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Tony L. Jordan ————————————————————————

MY NAME IS Karmyn. I am a 24 year old female born to a Black father and a German mother. I was raised in Germany with my parents. My dad served in the U. S. Army and met my mother while he was on duty. They fell in love, got married and out of that union, I was born and I am not the only child of my parents. I loved growing up in Germany. Since I was mixed, the local people would tell my mother how beautiful I was. She and I heard the comments my entire life. I was also voted the most beautiful girl at my high school and won every beauty pageant I entered. Being raised on an Army base gave me the best of both worlds—my American culture and my German culture around me. And I learned to speak German as part of me spending time with my German cousins and friends. My long, black hair touches my behind when I stand up and I have light green eyes that I got from my mother and a deep, olive complexion that is from my father. My father was from Jackson, Mississippi and comes from a big family of 13 brothers and sisters. My aunts and uncles and hundreds of cousins are also very attractive people; it is in our genes. My family told me that we had a lot of “Indian” in our blood; I guess that is why a lot of my cousins have ‘good hair.’ My

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THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— good hair came from my German background. My parents raised me to be a good girl—a good girl that would not have sex before marriage and a good girl who always acted like a lady. The kind of girl that made sure the men treated her with respect and they all were made clear that they knew that I was not going to have sex with them. And I promised my parents that I would not have sex with any man until the night I was married. So, at 24, I am still a virgin and plan to stay that way.

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Tony L. Jordan ————————————————————————

I NEVER THOUGHT I would do a thing with my life but for some reason I got a wild hair up my ass and did what I thought was right—I became a truck driver. This is the beginning of my story so buckle up and get ready for a wild ride. The life of a truck driver is not so bad after all, you have your ups and downs just like everybody else; bad things happen but you just deal with them. My name is Terrance Johnson, I’m 30 years old, 6 feet tall and I weigh somewhere between 175 and 180 pounds depending on how much cold beer I drink. I’d say my complexion is auburn and I have light brown eyes. Most people comment on my eyes but they’re just eyes to me. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia in the suburb of College Park where I went to Lakeshore High School. Did I graduate? HELL NO— I was a dropout! That’s one of the reasons I wanted to write this book. I wanted people to know it doesn’t matter if you graduate or not; you can still make something of yourself believe me. I’m not talking about Seaborn Lee Elementary School, the elementary school I attended, because everybody went to elementary school and stayed until the end. Now that’s a horse of a different color. I’m go-

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THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— ing to talk about my high school. Lakeshore High School was one of the best high schools in my region so I had no choice but to go there. Sports wasn’t my thing—hell, it still isn’t—so I kind of stayed away from that. Lakeshore was a beast when it came to sports, the football, baseball and basketball; just all around when it came to sports. You can’t say anything bad about Lakeshore. But we didn’t have a choice in those days when it came to where you would go to school. It was all on mom and dad but I still would have chose Lakeshore out of all the schools in my region. You had to do what you had to do, that’s what it was; either you went to school or you got your ass beat! To this day, I really understand what my parents meant when they would say, ‘If you don’t go to school, your ass won’t fulfill any dreams. You won’t, and I mean YOU WON’T, accomplish shit in life!’ But I was one of those kids that wanted to do something with my life and nobody was going to stop me. I’ve always wanted to be a truck driver. I would see the big rigs driving up and down I-20 and I-75/85 when I was a kid and I always wanted to drive one. When I turned 21, I applied to take the Commercial Drivers License course but I had to go to a truck driving school first. In order to drive a big rig, you have to have a CDL so I chose a school here in Georgia. I didn’t know a damn thing about other states—hell I had never been anywhere except Florida. I finally enrolled in a driving school and they taught me everything about a big rig. I wasn’t even required to know how to drive a stick but it was a good thing I did because it was a plus for me. They taught me how to back the truck up with a trailer hitched up to it which was probably the hardest

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Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— thing of all. That was the biggest shit I’d ever sat in, I couldn’t even reach the other door from sitting in the seat; I actually had to get up to do that! The truck had at least 20 different gages on the dash and I knew nothing about any of them. There were bunk beds in the back and they weren’t small, a cabinet that held a television, a microwave and even a damn small refrigerator! On the other side, there was a cabinet for hanging clothes so it was like a house on wheels. I was really having second thoughts about driving that big shit but I wasn’t giving up—never that! I looked out of the window while sitting in the driver’s seat and I could see everything. It seemed as though I was looking through the window of my house from upstairs. I could definitely see myself driving down the road in the big ass truck so I kept it moving, climbed out and looked up at the big monster from the ground. I remember saying to myself, ‘I can do this!’ before walking away. We were taking a cigarette break and one of the White guys was telling me about life on the road. He told me that I wouldn’t make it out on the road because I was too small. I asked how old he was when he first started driving and he said he was the same age as me but he was a little bigger and a lot stronger. “I wasn’t a pussy when I started,” he added. I told him to kiss my ass and get the fuck out of my face because I was no pussy. I wanted him to know if he can do it then so could I! He told me I would end up catching something from the whores that hang out at the truck stops; he called them lot lizards and explained that was the name truckers gave them

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THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— a long time ago. Another driver came over to chat with me. He was real with everything and a lot older than the other guy. He told me I was going to have the time of my life—that my life as a man was about to start and how I was going to meet so many people and do so much shit that I wouldn’t think about how big the truck was or how fast it could go. He told the other guy to leave me alone and stop trying to scare me. I remember when I told my mom that I was going to become a truck driver. “Boy, you’re gonna get your ass killed fooling with them redneck drivers!” she said but I was determined to follow my dreams and I always wanted to see what the world was like outside of Atlanta. As a young man with the opportunity to do something in life besides hanging on the corner selling drugs, I went for it and became successful doing what I like. I always wanted to have money to do what I wanted without begging anybody for anything. Now I’m doing fairly good riding up and down the road in a big truck going from state to state meeting people plus and seeing things along the way that I never dreamed of seeing. It’s something you get used to after a couple of years then you’re stuck with it for life. I spend the majority of my time off with my family and kids in Jonesboro, Georgia doing the country shit that country people do like throwing horse shoes on Sunday, fishing, sitting under the big shade tree in my grandmother’s back yard drinking cold beers and telling lies while we barbeque. Well, they’re really not lies; we’ll just call them jokes. It’s just a little way of passing time until it’s time to get back in the truck and do it all over again. No matter what state I’m in,

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Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— there’s never a dull moment! I have this thing about women—I love the hell out of them! I know you’re thinking, ‘Damn man, that’s what you’re suppose to do!’ but I really am a sucker for sex—I can’t help it! It is what it is so please enjoy your read. In this book, I’ll take you to some of the places I visit as a driver and the things we go through but most of all I want you to know how much fun we have on the road. You’ll have a better understanding of what I mean if you hop in the truck with me and buckle up so I can take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

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THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ————————————————————————

HEADING TO DALLAS was going to take me at least a couple of days but I had gotten used to it. I figured I’d make the best of it and find another driver going that way so we could ride together. After a couple of hours into the trip, I connected with a female on the CB. I asked, “Where you headed sweet heart?” “I’m headed to Texas driver and by the way, the name is Bunny Rabbit.” “What part of Texas, Bunny Rabbit?” “I’m going to Dallas driver.” “That’s where I’m headed Bunny Rabbit,” I said. “Can I ride with you?” “Well driver, my truck’s not that fast but I think we can make it though, right?” “That’s right Bunny Rabbit. Come on, let’s go to Dallas and leave this shit in our rear view mirror!” “Ten Foe!” I heard some commotion on the CB so I asked, “Driver, what did you leave behind you Eastbound?” “Nothing Westbound, I ain’t seen much all the way,” he said, “You can put the hammer down driver.”

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Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— “You’re good behind me also driver,” I said. “I haven’t seen anything since I left Connecticut." “Ten Foe!” “Bunny Rabbit, are you still with me?” “Yes, I’m here driver.” “What do you have on your back?” I asked. “I’m really not that heavy driver, only about thirty-two thousand pounds.” “Thirty-two thousand? Shit mama, that ain’t no weight; let’s get to Texas!” Then she said, “Go down to channel 13 driver.” “I’m Gone, driver,” I said. Once I switched channels, I heard, “You make it yet?” “Yeah, I’m here Bunny Rabbit.” “So driver, that company you drive for; they pay pretty good?” “Yeah, they treat me pretty good; I make forty-two cents a mile.” “Do you own your own truck?” Bunny Rabbit asked. “No but they sign owner-operators.” “Driver, I don’t have my own truck either; I’m a company driver,” she said. “How much do you make per mile if you don’t mind me asking?” “Well, I’ve only been driving for eight months so I only make twenty-six cents a mile but I’d like to do a little better, you know?” “Ten Foe, I can give you their number and you can call them if you want to. They might have something for you, at least a few more cents per mile.”

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THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— “Do they have team drivers?” she asked. “Yeah, they have team drivers,” I said. “Why, you wanna team with somebody?” “Yes, especially when I’m headed out to the west coast.” “Are you scared of the big pretty snow covered mountains?” I teased. “Let’s just say I’m not used to them yet. How long have you been driving?” “So do you have a handle or do you just go by driver?” “NIGHT CRAWLER, that’s my handle.” “Okay Night Crawler, how long you been driving?” “I’ve been driving for eight years Bunny Rabbit.” “So you’re not a rookie like me then are you?” “No Bunny Rabbit, not by a long shot!” I chuckled. Then she asked, “You been driving for the same company the whole time?” “No, I’ve only been with this company for four years,” I responded. “They treat their drivers pretty good.” “Do you have that QUALCOMM system in your truck?” “No Night Crawler, that’s one of the good things about this company; we don’t deal with bullshit! Nothing to worry about, all we have to do is pick up our loads, get ‘em where they’re goin’, get our money and keep it moving!” “Since I’m a female Night Crawler, you think any guys team with me?” “I don’t get along with females that great, just too much damn drama!” Bunny Rabbit agreed, “Ten Foe!” “Driver, I herd you I did but it depends.” “Depends on what Night Crawler?”

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Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— “Well, it depends on the kind of females you deal with and the kind of female you are. I mean, if you’re the kind of woman that bitches a lot you won’t last long with a guy. You know there’s a lot of shit that goes on out here on the road and most people don’t wanna hear the crying all day—it just depends on how you carry yourself.” She simply replied, “Oh, okay.” Then I asked, “So how do you look Bunny Rabbit?” With a slight chuckle, she said, “Slow down and see for yourself.” “Okay, stay in the Granny lane while I’ll slow down beside you.” Once I slowed down, it was hard not to take my eyes off of her. “Damn, you look good; I’ll team with you any day!” “Stop trippin’ Night Crawler; you know you don’t want to team with a female.” “What do you mean stop trippin’; you’re a good-lookin’ woman! Just let me know when you get tired and I’ll be happy to keep your ass company until you fall asleep.” Laughing a little more, she replied, “Okay Night Crawler, I’m gonna hold you to that but what if I get horny?” “Hell, I got something for that too; just let me know!” “I’ll just bet you do!” she shot back. That sweet little laugh of hers was really starting to turn me on so I said, “Bunny Rabbit, I can see your face but I can’t see your body.” “I’ll tell you what Night Crawler, pull your ass over at the next truck stop and you’ll get your chance to see me.” “Now are you sure you’re gonna stop for me?” I asked. “I don’t wanna pull over and you keep going!”

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THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— “Yes I’m sure. You can see what I’m working with but I can tell you if you don’t want to pull over.” “Okay Bunny Rabbit, then tell me.” “Well, where do I start? I’m about five-six, one hundred twenty-three pounds, I have a deep chocolate complexion, I wear a size six jeans, beautiful ass, I’m bowlegged as hell and sometimes it feels like my legs are going to break! I have almost perfect teeth and they’re white, I have a flat stomach, no kids, I keep my nails done in a French tip, my boyfriend is in the military but he’s stationed in Iraq. We don’t live together anyway; he’s my cut buddy. My hair, as you can see, is cut in short and I have a cute face. Oh, did I forget to mention perky tits?” “Hell Bunny Rabbit, you should be in my truck! What in the hell are you doing over there?” “Night Crawler, just get to an off ramp and I’ll come see you baby.” I could sense my excitement as I said, “There’s one coming up ahead of us right now!” “Then pull over Night Crawler,” she said. All I could see was legs and hips when she jumped out of her truck. She was as short as hell and that was a plus!” “Dammit girl, I didn’t believe you. I thought you were gonna keep going!” “Well, I told you to pull over didn’t I?” “Yeah, you did; but I didn’t think you were really coming to my truck.” Making sure to keep just enough distance to tempt me, she raised her arms to show off her curves then asked, “Well, Mr. Night Crawler what do you think?”

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Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— “You have to stand up first and walk over there.” With a naughty twist to her voice, Bunny Rabbit asked, “Over where Night Crawler?” “Over there by my bed, now turn your ass around,” I said. “Damn girl, you better be glad we’re headed to Texas!” “We have a long way to go Night Crawler; you can get me later as long as you don’t leave me.” “How fast does your truck run? “My truck runs seventy-six miles an hour,” she replied. And my truck runs the same. “So I’ll be able to keep up with you, right?” she asked. Yes you will, and maybe even pass me; I have forty-two grand on my back.” She put her hand on my face slowly rubbing both sides as she asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to see anything else right now Night Crawler?” “Hell yeah I want to see something now but it’s going to fuck up our logbook.” “It’ll be okay driver,” she said. “Come on back here.” I was a little caught off guard as I asked, “What do you mean, come back there?” She quickly said, “Well, we can get in my truck if you’re scared to fuck in yours.” I noticed she was already pulling her shorts down as we stood there talking. “Damn girl, you look good in panties with your bowleg ass,” I grunted. “Can I touch something?” She looked directly at me and said, “Yes, touch whatever you want.” I instantly asked, “Your ass was horny before you heard

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THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— me on the CB wasn’t you?” “Yeah, horny as hell but I was trying to play it off,” she admitted. “Do you have a condom?” I didn’t waste time as I replied, “Of course I have some condoms.” “Where are they?” Bunny Rabbit asked. “They’re in the drawer on the right,” I said. Before I could finish my sentence, she was already holding up the box of condoms. “Magnum, huh?” she asked. “Yeah, why did you say it like that?” “Shit, you might be too big for me!” she admitted. “I’m a close-built bitch!” “Hell, as bowlegged as you are; ain’t nothing about your ass close-built!” “That doesn’t mean that I’m not tight,” she said bluntly adding, “Pull off your shorts so I can give you some head.” “Dammit girl, you get straight to the point don’t you?” “Night Crawler, I don’t have time for bullshit; I’m as horny as hell!” She loosened my belt, unzipped my shorts and pushed them down around my ankles as she began sucking my dick without a condom. “Damn, that feels good but…” She cut me off asking, “Do you like that mum?” Before I could respond, she said, “Damn Night Crawler, you got a big dick; this motherfucker’s gotta be at least twelve and a half inches long! I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you’re ass all the way to Texas; you better not hurt me with this long ass shit!” I wanted to fight it but I could feel a prideful smile covering my face.

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Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— “Look at how fat it is!” she gasped. “I’ll bet you put the whopper chopper on every bitch you fuck don’t you; you big dick motherfucker!” The sounds filling the truck were getting the best of me. I was so turned on by her moaning, smacking and spitting on me that I begged her to put it all in her mouth. “I can’t do nothing with that monster,” she joked. “Does that turn you on?” “Hell yeah, that turns me the hell on!” “Then cum for me, I wanna taste it!” she said. “Are you gonna cum?” “Hell yeah if you keep sucking it like that!” After several more minutes of that amazing head, Bunny Rabbit sighed, “My mouth is getting tired you need to hurry your ass up and cum.” She stopped to put a condom on me then turned around and pulled her panties to the side. “Now that’s the way I like it!” I huffed. “I love it when a woman leaves her panties on while we’re having sex so I can see the shape of her ass!” I rested back on the bed as she rode the shit out of me. At first she was going up and down, then side-to-side. I remember thinking, ‘Damn, this little bitch can take some dick!’ I was about to cum when she started rocking back and forth. I tried to keep up with her but she was going to fast. I lost the rhythm as my squeaky voice struggled to say, “Slow down baby!” “No, I wanna cum again,” she moaned. “I haven’t had any in a while.” Ready to take control, I responded, “Then let me do it.”

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THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— “No, just lay there; I got it!” she screamed. “You can do it the next time!” I held on as she rode me like a champ. “Come on Night Crawler!” Bunny Rabbit howled as she bucked up and down on my stiff dick. “Yeah, that’s it baby— come on!” With her shirt and bra up to her chin and her tits in her hands, she demanded, “Come on, shit come on!” She was grinding on me so hard that I could barely lift my hips so I could go deeper. “That’s it baby,” she screamed, “That’s it!” Bunny Rabbit told me to lay all the way back on the bed while taking her panties and shirt off. Then she removed her bra before getting down on her knees while spanking her ass. “Get it baby—come get it!” she pleaded. I made my way behind her to fuck her doggie style and before I knew it, she was already guiding my stiff dick into her ass. “Spit on my asshole Night Crawler!” she begged. “Yeah, that’s it baby! Make that shit talk to you—make it talk Night Crawler.” I could tell she felt my dick getting harder because she screamed, “Cum in my ass baby; I wanna feel that warm shit filling that condom up. Make that motherfucker spit Night Crawler! Come on—cum in my ass.” I was so close but for some reason, I couldn’t cum. “Night Crawler, what are you waiting on; hurry up and cum in my ass!” she screamed. “That’s it baby, I feel that big dick! Do it baby—cum for me!” I couldn’t hold back any longer, the sensation of her soft hands grabbing my ass and pulling me into her was more

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Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— than I could handle. She must have sensed that I was about to cum because she pushed me away, ripped off the condom then put my dick in her mouth. I could feel my dick pulsing as she started jacking me off as fast as she could. “Come on baby, cum in my mouth!” she begged. I didn’t have to be asked twice; I exploded in her mouth instantly. She was sucking on my bone like crazy determined not to waste a drop. She took everything she could out of me; it was almost embarrassing that she was taking over. Then I laughed realizing it was her show. Hell, she was the boss! I had to wait for my voice to come back before I could say anything to her. Finally, I breathlessly said, “Damn girl, you are a damn freak!” “No I’m not; I just haven’t had any in a while. You’re the right size for me so I took advantage of you,” she joked. “I’m not like this all the time but when it’s good I go crazy for it! I guess I black out.” Then with a lusty smile, she asked, “Did you like it?” “Hell yeah I liked it but you scared the shit out of me!” “I’m sorry Night Crawler, it was good but I wanted you to cum with me,” she admitted. “Can I kiss you again so we can cum together?” “Yes if you feel up to it,” I replied. She started again but this time she was able to put it all in her mouth because I wasn’t as hard as before. Getting into it again, I asked, “Is it good to you Bunny Rabbit?” “Yes, it’s even better this time!” I held her head while she massaged my bone to get me harder but I knew it was going to take a while. I grabbed an-

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THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— other condom as she turned around and settled on her knees with her ass in the air. She reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks then told me to come closer. I didn’t have a problem doing as I was told when she said, “Get on your knees Night Crawler.” Once I was in position, she moaned, “Now put that big ass dick inside of me.” Bunny Rabbit was really getting freaky by then. Sweat was dripping down my face with some of it trailing into my eyes. That shit was burning like hell but I didn’t stop. She grabbed my dick and guided me inside her warmth. Reaching underneath, I grabbed her tits but she was slippery from all of our sweat that I could hardly maintain my grip. I decided to move on so I held her stomach as she rolled her ass slowly back at me. I whispered, “Lay on your back Bunny Rabbit.” She rolled onto her back and parted her legs to give me a view of her precious peach. Ready to dive in, I put a pillow under her back then closed in for more of that sweet pussy. Using my plump head to play with her moist lips, I sank my dick inside her while holding her legs up. She tried to push me back but I said, “No, give me your hands.” I could really hear her squeal once I had her locked in the buck. “Oh God yes, fuck me Night Crawler—give it to me!” Her pussy sounded like a wet sponge and it turned me on even more. She was good and wet so I slowed down until I almost stopped moving. I lowered my bone in her as deep as I could then remained still for a moment to tease her before pulling out slowly. “Make me cum motherfucker!” she demanded.

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Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— I eased myself deep inside her long enough to feel her pulsing pussy grab at me. She started squealing so I put even more dick in her as she tried to squirm away from me but all she could do was sway from side to side because I had the pillow under her not to mention I had her hands in a firm grasp so she couldn’t use them. She had no choice but to take it—all of it! “Oh shit Night Crawler, I’m cummin’!” she screamed. “Keep it right there baby, please keep it right there!” I could feel my dick getting bigger and realized I was about to cum too. That’s when I suddenly heard myself barking, “I’m cumming too baby!” “Cum with me baby,” she screamed. “Cum inside me!” When I exploded inside her, the pleasure was so intense that I could hardly keep my balance. I rested my face on her supple breasts but the combination of our sweat that settled on her body was so slippery that I kept sliding so I kissed her nipples instead tasting the sweetness while she held the back of my head. I lay there for a while with the condom still on listening to her heartbeat and her sweet voice as she talked to me but I could only hear bits and pieces of what she was saying because I was drained. “You gotta give me your number so I can call you every time I’m over this way,” she said. “Do you have a camera on your phone Night Crawler?” “Yeah, everybody has a camera on their cell phone these days,” I teased. I was surprised when she asked, “Will you like to take some pictures of me before I leave?” With a big grin, I said, “Yes, I’d love to take pictures of

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THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— your sexy ass.” I took at least ten pictures of her naked, some from the front, several from the back with her legs open as she played with herself and a few on her knees from the back. I took pictures in every position I could think of. Once I was finished snapping pictures of her, I said, “I’ll remember you for a while Bunny Rabbit.” She sweetly responded, “And the same goes for you too Night Crawler. I’m gonna give you some all the way down to Texas. Every time you get tired or horny, I’m gonna put your big dick ass to sleep so don’t get lost, okay?” She climbed out of my truck and slowly walked to hers trying her best not to stagger. I smiled as I realized I had put the whopper chopper on her sexy ass. I opened the door and told her to go to Sesame Street so I could talk with her. “Night Crawler, what the hell is Sesame Street?” “That’ll be channel 19. We have some catching up to do, we gotta put the hammer down or we’re going to be late.” Bunny Rabbit went to channel 19 where there was a lot of chatter about a wreck up ahead but fortunately it was on the eastbound side. “Night Crawler, you still got your ears on?” she asked. Before I could answer, another driver came on the CB and said, “He don’t have ears driver; he has a football head!” She was laughing like that shit was funny so I said, “Go ahead Yeah Bunny Rabbit.” She was still laughing and couldn’t hear me so I had to wait for her to settle down. “You still there Night Crawler?” she asked. “Yeah, I’m here,” I said.

_________________________________________________ 20

Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— “I didn’t mean to make you feel bad back there, I just thought it was cute,” she joked. “I get attached quickly; especially when I’m horny.” That’s when another driver butted in on our conversation with his nosy ass asking, “What’s the 20 on the horny driver?” I quickly shot back, “She said she ‘was’ horny driver!” Then he asked, “Well, what the hell did she do driver; masturbate while driving down the highway?” “Yes she did driver but we did it together!” “Damn girl, if you want to do it again just let me know. They call me the Lonely Ranger and I’d just love to cum with you. Hell, you sound pretty.” Trying to get rid of the meddlesome guy, Bunny Rabbit said, “Okay Mr. Lonely Ranger, I’ll let you know.” Once the line was clear, she asked, “Night Crawler, you still there?” “Yeah Bunny Rabbit, I’m here.” “Like I said, I’m not usually like that; I just didn’t want to get into a long conversation with that horny fool. If I had, I would’ve just talked my way out of it. I’ve been out here for two months without any and no vibrator either so you can imagine how horny I was—I was about ready to explode!” Laughing, I asked, “Is that so?” Bunny Rabbit laughed along as she explained, “Everything I saw reminded of a dick. I tried doing myself but that didn’t help; I needed the real thing. I was listening on the CB for someone that I thought I might like so I could come out of my little shell and be real with mine because I needed it bad. Then I heard you and I went for it. I took out you’re dick and that shit was so big I had to have it! I’m glad we did it, we

_________________________________________________ 21

THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— helped each other out don’t you think? “Yeah Bunny Rabbit, I’m glad we did it too,” I agreed. “You’re little ass can take some dick!” “Ain’t no shame in my game!” she fired back. “It’s like I said Night Crawler, I’m gonna do you all the way to Texas!” “So how long had you been driving before I caught up with you?” “You didn’t catch up with me Night Crawler; I had just pulled out of the rest area from taking a nap and I had just restarted my logbook. “So we should have the same time, right?” “Yes we do and when you lay down for your ten hours I am too. Let’s keep it real, you got what I want and I have what you want. I may be a female but I’m real with mine—as I said, ain’t no shame in my game!” Another driver cut in, “Damn driver, you found you a firecracker, didn’t you?” “Yeah driver she’s something else and beautiful too!” “Hell, I can tell she’s beautiful by the way she talks! She put something on your Black ass didn’t she driver?” I couldn’t help chuckling as I responded, “Yeah driver, she did!” “That’s a forty-two,” he said with a big grin in his voice. “Well, I’m jumping off right here. Y’all be careful going that way and hold it in the road drivers.” “Ten Foe! We’ll catch you on the flop driver.” Hoping he was gone, I asked, “Bunny Rabbit, are you still there?” “Yes Night Crawler, I’m here still.” “You don’t have to explain yourself to me; you’re your own person. I’m a guy and you are a beautiful young lady. I

_________________________________________________ 22

Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— know you have guys trying to get at you everyday but I hope there’s very few lucky ones.” “You are one of the lucky ones Night Crawler—you and my cut buddy.” “I’m flattered Bunny Rabbit but what you have between your legs is yours; you can do with it what you want!” “I know I can but it makes me look like a lot lizard,” she sighed. “Okay, if you’re gonna put it that way; horny women aren’t supposed to get dick, right? It’s okay for a guy to get on this CB and beg for some pussy, huh? Even when were at truck stops or on the road—hell, at a rest area for that matter! I guess it’s okay for us, right? You very seldom find a female that’s real enough to admit she’s horny and act on it.” Out of the blue, another driver came on the CB and said, “That’s no lie driver, you got that shit right! Most of them are scared to talk on the damn radio let alone admit that they’re horny. That’s a female with balls if you don’t mind my saying so! Now I’m not trying to get in your conversation but hell driver, you’re right! If I’m horny, I’m gonna say it and say it loud like right now—I’m Horny as hell! You brought up a good point there driver; now let me get out of your conversation with her. She knows what she wants and who she wants it with. I’m going to find me a fine ass lot lizard—I need to get my cock sucked!” “Okay driver, just make sure she gets naked first; I don’t wanna hear you hollerin’ all the way from Texas. Ten Foe!” “He’s right Bunny Rabbit, you know what and who you want. You also know what you did with me. I could have stopped myself but I knew you were horny as hell!”

_________________________________________________ 23

THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— “Is that so?” she asked. “Yeah, so you know how I knew you were horny?” “How did you know Night Crawler?” she snickered. “Well, for starters you didn’t think twice about coming to my truck when we pulled over. Most women would have been sitting there putting on makeup, perfume or fixing their hair for an hour but you just jumped out of your truck and came over even though you didn’t know me. That’s the part that makes it look bad but I guess it took balls. Let me put it this way, we won’t do it again the rest of the ride; we’ll only ride together to keep each other company and awake on the road all the way to Texas. “I’ll be damned!” she fired back. “Your ass is giving me some more of that good dick as soon as we stop for our ten hour break!” “Now that’s a big Ten Foe!” I said. “I can say you damn well know what the hell you want and I have it right here for you! I’ll catch you on the flip-flop after Texas.” “Night Crawler, I don’t give a damn; anywhere you see me you can have some of this pussy and you know that!” “Same here Bunny Rabbit, now lets get some miles under our belt; we’re doing too much chattering! We’ll check in every now and then to make sure we’re both okay. Come on Bunny Rabbit, let’s make it happen.” “Eastbound, what did you leave behind you?” I asked one of the truck drivers on the CB. “At mile-marker number 123, you got a full-grown with a capture on your side. At 122 and a half, there’s one sitting in the middle with his pistol out and at 118, you got a local on the overpass taking your picture with a backup on the on

_________________________________________________ 24

Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— ramp. That’s all I can give you right now driver; I haven’t been too long jumped on the highway.” I was glad about the update because when a driver says he passed a local with his pistol out; that means he’s scanning traffic with his radar gun. “That’s a 42 driver,” I said. “You look good behind me; nothing but traffic ahead of you but be careful.” “They got a big ol’ speed trap back there driver. Y’all be careful headin’ that way; these panda bears are looking for a good paycheck. Ten Foe!” “Ten Foe drivers! I ain’t seen nothing since Connecticut so everybody going to Texas, let’s ride! What’s that chicken house doing on the westbound side?” “Rolling you across driver, rolling you across.” “Bunny Rabbit, you got your ears on?” “Yes, go ahead Night Crawler; I’m here.” “Your weight’s good, right?” “Yes, I have a PASS.” “Okay, I’ll catch up with you later. Don’t ride too fast; I probably can’t catch up with you.” “No, you won’t Night Crawler. I’m gonna ride over the scale with you. Like I said, we’re riding together until we hit Texas and I mean that so keep it going driver; I’m right behind you.”

_________________________________________________ 25

THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ————————————————————————

WE DROVE FOR a while but I knew it was about time to pull over and get some rest. I asked Bunny Rabbit if she was tired before I took it upon myself to pull over for the night. “A little but I’m hanging in here,” she said. “How much time do we have?” “Don’t worry, I’ll check my QUALCOMM. It says I have two more hours to go. What do you want to do; can you make it that long?” “Yes, I’m not sleepy,” Bunny Rabbit said. “Just tired of driving that’s all. I can’t rig the QUALCOMM so when my time is up that means it’s up.” “We’ll pull over when its time, okay?” We drove another hundred miles and she said she had about twenty minutes left. “Do you want to cap off now or wait until tomorrow?” “I don’t think we have a parking spot tonight; especially both of us in the truck stop after midnight,” she sighed. “We may as well pull over on an off ramp.” I asked if she wanted to see if we could find two spots. If not, I told her we could ride to the next truck stop to see if they had a couple of spots for two trucks. We pulled in but

_________________________________________________ 26

Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— there weren’t many trucks at the fuel island so we parked beside each other and walked inside. I went to the restroom and she followed. I came out before she did so I went to the dining area to see if either of the restaurants were open. I looked back and Bunny Rabbit was practically on my heels. “You hungry Bunny Rabbit? I asked. “Yes, Night Crawler; I’m starving!” “Okay, let’s find a couple of parking spots before we eat so we can go to the truck and get some sleep after we eat.” We went to the back row and there were plenty of parking spots, I turned on my hazard lights to back up and so did she. “Now that’s what I call luck Bunny Rabbit!” “Yes, that was good timing Night Crawler; my QUALCOMM was beeping so I new my time was up.” “Okay, then we can take a shower before we eat; is that cool with you Bunny Rabbit?” “That’ll be fine Night Crawler because I really need one right anyway.” After our showers we took our stuff back to the trucks then came back inside to eat. I was surprised that the breakfast bar was set up because I didn’t realize it was morning already. “Yes, it’s pretty early considering we drove all night,” Bunny Rabbit said. We finished breakfast and on the way to the truck she asked me which truck was I going to sleep in—hers truck or mine. “Do you have a television in your truck Bunny Rabbit?”

_________________________________________________ 27

THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— “No, I don’t,” she said. “Then I guess it’ll be my truck, you okay with that?” “That’ll be fine,” she replied. “I’m really not sleepy; my stomach is too full.” Bunny Rabbit was parking her truck while I was doing my log book when out of the blue, somebody knocked on the door of my truck. I didn’t know who it was because my curtain was drawn so I peaked out and there was a fine ass lot lizard standing on the step of my truck looking me directly in the eyes. I looked down and noticed she was only wearing lingerie. I couldn’t help but stare because she was too damn pretty to be a lot lizard. She was Black with slanted eyes and one of the prettiest smiles you could ever want to see; her teeth were perfect, her nails were manicured and her hair was shoulder-length in the back and flipped up in the front. I could tell it was weave but it still looked good. Her nipples were also exposed; I think she had unfastened her bra before she came over to the side of my truck. It made her look even more slutty and I like that! The G-string she was wearing was the same color as her bra and she had an ass you could sit a glass on. I couldn’t see her camel-toe because she was standing on the runner of my truck with her arms on the window frame the whole time. I couldn’t open the door and I knew Bunny Rabbit would be there soon. I usually don’t like an ass that big but it still caught my attention. I didn’t see any stretch marks or scratches so I thought it really looked good. You’d think she was a cop instead of a lot lizard as good as she looked. That’s when she asked the ultimate question. “Do you

_________________________________________________ 28

Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— want some company tonight driver? I’m sure you need your dick sucked and you’re cute so it won’t cost you that much. I know you have a big dick and you can even have me and my girlfriend.” “Oh really?” I asked getting even more interested. “Yeah, she’s on party row right behind the truck stop in another truck. That bitch loves slim drivers; she says y’all slim drivers usually have the bigger dicks!” It was hard not to laugh as I said, “I don’t even know your name young lady.” “I’m sorry driver, they call me Soft and Wet. I’ll show you how I got that name if I can get in the truck with you. Then I’ll call my girlfriend; that’s if I can use your CB driver. She’ll come over here right away. Want me to call her?” “What’s her name?” I asked. “I’ll call her myself.” By then, Bunny Rabbit was on the CB screaming, “Get that bitch away from your truck or she’s gonna get her ass kicked!” I was caught off guard and hesitated to respond so she screamed, “Right now Night Crawler, don’t you fucking play with me; you got the wrong bitch nigga! I’ll fuck you and that bitch up, just try me. Unless that bitch is gonna fuck both of us then she can stay. You call it Night Crawler, show that bitch your big ass dick then tell her to call the other bitch so we can fuck the shit out of ‘em!” The lot lizard heard her and jumped off the side of the truck so I opened the door to call her back. “Hey Soft and Wet, or whatever the hell your name is. Come back, she was only trying to see if you do girls.” Bunny Rabbit was walking toward the truck waving for the lot lizard to stay but she couldn’t understand what she

_________________________________________________ 29

THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— was saying so Bunny Rabbit started calling her every curse word under the sun. She got in my truck then asked me why I let the bitch get away. I gave her that look that said, ‘Bitch, you did that shit and now you can’t get your pussy licked by a female!’ I climbed into the back of the truck and I turned on the television. I put on a scary movie and Bunny Rabbit joined me a few minutes later. I was laying on the bed mad because I wanted to see that shit go down. She must have realized I was mad because she got undressed and asked me to get on the CB and call Soft and Wet back to the truck. Like always, my ass grabbed the CB and called her back. Minutes later, she knocked on the side of the truck and Bunny Rabbit went to the window. “Night Crawler, this bitch is beautiful,” she said. “Can I let her in your truck?” “Bunny Rabbit, you can do anything you want sweetie; did she bring her friend with her?” “I don’t know!” she shot back. “Get your ass off the bed and see for yourself!” I went over to the window so I could peek out and saw the other girl almost three steps behind her. All I could see was her big ass gold earrings dangling and sparkling with every step she took. I told them to get in the truck and Bunny Rabbit moved to the back so they could get in. The other girl was smaller than Soft and Wet but she was a little thicker in the legs and her tits were easily a Double D. She had on Ralph Lauren boy-shorts that were a deep red with blue Polo symbols all over them. I looked closer and noticed her fat camel-toe; it

_________________________________________________ 30

Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— had to be almost an inch on both sides! That was it—these two bitches were fine as hell and my dick was rock-hard! I wanted to see some freaky shit so I told Soft and Wet to climb in the back because I knew her friend would follow. I stood with my ass against the dash so I could get a look at her friend’s ass as she scooted by me. Her boy-shorts were at least two inches up her ass and she was wearing deep blue stilettos with a gold ankle bracelet that read, ‘Bad bitch’ and the bitch was bad! Her tits wouldn’t stay in her bra so she let one hang out giving me a direct view of her tiny nipple. She had a band around her head that matched the color of her fingernails and toenails with her silky, black straight hair resting in the middle of her back. I always look at the eyelashes and they were hers. She wasn’t wearing any makeup which gave me a clear view of her light brown eyes and high cheekbones. She was Black but extremely light-skinned. I remember thinking, ‘I know this bitch can suck a good dick!’ Just looking at her plump jaws had me dying to get in her mouth but I had to play Bunny Rabbit’s game for the moment. Judging by the way she was looking at them both, I knew it was going to be hard for me to get to this bitch so I played it cool and asked a few questions to break the ice. “So what do they call you?” I asked the other lot lizard. “Jersey Girl,” she said. “What’s your handle?” “It’s Night Crawler.” “Oh, I heard you on the CB when my girl was at your truck. It sounds like you and your friend like to have fun.” “Well, I do but I’m just finding out that she does too!” Bunny Rabbit jumped in, “Night Crawler, you know I

_________________________________________________ 31

THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— like to have fun; I told you I like females too nigga! It ain’t no secret, a bitch can eat me all night but I’m not gonna eat these nasty bitches!” Jersey Girl rolled her eyes at Bunny Rabbit then turned to Soft and Wet and asked, “Are you ready to go?” Soft and Wet raised her finger to her mouth and nodded at the same time. “Not yet Jersey Girl, this bitch is fine and he is too. Look over that shit and let’s get it popping for the night—just chill!” Bunny Rabbit was already half-naked when they got settled in the back so Jersey Girl reached her hand out to touch her pussy. Stopping her, Bunny Rabbit asked, “Okay, how much is this shit gonna cost us?” “It won’t cost you nothing if you tell him to come back here with us,” Jersey Girl said. Bunny Rabbit looked up at me trying to look serious because of the two girls in the truck. “Night Crawler, are you gonna come back here with us?” she asked. “Yes, I’ll be back there; I wanna see you three get started first,” I said. Jersey Girl reached out again to touch her. Bunny Rabbit grabbed her hand and asked me if I had any hand sanitizer. I gave her some and she made Jersey Girl clean her hands then she grabbed her hand and put it back on her pussy. “Okay bitch, you can touch me now. And give that bitch some too; I don’t know where you two bitches been tonight!” I realized the shit was about to pop off when Jersey Girl got down on one knee and moved in closer. Bunny Rabbit spread her legs causing her pussy lips to open up for her to

_________________________________________________ 32

Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— get to it. That’s when Jersey Girl grabbed one of her legs and put it on her shoulder while Bunny Rabbit was standing up. Jersey Girl started sucking on Bunny Rabbit’s pussy lips and in no time she was gasping for breath. The shit hit the fan when Soft and Wet squatted behind Jersey Girl and pulled her G-string down. “Yeah bitch, that shit feels good!” Bunny Rabbit moaned but Jersey couldn’t say a word because her mouth was full of pussy. Bunny Rabbit began rolling her ass slowly at first then moved faster. Jersey Girl backed off softly thumping Bunny Rabbit’s clit with her fingernail. Bunny Rabbit was making faces that I had never seen a female make before. Jersey Girl thumped the clit harder and Bunny Rabbit seemed to like it even more than when she was eating her. “Get that shit bitch!” Bunny Rabbit screamed. “Make me cum dammit!” Jersey Girl yelled, “This shit is for you making me mad when I first got in the truck; you can take it bitch!” Soft and Wet moved closer to Bunny Rabbit then began sucking on her tits. Her tongue was moving so fast that she looked like a snake as she licked her nipple. “Let’s move to the bed,” Bunny Rabbit said barely able to catch her breath. Soft and Wet got on her knees and moved to the middle of the bed as Jersey Girl turned her ass to her then rolled on her back with her legs in the air and her pussy aimed at her friend’s face. She hung her head off the edge of the bed as a sign for Bunny Rabbit to come to her. Bunny Rabbit walked up and lowered her pussy on Jersey Girl’s face as Soft and

_________________________________________________ 33

THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— Wet slid her tongue into her. That shit was wild! All I could hear was smacking and humming; it was turning me on! I went over to suck Bunny Rabbits tits. She grabbed me by the back of my head and whispered, “This bitch is about to make me cum Night Crawler; grab her tits!” I did what she asked and Jersey moaned even louder— that made Bunny Rabbit squirm even more as her groans let me know she was cumming. I tried to grab Soft and Wet’s tits but I couldn’t reach her because she was too far away so I pulled my boxers down and climbed on the bed. Facing Soft and Wet and straddling Jersey Girl’s stomach, I waved my hard dick in her direction and she wrapped her mouth, still wet and warm mouth from eating Jersey Girl, around it. “Jersey Girl told me she thought you had a big-ass dick Night Crawler because you’re slim and the bitch was right, this shit is big!” Soft and Wet said. I really wasn’t paying her much attention because I had three bitches and I was in hog heaven! That’s when Jersey Girl slid from under me leaving Bunny Rabbit standing there and turned around to lick my nuts from the back. That shit felt so good! I held onto the wall of the truck as Bunny Rabbit moved beside me and began rubbing Soft and Wet’s pussy through her boy-shorts as she put her mouth on the head of my dick while Jersey Girl licked the shaft. Soft and Wet took my dick from the two of them and put it in her mouth—I almost went crazy! She was sucking me real fast as Bunny Rabbit pulled off her boy-shorts.

_________________________________________________ 34

Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— I had to find another position because nobody else was going to cum except me and Bunny Rabbit and I wasn’t quite ready. I wanted to fuck every one of them and I wasn’t going to stop until I did. I stopped Jersey Girl and guided them into a position so they could eat each other but Bunny Rabbit wasn’t going for it. I told her to lay on the bed while Soft and Wet and Jersey Girl both went down on her. That’s when it went down! I grabbed a condom, put it on my dick and tried fucking Jersey Girl but it wouldn’t go in—the bitch felt like a virgin. What she said next explained everything. “No Night Crawler, I don’t want you like that; I only do girls and suck dick. I’ve never had a dick inside me—that shit looks like it hurts too bad!” I wanted to fuck her but I couldn’t; I had to respect her even if she was a whore. Everything suddenly got quiet so I went to the next step switching their asses around so I could fuck Soft and Wet. I quickly realized that was a good plan because she was all for it. She stood up and looked at me as she slapped herself on the ass then bent over to eat Jersey Girl. I rubbed my dick over her asshole slapping it on my way to her pussy. “Mm hmm Night Crawler, put that big dick inside me baby,” she sighed. She was tighter than I thought she would be but not as wet even after Jersey Girl had warmed her up. I could tell she fucked a lot but I was still going to fuck her; I couldn’t let all of this pussy get away! I dropped into her slowly and she reached back to keep me from going too deep. I thought after a while she would

_________________________________________________ 35

THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— get used to it but it never happened. I realized I wasn’t going to cum so I decided to leave her alone and get with Bunny Rabbit—at least I knew she could make me cum. I motioned for Bunny Rabbit to come closer so I could fuck her. She nodded toward my dick then look back at me with a smirk as an indication for me to change the condom. The other two were so busy eating pussy that they didn’t see her so I quickly changed it. Once I was ready, Bunny Rabbit didn’t hesitate to push Jersey Girl from between her legs. Jersey Girl asked, “What are you doing?” “I want some dick bitch; you can eat that other bitch if you want to but let me up!” Bunny Rabbit snapped. “But we didn’t cum yet!” Soft and Wet said. “It’s time for you bitches to go anyway,” Bunny Rabbit said. “We have to go to sleep so hurry up and make her cum so y’all can dip! My nigga wants to cum too so I’ll take care of him. You bitches can’t seem to get him off and y’all do this shit every day!” “Oh, so it’s like that, huh?” Jersey Girl grunted. “Yeah bitch, it’s just like that!” Bunny Rabbit said. They licked each other for about another half hour because they were really into it. I fucked Bunny Rabbit until I came and then she kicked them out of the truck. I lay on the bed as she came over for me to fuck her some more but this time I wasn’t feeling it so we just cuddled instead. Bunny Rabbit never said another word about the lot lizards. Lying there with her head on my chest as we watched the movie, she kept jumping from all of the scary scenes. “This feels good; I really miss it,” Bunny Rabbit said. Enjoying her cuddled up next to me, I replied, “Yeah, I

_________________________________________________ 36

Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— guess it is pretty nice.” Then she looked up at me and asked, “Is it okay if we don’t have anymore sex tonight?” “But you wanted it a little while ago,” I said. “Yeah, but I changed my mind; it is a woman’s prerogative you know.” “You mean I gotta wait until morning,” I teased. “Yeah, when it turns daylight,” Bunny Rabbit joked. “I’m all for it!” She fell asleep holding my dick in her hand. It was hard for a while but it went down once I took my mind off of it. I wanted to touch her so bad but I couldn’t, I was trying to be a good boy so I went to sleep too.

_________________________________________________ 37

THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ————————————————————————

I MADE IT to the room and put my beer in the mini refrigerator then sat at the table to watch the Discovery Channel. I watched for a couple of hours until I was on my fifth beer. By then, I was bored and started flipping through the channels until I found a good movie on USA. It was only a little after midnight so I didn’t think anything would be on but surprisingly I found a good movie. I laid across the bed to watch it then jumped when somebody knocked on the door. I sat my beer down then got up to answer the door. I looked out the window and saw the girl from the room next door standing outside. She surprised the hell out of me! A big-ass smile popped on my face. When I opened the door, she walked in and sat on the love seat. It felt like something was wrong with her and I wanted to know what it was—I had to find out. I walked over and stood in front of her but she didn’t even flinch. I thought she would at least jump because she didn’t know a thing about me but she didn’t. I took her by the hand as she looked up at me with tears in her eyes then gave me the other one. “What’s your name beautiful? “My name is Karmyn,” she said. “What is yours?”

_________________________________________________ 38

Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— “I’m Terrance, Karmyn; why are you crying?” “I am really sorry to come to your room with my problems but there is nobody around here that I wanted to talk to until I saw you at the bar. I knew you had just got your room because I never see you in the bar and this room was empty before. I see you walking from the store so I watched you walk into your room and then I see you at the bar. You look like someone that would understand and listen to me but if you don’t want to hear it I can understand and I will go next door and try talking to you later.” “No, I’m cool with it. You can say whatever you want; I’d love to listen to you.” What she didn’t know was I’d been waiting on her anyway so I was glad to hear anything she had to say. “Go ahead Karmyn, say what’s on your mind,” I said. “I’m all ears.” “I have been here for a while without nobody. This is the most boring time of my life, all I do is work, eat, sleep and take showers. Sometimes I go to the bar, drink four beers and walk back to my boring room to watch television.” “Where are you from Karmyn?” “I am from Germany, that is where I was born and grow up in. My mother is German and my father, well he’s from the United States—he is Black. I love them both very much but they want me to come home and not work because they are very wealthy. They had me too spoiled and I got tired of doing nothing. They give me anything I want but I want to do it for myself so I came here and I am alone here.” “So I guess your parents are worried about you, huh?” “My mother she wants to send me a plane ticket to come

_________________________________________________ 39

THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— home but I don’t want to go now. I am tired of her pressuring me about it—I am old enough to be on my own. I am RN at the hospital about eight miles away from here so I can do for myself. I call the shuttle driver every morning to take me to work and he come back to pick me up but I don’t do nothing after that. I’m glad you spoke to me at the bar, nobody really talk much to me. I don’t understand why but they don’t.” “Karmyn, maybe the people around here are just scared of you, have you looked in the mirror lately? Some guys are scared of a beautiful woman and that’s exactly what you are so don’t worry about people not talking to you, that should be the least of your worries.” “Thanks Terrance,” she said. I tried to take her mind off of it by asking, “How long have you been growing your hair it’s beautiful.” “To answer the question, yes I do look in the mirror all the time but I can’t find nothing wrong with me except one eyebrow is cut a little smaller than the other but I can have that fixed. I know I don’t talk good like everybody but that should not be a reason. My hair, I don’t think it is in the way of me meeting a man is it? I have been growing my hair all my life but I keep it very long. I am really tired of it and I want to cut it, it is very hard to handle.” “You’re right, there’s nothing wrong with you.” I said. “You’re beautiful and that in itself is what guys are scared of; no guy wants to be embarrassed.” “But I am nothing like that Terrance.” “To you you’re not but to other people, it’s hard to approach you.”

_________________________________________________ 40

Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— “Why were you not scared to talk to me?” “I don’t think like everybody else Karmyn, I’ve never been scared to talk to anyone.” “That’s good Terrance, I hope I have a good friend here; I really need someone right now.” “You have a friend as long as you want Karmyn. Now calm down, I’m here for you.” Karmyn stood up and gave me a hug. I think it was the best hug I’ve ever had. She was as soft as cotton, her scent was all over the room and now it was on me. I wanted her to stay forever just like this, with her in my arms. It was going to be a great day for the both of us. I could feel her tension and I felt like I had to do something about it so I moved her arms from around me even though I didn’t want to. Then she stood back and stared at me without a word—her eyes were like glass. That blew my mind because she was much prettier standing in my room than in the bar. I remembered the Discovery Channel was playing in the bar and she seemed to enjoy the animals so I just left it. I was trying to cheer her up by watching something she liked. She sat there for a while then kicked off her shoes. I took that as a sign that she was starting to relax so I lay on the bed on my stomach with a pillow under my chin while she sat on the loveseat. I wanted to sit with her so bad I almost jumped off the bed but I kept it cool. I could feel her eyes on me every time I turned to look at television. I could tell she wanted to lay on the bed with me because she was getting comfortable in my room and she started to lay back on the love seat. “Karmyn, why don’t you come lay on the bed with me; I know that loveseat is getting uncomfortable. I won’t bite—I

_________________________________________________ 41

THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— promise.” “Okay,” she said then got up to go to the bathroom. I was curious to see where things would go but I didn’t want to get caught up too soon. When she came out of the bathroom, she walked over and joined me on the bed and my heart almost skipped a beat. She was laying on her stomach the same way I was. I noticed she didn’t have a pillow so I grabbed one for her. I looked down to see her ass sticking up and her skirt hiked higher than before but she never moved or pulled it down. That shit was looking good! I looked over at her and once again she was staring at me with dry tears on her face. I jumped up to wet a towel with warm water then wiped away the traces of her sadness. As she looked into my eyes in silence, there was no mistaking her gratitude. It was turning out the way I wanted and I think she felt the same way. She was finally able to relax and I was loving every minute of it. I wasn’t letting this girl get away; this is where she belonged. I asked if everything was okay and she quickly replied, “Yes, I am fine; as a matter of a fact I am perfect. I haven’t relax like this in a very long time. You made my day and I thank you for that Terrance. You can let me know when you are going to sleep and I will go back to my boring room next door.” “I’m fine, you can stay as long as you want,” I said. “I’m starting to get a little hungry; you wanna go get something to eat from the bar?” “We can go to get take out. I am enjoy laying here with you right now so don’t spoil it Terrance.”

_________________________________________________ 42

Tony L. Jordan ———————————————————————— “Yes ma’am,” I teased. “What do you want?” She told me what she wanted and I called in our order. I was told the food would be ready in thirty minutes and they would even deliver it to the room for me. That was a good thing because I didn’t want to let her out of my sight. I laid next to her on the bed. She was pretending not to look at me with her head turned toward the television but I could tell by looking at the mirror that her eyes were locked on me. I went along with her game pretending that I didn’t see her. Then I jumped up and said, “Boo!” She was so scared that she almost fell off the bed. “You scare me bad!” she screamed as she pinched me really hard. I flinched as I shouted, “That shit hurt—for real!” She chuckled as she rubbed the spot she pinched then in a patronizing tone said, “Poor baby.” I didn’t know how to take her at first but the longer she stayed in my room, the closer we became. It felt like I already knew her but, of course, that wasn’t possible. It didn’t matter because she was in my room and it felt like the beginning of something good; I could feel it. My heart was beating overtime and I liked it—I was in hog heaven. We sat there for a while. I didn’t want to try anything— hold up—yes the hell I did but I couldn’t. After we finished eating, Karmyn asked if it was okay for her to take a shower. When I said it was, she went next door to get a fresh change of clothes. I was surprised that she wanted to take a shower in my room when she could have easily taken one in her own room but I was more interested in seeing where it would lead.

_________________________________________________ 43

THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE ———————————————————————— She was back in a flash with her clothes and a towel. “Is this okay?” she asked. “I want to spend some time here and I do not want to go outside in the cold air after the shower.” “That’s cool, make yourself at home,” I said. She headed to the bathroom and the next thing I heard was the running water. I tried not to dwell on it but my dick was hard as a rock just thinking about the naked Goddess just a few feet away. Once she was done with her shower, Karmyn came out of the bathroom wearing only a purple v-neck t-shirt and her panties. I couldn’t believe how sexy she looked; it took everything I had not to fuck her right then and there! I decided it was best to go take a shower too because I definitely needed to cool off. As I stood up, I hoped Karmyn wouldn’t notice the squirming snake in my pants; I didn’t want to scare her off but my buddy was more than ready for some sweet German pussy! The shower was just what I needed to get my hormones under control. My dick was determined not to give in but the cold water finally put him back to sleep. When I walked out of the bathroom, Karmyn was laying across the bed watching television so I joined her. We laid there long enough for her to fall asleep. I tried my best not to look but it was too obvious; my eyes were already there. Trying to be respectful, I pulled the covers over her and watched her lying there peacefully; I thought she was even more beautiful in her sleep. I wanted to kiss her everywhere but I decided to play the role of a good guy hoping there would be another time to fulfill my fantasy. I let her sleep and spent most of the night watching her.

_________________________________________________ 44

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