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Fifth Grade Girls and Grudges By Rebecca Wilbur

When girls have a grudge against you, they give you the evil eye, walk away, and stick out their wicked little tongues. They just can’t leave it alone…..they don’t turn the other cheek. There are many girls that were in third grade who called themselves “QUEEN’s.” If the QUEEN’s thought that you

insulted them, they wrote you in the PBDNBP…..problem book for dire needs with big problems. Then you might experience for example bullying, stolen personal items or an embarrassing outburst/arguments. These “queens” should have put in big letters on their desks NO SMALL INSULT!!! A small insult is someone not saying good morning to them. That would result in your name in the book and suffering belittlement. The queen’s used the problem book in a way that was unfair. They wouldn’t let you write in the book if you were going to write about them. The evil devil queens read through the book and crossed out the problems that were about them being queens.

Half way through the week our third grade class went nuts. No one who supported the class room (are the kids who didn’t support the queen’s) didn’t talk to the people who supported the QUEEN’S. At the end of the week we had our usual meeting with hot chocolate and reading the problems in the problem book, but right before she had reached for it all the people who were rebellious to the QUEEN’S said….. At the exact same time ………”the queen’s have been so mean……… they wrote us in the problem book even though we do nothing to them. After Ms. Melvin heard it she put a stop to it. The only problem was that the queen’s wanted to call themselves ex queens, but thank god for great Miss Melvin stopped them so everything was solved. But you are wondering if the girls

have changed and learned their lesson? Well I’m sorry to say the only one that learned the lesson was the kinder one. But the other queen still holds you down by saying, “oh I still own the problem book.” If she says that to you, you should say, “I DON’T CARE.”

Do 5th Grade girls have gruges  
Do 5th Grade girls have gruges  

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