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Welcome to the Beckers Group. To respond to the multiple challenges of a fast changing world, the paint industry must innovate – in materials, technology and design. To prosper, it must combine commercial viability with environmental sustainability. As a leading global supplier to the coil industry, the Beckers Group is firmly focused on these objectives. We command key positions in special coatings for the agricultural, construction and earthmoving-equipment markets, and in design finishes for the smartphone, mobile computing and lifestyle sectors. Founded on proud traditions dating back almost 150 years, the company has made impressive progress, from local paint shop to today’s international Beckers Group. With currently 20 production sites in 16 countries, and representation and service in many others, we offer global reach. Operating on four continents, we can provide person­alized service matched by world-class expertise – wherever our customers may be.

At Beckers, the customer always comes first. We believe success demands a team effort: to succeed, our custom­ ers must succeed. It’s about partnership and trust. It’s about support at every level, personal and local. The quality, consistency and durability of our products and technical solutions are a critical element in ensuring our customers’ success on the fiercely competitive global market. Striving for continuous improvement, we aim to meet and hopefully exceed customer expectations, providing superior prod­ ucts that offer consistent performance throughout the world. We believe our focus on the environment, sustainability and innovation, and a determination to attract, develop and retain the best people, is helping us maintain our compet­ itive edge. We manufacture, market and distribute paint – but are much more than a supplier. We are your partner.

Dr. Boris Gorella CEO Beckers Group

Beckers Group is a global industrial coatings company. The privately-owned Group is active in three business segments – Coil Coatings, Special Coatings and Consumer Design Finishes – with operations spanning four continents.

The story of Beckers started in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1865, when German chemist Carl Wilhelm Becker open­ed his paint shop. Since then, this one-man business has grown into the Beckers Group, a global oper­ ation with leading positions in coil coatings, special coatings and consumer design finishes. Beckers is a subsidiary of Lindéngruppen AB, which is owned by Jenny Lindén Urnes. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the company reports current turnover of about USD 700 million, with some 1,700 employees worldwide. A key supplier to the coil industry, Beckers also serves the building, transport and defence sectors, as well as manufacturers of lifestyle appliances and agricultural, con­struc­ tion and earthmoving (ACE) equipment. The company is

Beckers production sites

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also a leading innovator in finishes for mobile phones and other electronic devices, developed by its Consumer Design Finishes (CDF) unit. Beckers’ international organization enables global coordi­ nation, ensuring consistent product standards and secure economies of scale. Alert to the latest technical requirements and market trends, Beckers’ R&D and product design teams are endlessly flexible and innovative, with sustainability – concerning coatings as well as production processes – as a core strategy. We believe in a values-based work culture founded on drive and passion, trust and integrity, a business and customer focused approach and joint commitment to a common goal.

Coil Coatings Our versatile finishes are paint足ing a bright future. As a world足wide leading supplier of coil coatings, the Beckers Group track record speaks for itself.

Coil coatings are liquid paints that can be applied to con­ tinuous steel or aluminium strip before it is formed into components. End-products range from composite panels and roofing to washing machines and auto parts. Coil coat­ ings are cured in seconds and re-coiled for delivery to the end-user. Adaptable all-rounders Flexible, durable, colourfast and multi-resistant, Beckers coil coatings are designed for survival in the toughest conditions – indoor or outdoor. They can be made corrosion, abrasion, scratch or UV resistant, antibacterial, self-clean­ ing or thermally reflective. As well as creating new markets for sheet metal, the coil coating process minimizes environmental impact. Waste paint is almost eliminated, while excess solvent can be incinerated to generate energy for the curing ovens. Leadership through innovation Beckers collaborates with coil coaters, architects, design­ ers, product specifiers and their partners throughout the world. Many of our most innovative products derive from close cooperation with individual customers. Others are the result of extended research by our specialist teams at the Long Term Development Group. Our state-of-the-art factories and laboratories create a comprehensive portfolio of products, backed by informed and flexible local support: Beckry® topcoats, primers, backing-coats and clear coats, as well as adhesives and assistance with repairs and touch-ups.

Expanding vision We helped pioneer coil coatings in Europe as early as the 1960s. Experience has taught us what customers want and need: smart sustainable coatings that offer multi-cap­ ability in a single system. Our coatings lower costs, reduce energy consumption, cut waste and enhance the market value of the end product. Promising innovations include UV curing and coatings derived from bio-sourced raw materials. These sustainable developments are essential both in the short-term – and to the long-term development of the industry. We are on the job.

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Special Coatings Beckers Group has successfully supplied coatings to the ACE sector for generations.

Special coatings for special applications These high-performance liquid coatings are designed to protect a wide variety of metal and plastic substrates. They have to survive in the most demanding environments, to withstand heat, cold, wet, chemicals and abrasion. Not just tough, they must look good too. Offering excellent gloss and colour retention and a high degree of corrosion resistance, they even help end-users maximize resale value and minimize repair costs. Compatible with all major application technologies, they are available in all colours and gloss levels. They cut costs too. The latest advances mean fewer coats, improved transfer efficiency, reduced energy consumption and shorter handling times, without compromising perfor­ mance or appearance. Increasingly, our raw materials are sustainably sourced and we are minimizing VOC emis­ sions from waterborne and high solids products. We dig deep to provide the best protective surfaces Beckers has long supplied coatings to the Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving (ACE) sector. Equipment components vary from heavy cast and forged steel parts to much lighter pressed steel fabrications and thermoplastic mouldings. Extreme demands on adaptability and overall performance are the norm. Only the best will do. Our advanced technology paints meet or exceed the require­ments of most train manufacturers. High-tech and globally respected customers such as Alstom signal our leadership in this field.

We are a major supplier to the automotive industry, prob­ ably the most demanding sector in terms of colour matching. To assure a perfect match, the finish is scrutinized from five different angles, using different light sources. Exhaustive durability tests replicate conditions experienced at differ­ ing locations on the vehicle. ‘Good enough’ is never an option. We also have a deep understanding of the specific demands of the defence industry. Not just its standard requirements for corrosion protection and colour and gloss retention, but additional requirements to meet infra-red reflectance and chemical agent-resistance specifications. We have the specialist knowledge to succeed.

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Consumer Design Finishes Transforming devices into the lifestyle products of tomorrow.

For the modern consumer, choosing the colour or feel of a product goes beyond personal preference: making the choice a lifestyle and fashion statement. The product becomes an extension of individual or corporate identity. If it looks right and feels right, an essentially mundane piece of equipment can achieve iconic status. The Consumer Design Finishes (CDF) unit creates highly innovative coatings for the fast-changing and trend-driven consumer market. Beckers coatings are help­ing transform mobile phones and smartphones, notebooks and tablets as well as lifestyle applicances into must-have accessories. Beckers is so much more than paint. In the ultra-competitive consumer electronics market, innovation, customization and timing are everything. We support our customers at every stage of the supply chain, from trend analysis to mass production. Predicting future trends CDF strives for a pro-active approach, to reach design driven customers with “a step ahead” inspiration. Defining a trend is both a science and an art. It is about empathy, insight, analytical ability and, of course, aesthetics. First and foremost, it’s about understanding people. At the Beckers design studios, our trend analysts, colour stylists and paint chemists work together to give customers the edge in their brand marketing. We may not actually be able to predict the future, but we can certainly point in the right direction.

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Research and Development We help develop customers’ business through constant innovation.

Engine of innovation The Long Term Development Group A future-oriented organization, Beckers develops innovative coatings that anticipate industrial and consumer trends and legislation. Our products, processes and practices are geared to future potential as well as current success. An engine of innovation within the Beckers Group, the Long Term Development (LTD) Group comprises two Centres of Excellence in the UK and Malaysia. These key resources develop new processes and performance testing techniques as well as new products. In seeking to develop better and more sustainable products, the LTD Group addresses fundamental questions about the mechanics of adhesion, curing efficiency, the effect of environmental conditions on formability and degradation through weathering. Our innovation strategy focuses on efficiency, the environment and energy conservation. Our research teams are dedicated to reducing environmental impact, improving performance and extending durability. To meet the market’s increasingly stringent demands, we are developing prod­ ucts with better gloss retention, improved light fastness and a harder finish, without compromising flexibility. Through raw material optimization, improved paint coverage and novel energy-saving curing processes, our R&D teams are also helping cut customers’ costs.

Some pioneer products Coil Coatings •  BeckryTherm – thermo-control systems  Durable coatings that keep roofing profiles and wall cladding cooler in warmer climates. In colder climates, the receptive topcoats absorb solar energy, enabling direct solar heating of air or water inside the building. •  BeckryPrim – chromate-free primers A range of primers for steel and aluminium that offers proven exterior corrosion resistance. •  BeckryTex – weather resistant coating  A flexible low gloss anti-reflective coating, especially suitable for roofing. Special Coatings •  Beckqua®prim & Beckqualack – chromate-free water­ borne primers Designed to extend the life of customers’ products. Do not affect recyclability of the metal and plastic substrates that they protect. •  BeckrySol Ultra 2K – very high solids solvent-borne single-coat finish  Outstanding protection with very low environmental impact. Consumer Design Finishes •  Complete CDF “waterborne” paint cycle. Comprising a basecoat and topcoat, this paint cycle is for household appliances, mobile and computing devices and sporting goods. This complete solution offers a 60–70% reduction in the carbon footprint of the end-product.

Sustain足ability Protecting the environment is not just a social responsibility, it is part of our strategy.

Environmentally responsible For Beckers, sustainability is not only a social responsibility: it is a business necessity. Developing sustainable coat­ings, processes and operations minimizes the environmental impact and creates tremendous opportunities for customers to gain a decisive competitive advantage. We believe this commitment to sustainable solutions will ensure long-term commercial success. “It is one of our goals to be the most sustainable industrial coatings company in the world,” states Dr. Boris Gorella, CEO of Beckers Group. We have formalized our vision for the production of sustain­ able coatings as follows. They shall: •  contain no mined materials that are scarce in nature, shall be free from persistent substances and shall use renewable raw materials. •  be manufactured and transported using renewable energy and with production and packaging based on recycling and without emissions •  cause no environmental or health hazards and improve their users’ quality of life. However big you want to become, though, you have to start small. The rainwater harvesting project at our site in Goa, India (see photo), is a good example of how a small change can make a big difference. During 2012, this project reduced water consumption at the site by 23%, compared to the 2011 level. No less than 15% of the Indian water consumption is harvested rainwater.

BeckryMix – sustainable on-site batch mixing The BeckryMix system is a typically innovative Beckers solution for sustainable production. It enables fast, flexible mixing, producing the precise required amounts. The closed-system design reduces the need for cleaning and virtually eliminates excess mixed paint. Emissions are minimized and heavy lifting no longer required. Customers enjoy a broad range of environmental benefits: reduced paint wastage, recycling of surplus quantities and the choice of a wide range of pigments, including chrome and lead-free systems.

Performance Culture As a global organization we offer opportunities for continuous devel足opment to our employees.

Leadership and expertise With production sites and representation in many parts of the world, Beckers is a global organization with a multi­ national workforce. Our employees and most of our man­ agers are recruited locally, comfortable with the cultural and business traditions of their regional markets. Close proximity to the customer is one of our central principles. No matter how global we become, local knowledge remains essential.

Growth and development We believe in recruiting talent from a range of back­ grounds, featuring an exciting mix of mindsets, skills and experience. Every newcomer should feel right at home. And we want to remain an employer of choice for current employees. Our people are our greatest resource and most valuable asset – which is why we invest heavily in personal and career development. A career with Beckers involves accepting responsibility from day one, a willingness to share ideas and see the bigger picture – locally and globally.

Ownership and commitment Having an ownership attitude means thinking like a business owner, acting responsibly and sustainably. This encourages our staff to be accountable for their actions and emphasizes on how to do things right. Strong leadership, ambitious objectives, employee em­ pow­er­ment, team spirit and a commensurate reward system define our corporate culture. Going the extra mile is part of our performance culture and demonstrates our commitment to success.

Vision and Strategy

Operational Plans and Budget

Business Strategies

Beckers Group Vision

Our Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

From left to right: Dr. Karsten Eller, Aleksander Sasim, Paul Menezes, Christian Vogel, Dr. Boris Gorella, Dr. Christian Kober, Oliver Dahms, Olivier Laune, Christophe Sabas.

Founding a solid future Global organizations offer dynamic and stimulating work environments. Although it can be busy and hectic at times, it is important to bear in mind what keeps us all together: a common code of values and ethics, a code we at Beckers share with our employees and partners. Like any organization, these values and ethics must start at home. For Beckers Group, this ‘home’ is the platform for our future development. We strive to live our company values drive and passion, trust and integrity, business mindedness, customer focus, unified and working together and to implement a clearly-­defined policy of Corporate Social Responsibility. These are the fundamental values underpinning our cor­ porate vision. Overall, we believe openness and a frank exchange of ideas is the surest route to true collaboration and creative harmony. We strive to become industry leader and to significantly increase business volume over the next decade. We shall achieve this by providing exceptional customer service with global reach, based on a performance culture driven by technical innovation, sustainable production and a broad and intuitive understanding of market needs.

A creative mix The Group management team features an exceptional mix of technical, marketing and creative expertise. This mix reflects the demands of an industry that is equally dependent on aesthetic, technological and market insight. Truly multinational, the members of the management team have lived and worked all over the world, contributing the added benefit of cultural diversity. Alert to the challenges and opportunities of a changing world, the Beckers team is ready for the future. Led by Dr. Boris Gorella, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Beckers Group management team comprises the follow­ing senior executives: Dr. Karsten Eller, Chief Operat­ ing Officer (COO); Olivier Laune, Chief Financial Officer (CFO); Oliver Dahms, Director Human Resources; Christophe Sabas, President Europe & Africa; Aleksander Sasim, President North America; Paul Menezes, President South Asia Pacific & Middle East; Christian Vogel, President Consumer Design Finishes and Dr. Christian Kober, President Greater China.

We build partnerships throughout the world.

Beckers Group Global Headquarters

Beckers Group Sites

Wilh. Becker Holding GmbH Kurfürstendamm 57 10707 Berlin, Germany Phone: +49 30 770 19 07 10 Fax: +49 30 770 19 07 29

Bangladesh Berger Becker Bangladesh Limited “Berger House” House #8, Road #2, Sector #3 Uttara Model Town Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh Phone: +88 02 8953665 Fax: +88 02 895 1350

Beckers Group Regional Head Offices Beckers Group Consumer Design Finishes (CDF) Kurfürstendamm 57 10707 Berlin, Germany Phone: +49 30 770 19 07 10 Fax: +49 30 770 19 07 29 Beckers Group North America Becker Specialty Corporation 2526 Delta Lane Elk Grove Village IL, 60007, USA Phone: +1 847 766 3555 Fax: +1 84 766 3595 info-beckerspecialty@ Beckers Group Europe & Africa 3 Rue des Roseaux Verts ZAC des Granges 42600 Montbrison, France Phone: +33 4 77 96 70 66 Fax: +33 4 77 96 70 70 Beckers Group Greater China Becker Industrial Coatings (Shanghai) Ltd 100 Jiangtian East Road Songjiang Industrial Zone Shanghai 201600, China Phone: +86 21 577 43 788 Fax: +86 21 577 46 581 Beckers Group South Asia Pacific & Middle East (SAPME) Becker Industrial Coatings (M) Sdn Bhd No. 3 & 5, Jalan Anggerik Mokara 31/54 Section 31, Kota Kemuning 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia Phone: +60 3 51 22 75 40 Fax: +60 3 51 22 75 42

China Becker Industrial Coatings (Shanghai) Ltd 100 Jiangtian East Road Songjiang Industrial Zone Shanghai 201600, China Phone: +86 21 577 43 788 Fax: +86 21 577 46 581 Becker Industrial Coatings (Guangzhou) Ltd No. 1 Xinzhuang 5th Road Yonghe Economic Zone Guangzhou Economic & Technological Development District Guangzhou 511356, China Phone: +86 20 3222 1888 Fax: +86 20 3222 1883 Beckers High Performance Coatings (Tianjin) Ltd 32 Luyuan Road Wuqing Economic & Technology Development District Tianjin 301700, China Phone: +86 22 59 62 2818 Fax: +86 22 59 26 28 20 France Becker Industrie 40 rue du Champ de Mars - BP34 42601 Montbrison Cedex, France Phone: +33 4 77 96 70 50 Fax: +33 4 77 96 70 70 Becker Industrie ZI la Longenelle Nord 2 rue Edouard Follens 59750 Feignies, France Phone: +33 3 27 39 08 11 Fax: +33 3 27 39 95 87 Germany Becker Industrielack GmbH Norfer Str. 3 41539 Dormagen, Germany Phone: +49 21 33 5010 Fax: +49 21 33 50 12 89

Great Britain Becker Industrial Coatings Ltd Goodlass Road, Speke Liverpool L24 9HJ, Great Britain Phone: +44 151 448 10 10 Fax: +44 151 448 25 00

South Africa Becker Industrial Coatings (Pty) Ltd 105 Houtkop Road, Duncanville PO Box 1305 Vereeniging 1930, South Africa Phone: +27 16 428 4011 Fax: +27 16 428 2711

India Berger Becker Coatings Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 114, Pilerne Industrial Estate Post Saligao-Goa-403511, India Phone: +91 832 2407 103/104/107 Fax: +91 832 2407 106

Sweden Becker Industrial Coatings AB Box 2041 195 02 Märsta, Sweden Visiting address: Brobyvägen 2 Phone: +46 85 90 790 00 Fax: +46 85 91 169 49

Italy Beckers Industrial Coatings Italia SpA Via Grandi 1/A 20090 Caleppio di Settala (MI), Italy Phone: +39 02 9509601 Fax: +39 02 95307292

United Arab Emirates Becker Industrial Coatings L.L.C. P.O. Box 12795 Ware House 2, 9 Al-Khour Port, Nakheel Area 12795 Ras Al Khaimah, UAE Phone: +971 72 27 88 53 Fax: +971 72 27 88 63

Malaysia Becker Industrial Coatings (M) Sdn Bhd No. 3 & 5, Jalan Anggerik Mokara 31/54 Section 31, Kota Kemuning 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia Phone: +60 3 51 22 75 40 Fax: +60 3 51 22 75 42

USA Becker Specialty Corporation 2526 Delta Lane Elk Grove Village IL, 60007, USA Phone: +1 847 766 3555 Fax: +1 84 766 3595 info-beckerspecialty@

Nigeria Beckers Industrial Coatings Ltd KM 33 Lagos-Badagry Expressway Agbara Lagos, Nigeria Phone: +234 703 373 5655

Becker Specialty Corporation 15310 Arrow Boulevard Fontana, CA, 92335, USA Phone: +1 909 356 1095 Fax: +1 909 356 0854 info-beckerspecialty@

Poland Becker Farby Przemyslowe Sp. z.o.o. ul. Wilhema Beckera 7 33110 Tarnów, Poland Phone: +48 14 632 0200 Fax: +48 14 629 33 22 Russia Becker Industrial Coatings AB Branch office 17 Kursovoy pereulok 119034 Moscow, Russia Phone: +7 495 695 16 45

Vietnam Becker Industrial Coatings (Vietnam) Co. Ltd No. 1B, Dong An Industrial Park, Thuan An District Binh Duong Province, Vietnam Phone: +84 650 376 8830 Fax: +84 650 376 8705

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