi and helped us raise over £20,000 through BBC Lifeline. Spring We handed over our project working with children at risk of ending up on the streets in Cambodia to our local partner; ensuring vulnerable children are protected long into the future. We have worked with over 108,000 children living, or at risk of living, without parental care this year.


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