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Hilton Malta

Sign System Study

As soon as one enters the hotel, one find a pole/pylon sign (monolith) used to direct people towards their destination. Unfortunately the polished material reflects a lot of light coming in from the entrance, making it slightly more challenging to read the information on the sign.


Most of the signs within the hotel are wall signs, directional and placed at eye-level. They are consistent throughout most of the hotel except for the business/meetings storey. The type used for the signs is Gill Sans, whislt all symbols are in a simplified form. All of these are dark-green in colour.

Specific signs such as the Room Numbers and the Man/Woman signs are of a lighter shade of green. Emergency exits and other safety signs include a serif type. All these signs have a white stroke around the types and symbols used.


The signs near the elevators are consistent to the signs on all storeys. Storey level is marked with using negative space. One downside which The lighting of the area casts a shadow on the wall of the information which can be somewhat distracting.

Signs use standard symbols especially for health and safety; Fire exit, no smoking etc. Most fire exit signs inside the premises are also lit up.


Around the hotel one finds monoliths with adverts of shops and restaurants. Temporary free-standing signs are used to direct people towards events held within the hotel.

The Hilton Meetings “Business Centre” signage has a different style. I couldn’t find the exact type used for Hilton Meetings logo. I found a list of similar fonts on the side. The type used for the rest of the information on the signs is Bodoni. 23

Towards the pool area, external signage does not compliment the rest of the signage inside the hotel. Besides the change in material for weather purposes, one can also see changes in colour, type and placement of the signs; some of the signs are less effective.


by Luke Saliba

Luke saliba booklet (signage)  
Luke saliba booklet (signage)