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Care Skincare

Years of experience in the global beauty industry and as a consumer taught the founders of Care Skincare that skincare is often being overcomplicated, overpriced and full of ingredients that do more harm than good. Equipped with a deep knowledge of what actually works, they set out to cut through the noise. The result is Care—a curated line of essentials designed to deliver outstanding results, with minimal daily effort and no beauty BS. Their products are ideal for this time of year! Learn more at www.careskincare.com

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Bonblissity Hand Scrubs

Big moisture in a tiny package! These single-use, candy-wrapped solid hand scrubs from Bonblissity are super handy in a pinch—there’s no mess, no jars, and nothing else quite like them. Grab, unwrap, and massage onto skin with a touch of water. Sweet + Single Candy Scrub turns into a 3-in-1 lotion, leaving skin silky soft and exfoliated. Single-use packaging made from biodegradable cellulose helps keep dirt and germs out for a fresh batch of goodness every time. www.bonblissity.com

Eco Lips Lip+Cheek Balm

Looking for a pop of color without the additives? Eco Lips is a multi-tasking vegan beauty balm. It has a smooth lightweight formula that delivers natural color to lips and cheeks while imparting a soft, smooth finish. Organic jojoba, coconut oil and organic Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa butter moisturize and protect while leaving behind a fresh hibiscus scent. Made with non-toxic earth minerals, Red Lip + Cheek Tint works with many skin tones. Simply apply to cheeks and blend with pads of your fingers! www.ecolips.com

EFF This! Meditation

You already know you should meditate, and that meditation will make you happier and healthier... but you’re tired and irritated, and every time you try to meditate, your mind races and you can’t stop thinking about your to-do list. Sound familiar? Turn to EFF This! Meditation: 108 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for When You’re Stressed Out, Anxious, or Overwhelmed by meditation teacher and sought-after global keynote speaker, Liza Kindred. www.effthismeditation.com

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Bella Magazine February 2020  

The regional magazine for all women of Southwest & Central Virginia... and beyond

Bella Magazine February 2020  

The regional magazine for all women of Southwest & Central Virginia... and beyond

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