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Expanding Use of Pulse Oximeter Technology

When an individual visits a doctor’s office, for a comprehensive physical examination, a variety of diagnostic tests are performed. From body temperature to an individual’s blood pressure, medical professionals leave no stone unturned when evaluating the physical health of a patient. A growing number of health care professionals also utilize a pulse oximeter, in their physical examinations, to evaluate the blood oxygen level in the patient’s which they are examining. Once only used in hospitals, technological improvements have allowed manufacturers to produce portable pulse oximeters for use by anyone in any location. These devices accurately evaluate a person’s blood oxygen levels and pulse rate. As a quick and efficient diagnostic test, data derived from a pulse oximeter will help medical professionals determine if a condition of the heart or lungs is present. While such data is useful, it is important to note that any irregularities discovered with a pulse oximeter are normally followed up with more comprehensive medical diagnostic tests. Many people which suffer from health conditions, such as asthma and emphysema, also use pulse oximeters at home to determine their blood oxygenation readings. Should the level of O2 in the blood drop too low, they may become unconscious or possibly die. For this reason, many health care providers are encouraging patients to order a pulse oximeter so that they may use it at home. Pulse oximeter technology is also utilized by fitness enthusiasts as well. Attaining a specific heart rate, and maintaining it, is essential to obtain a true cardiovascular workout. This is not only essential for heart strength, but also allows people to burn calories and lose weight faster if that is part of their fitness plan. Because pulse oximeters are portable, they are often used by joggers, bicyclists and others that participate in both aerobic and anaerobic exercise routines. As pulse oximeter technology has advanced, its use in the entertainment industry has also begun. Actually, utilizing a pulse oximeter for video games is revolutionary and Nintendo is the first company to incorporate pulse oximeter technology in a gaming console. By utilizing the physical diagnostic data derived from the pulse oximeter, Nintendo is able to develop games which adapt to the physical condition of the person playing. As many technology experts predict, this is only the beginning of developing a gaming experience that allows two way interaction and the ability to take gaming to an entirely new level. Because of the technological advancements in pulse oximeter technology, the use of the devices is expected to continue rising. As outlined above, pulse oximeters are used for many different applications which extend well outside of the hospital. And as this technology continues to advance, it is very likely that pulse oximeters will be found on many products in the future including vehicle steering wheels and other products that ensure user safety and many other applications.

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A growing number of health care professionals also utilize a pulse oximeter, in their physical examinations, to evaluate the blood oxygen l...

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