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Meet Author Amelia Griggs

Amelia and her mom

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Self-published author creates a fun children’s series Thinking of self-publishing a book? Author Amelia Griggs’ shares her latest journey into how she turned her fun, part-time hobby into a full-time passion. “I always loved to write for as long as I can remember,” says Amelia. However, back when she was growing up, writing and art was thought of as more of a hobby than a career. “Even as a child, I loved writing stories and drawing pictures. In addition to writing, I loved reading poems, especially ones that contained rhymes. I even saved stories that I wrote as a child, hoping that I could turn them into books someday.” “My background is actually in computer science,” she says. After years developing training manuals, she decided to write her Microsoft Office How-To Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts series. After that, she decided to try something more fun and creative. Her newest endeavor is an exciting one: a series of children’s books based on personal memories of cooking and baking with her mother, creating homemade goodies together. “My mother and I were always making something homemade and that’s what I based these books around, making it fun and exciting for kids using my love for rhyming.” Amelia also includes a recipe in the back of her books so parents can recreate the homemade recipes with their own children. It’s interactive and fun, reading about the excitement of her characters Bella and Mia and their adventures. This children’s series is designed to foster love within families by promoting fun activities with parent and child. In the first book Silly Willy Apple Cake, Bella and Mia go apple picking and create a delectable apple cake. The second book, Squishy Wishy Meatballs includes a homemade Italian meatball recipe. And the third book in the series, Snowflakes with Sugar, is based on her family’s tradition of baking pizzelles every holiday season. Coloring and activity books are also in the works! Now inspired by her success as a self-published author, Amelia wants to share all she has learned with aspiring authors to help them accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams. She is planning on creating a series of books and videos to help others with the self-publishing and marketing process. “I want to share all the knowledge I’ve acquired through this process with other writers,” Amelia says. “I have so much information that will help others who are considering self-publishing.” Amelia recently transitioned from full-time to freelance. Working as a freelance instructional designer and eLearning developer allows her to have a more flexible schedule for family/work balance, and devote more time to self-publishing, marketing, and of course, writing! To check out more about Amelia and find out about all the exciting projects she has in the works, follow her on Instagram: “ameliagwrites” and on her author page: www.amazon.com/author/ameliagriggs. For more info or to hire Amelia to help you get started with self-publishing, contact her at ameliagriggs@gmail.com. febr uar y 2020 •

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Bella Magazine February 2020  

The regional magazine for all women of Southwest & Central Virginia... and beyond

Bella Magazine February 2020  

The regional magazine for all women of Southwest & Central Virginia... and beyond

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