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Forms and conventions in which my magazine develops and uses to challenge real media products

Masthead Like many other magazines the masthead is at the top of the magazine in a bold, bright font to attract attention to of the consumer. I noticed that most magazine have different types of graphics to go with their mastheads, like KERRANG for example, the masthead font has a cracked design. I also noticed that the masthead is generally less attention grabbing than the main cover on most magazines so I kept the size a bit smaller.

Left third I placed the lead article, and another interesting main article in the left third, along with some graphics and the beginning of the masthead. This is the most seen part of the magazine as when it is on the shelf's it is the only thing a consumer can see in shops, so it is important to make it attention grabbing and interesting.

Interesting left Third with all but One main article On the right side

• Barcode-issue-price I placed the barcode issue number and price in the bottom right hand corner as this is the most commonly used to place it, I also thought that it would be a good idea, to keep it on the opposite side of the left third, so that the consumer would decide they wanted to buy the magazine to read the articles before they saw the price.

• Subheading The subheading is underneath the masthead (main heading) as it is a subheading of the heading! Which NME a potential rival to my magazine has also done. • Main image The main image represents the house style; indie rock that I wanted my magazine to represent. The pose, clothing, tattoos and piercings are all aimed to appeal to my target audience.

Representing particular social groups

Image is everything. I'm my magazine I have presented my singer as a typical tough guy rock on the front cover, which reflects the Genre of music he sings, I tried to make this clear by the facial expressions, pose and what he is wearing. All of these things contributed in the goal of attracting the target audience into purchasing and reading the magazine. But then on the double page spread the photos are more calm and relaxed to show that his personality isn't always a reflection of his music. For example, this cover for the rolling stones Is created to appeal to a target audience who Are interested in music, politics, and popular culture And john Lennon and Yoko Ono were very involved With the politics of war, John Lennon was a musician And was a part of popular culture, so would appeal to The target audience.

My magazine is aimed at a target audience who like Indie Rock music

Reader Profile Like Rock/Indie Genre of music Like tattoos and piercings

Young people aged 16-19

Enjoy festivals and gigs Aimed at girls/women Like keeping up with new music

I used graphics to achieve the look that I wanted.

I wanted my magazine To look authentic and by Adding the graphics, I Think It doesn’t look as plain and by doing this it looks more professional. Plus they go well with the Desired house style.

I decided on a colour Scheme of black red And white as they are Unisex colours And go with the house Style.

Appealing to the target audience • In my magazine I have included elements which appeal to my target audiences lifestyles values and aspirations by – • Advertising festivals and offering tips • Gig lists • And the latest music in the charts

Survey Monkey results

Survey Monkey results Results; 85.7% of people thought the Magazine was unisex 85.8% thought the magazine was Suitable for people aged 16-25 71.4% would purchase the magazine 42.9% would like to see more photos 100% of people agree with the gender Of the cover model.

During this media work I have learnt more skills using computers and photoshop tools including how to make “colour pop” images. And how to use the “lasso tool” effectively. I have also learnt how to use my blog effectively and how to represent my work in a professional and organised way. During production of my music magazine I used Facebook as a port hole To get honest and quick feedback from people who viewed my magazine, This helped me change or adjust any good points that were pointed out to me So I could make the necessary improvements.

Have I improved? Looking back at the beginning of this project and looking at the end results now, I think that I have improved my efficiency, organising and computer (especially Photoshop) skills. I have also gained a lot of useful tips and website that will come in handy with other projects. I think that if I get a good result for this project then I would love to carry onto doing A2 media, as I have enjoyed the challenges and satisfaction of finishing a project. AS media has confirmed my passion for media and being creative.



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