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What do you IMAGINE? Churches come with many sizes, cultures, shapes, faces, places, visions, missions, and dreams. A church in many locations A church reaching back into the city A church to rebirth a neighborhood A church big enough to hold a city A church that is multipurpose and multi site A church to the nations A church to call home A church that doesn’t look like a church A church as an oasis A church on the public square A church for this generation A church for many generations A sticky church A third-culture church A church ancient and future A church that tells a story A church for the journey For every church you can IMAGINE, there is a place that can be shaped to express and empower that dream. IMAGINE a place for your church We have. Beck

Hunt Oil Corporate Headquarters Dallas, Texas



First Baptist Dallas Dallas, Texas

IMAGINE a church as a spiritual oasis where a religious fortress once stood First Baptist Dallas was long known as one of the leading Southern Baptist congregations in the world. But over many years, the facilities that were once seen as models of ministry, had become a hindrance to the future hopes of the church. With a fresh vision for not just rebuilding, but recreating its identity, the church enlisted Beck to develop a new image and identity in its facilities. Beck’s design calls for the radical transformation of the urban campus, removing many aging structures and creating a new worship center and education complex to house all the church’s children and students. The new concept creates an open inviting oasis of glass, water and greenery in the midst of downtown Dallas, while preserving and re purposing the church’s 100 plus year old, landmark sanctuary. Over 300,000 SF of new construction. 3000 seat Worship Center, 5-story Education Complex for Children/Students, Recreation facility and Roof Garden, Skybridge, Plaza, 800 car parking structures. Services provided: Master Planning, Architecture, Programming, Interior Design, Pre-construction estimating/logistics.



IMAGINE a church leading worldwide change from the heart of Asia

Shinkwang (Presbyterian) Church Iksan, South Korea

Shinkwang Church drew inspiration for a radical change in its ministry philosophy from innovative American congregations. They sought out Beck to create a new campus that would blend these western ministry concepts with the cultural and practical sensibilities of Korea. Over 300,000 SF of ministry space was provided, along with 500 underground parking spaces, on a small 7-acre site. The unique four story design emphasizes vertical movement, green design concepts and bold contemporary architecture softened with wood, stone and other materials valued by the culture. The facility provides for over 5000 people to worship and study at one time. Flexibility is provided in the design allowing for numerous weekday community activities including a unique soccer field designed to span over underground parking. The result was a facility that the church’s senior pastor said, ‘has opened a new chapter in Korean church architecture.” And maybe for American churches as well.


300,000 SF plus 200,000 SF Parking Structure. 2500-Seat Worship Center, Education Spaces, Fitness Center, Cafeteria, Prayer Rooms 7 Services provided: Master Planning, Programming, Architecture

First Baptist Church Wichita Falls Wichita Falls, Texas


Size: 71,000 SF facility with 1800-Seat Worship Center, New Community Lobby and Courtyard. Services provided: Architecture, Interior Design, Construction


IMAGINE a church using an old K-Mart as a catalyst for community re-birth. Rebirth and redemption can happen in the most unlikely places. His Hands Church saw the opportunity for rebirth in its first building. The church asked Beck to turn a former K-Mart store, in a declining Atlanta neighborhood, into a building that would become a dynamic, flexible and welcoming facility for a new church. The idea of revitalization was also to extended to the desire of the church to use sustainable (or “green building”) practices in the design and construction. To make a bold new statement the front façade was totally transformed with a contemporary mixture of steel and glass. The transformation also reached out into the site, where landscaping was incorporated in the vast parking lots and a new entry plaza, complete with engaging bronze sculptures were used to provide a warm and welcoming experience. The re-birthed building provided an award-winning example of adaptive re-use and sustainable building approaches, but more importantly served as a catalyst for community and spiritual renewal.


His Hands Church Woodstock, Georgia

123,000 SF Renovation with 1500 Seat Worship Center, 500 Seat Youth Auditorium, Children’s and Fellowship Spaces Services provided: Master Planning, Programming, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction


CrossRoads Fellowship Odessa, Texas

IMAGINE a church for all generations to worship CrossRoads Fellowship was a 40 year old church with a passion to connect with not just a particular demographic but all generations of their community. Their first step was to find a new property giving them room to grow and pursue their purpose. Moving to a prime 130-acre site allowed them to conceive an entire dream that would connect with the spiritual and practical needs of multiple generations. Beck master planned a diverse experience for the site with a church facility for 3000, residential and retirement housing and a private school. Phase 1 of the master plan was then implemented with a church facility that mimicked the concept of a village, with each generational ministry having a unique architectural character. Connecting the elements of this village was a 1000-seat worship center and a community gathering space for fellowship and baptism, expressing the common elements shared by all Christians. After moving to its new “village� the church doubled in size within a year. 78,000 SF with 1000-Seat Auditorium, 250 Seat Chapel, Youth and Children’s Auditoriums, Adult Ministry Space, Offices Services provided: Master Planning, Programming, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction



Harvest Bible Chapel of Orlando Orlando, Florida

Size: 60,000 SF building on new 15-Acre Campus Providing 1000 Seat Auditorium, And Children, Youth, And Adult Ministry Spaces. Services provided : Master planning, Programming, Architecture 14


Fellowship Church

Grapevine, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Miami

IMAGINE a church reaching 20,000 unchurched in 5 cities.

Over 420,000 SF in Multiple Phases on Multiple campuses. Grapevine campus includes: 4100-Seat Auditorium, Children’s Theaters, Bookstore/Cafe, Lake and an Amphitheater Services provided: Master Planning, Programming, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction


Fellowship Church has always been known by its contagious energy in pursuing new ways for the unchurched to hear the Gospel of Christ. From its very first building project in 1996, Fellowship has called on Beck to provide creativity and out of the box building solutions to support its rapid growth and to reflect that energy. Beck has done that by creating Fellowship’s unique brand of simple, clean, contemporary and innovate architecture, by equipping Fellowship’s leadership team with strategic planning information critical to anticipating growth and by carrying Fellowship’s brand to 5 different campuses around the country with a flexible, fast integrated design and construction process.


SaRang Church Seoul, South Korea

IMAGINE a church big enough for a city, on only one city block SaRang (Presbyterian) Church in Seoul is one of the world’s largest congregations with over 40,000 people attending in 6 worship hours each Sunday on their single campus. When continued growth was not feasible any longer, they purchased a new 1.7 acre site. Beck won an international design competition to create the church’s vision of a Global Ministry Center on this new property, which will provide significant expansion of ministry activities and will symbolically provide a bold statement of the international mission vision of this church. Beck’s design will enable over 20,000 persons to worship together at one time, over half that number underground while providing a dynamic architectural statement for the Korean church.

740,000 SF total. (300,000 SF in two curvilinear glass towers, 400,000 SF underground). Spaces include 6500-seat Worship Center (underground), multiple large multipurpose overflow worship venues, Children, Youth & Small Group Ministry Spaces, 600 seat Chapel, Bookstore/Cafe, Roof Gardens, Global Ministry plaza. Services provided: Architecture, Programming, Interior Design 18


Fielder Road Baptist Church Arlington, Texas

96,000 SF with 3,200 Seat Auditorium Services provided: Master Planning, Programming, Architecture, Interior Design 20


Gateway Church - Satellite Campus & Student Center North Richland Hills, Texas

IMAGINE a church with a multipurpose, multi site strategy. Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas had grown to over 7000 people in just 5 years. To continue to support that rapid growth they not only planned a large new campus, but a multi site strategy. Their thought was to create additional campuses that could support weekday as well as weekend ministries of the church. Phase One was a new satellite campus that would have weekend worship and weekday support of the church’s large Student Ministry. Beck’s design took an old grocery store and created a large venue for worship, small group spaces and multipurpose spaces for community connections and youth recreation. Outside as well, the building was totally re-imagined creating a welcoming facade and even utilizing the old loading dock area as a skate park and outdoor cafe.

46,000 SF Renovation with 800-Seat Worship Center, Children’s Classrooms, Bookstore/Cafe, Student Center, Skate Park Services provided: Programming, Architecture, Interior Design



Gateway Church Southlake, Texas


Size: 206,000 SF facility, on new 180-Acre Campus, which Includes 4000-Seat Sanctuary, Children’s Ministry Center and Community Ministry Spaces. Services provided: Architecture, Master planning, Programming and Interior Design 25

The Potter’s House Dallas, Texas

IMAGINE a worship center for 8200 designed and built in 14 months. The ministry of Bishop TD Jakes and The Potter’s House has grown at an amazing pace from its earliest days in Dallas. Facing ever increasing crowds and opportunities for ministry, Beck was hired to meet the challenge; provide a huge new sanctuary, with state of the art broadcast technology, on an existing campus, as quickly as possible, without disrupting the church’s existing weekly activities. Beck utilized its integrated project delivery process to plan, design, and construct a 190,000 SF facility housing an 8200 seat auditorium, 350 seat chapel and supporting spaces in just 14 months.

190,000 SF with 8,200-Seat Auditorium Services provided: Master Planning, Programming, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction 26


Prestonwood Baptist Church Phase II Additions Plano, Texas

330,000 SF with 600-Seat Chapel, 1000 seat Youth Auditorium, Commons/Food Court, Children’s Building, Gym Services provided: Master Planning, Programming, Architecture, Interior Design



Why Beck Beck has created buildings to empower the imagination of every kind of church, from mega to multi-site, from suburban to urban core, from historic faith leaders to emerging catalysts, from the heartland of America to the 10/40 window. Beck’s successful approach in creating environments for to the wide diversity of churches is in our commitment to develop designs that reflect the vision, culture and values of each congregation. Our process, people and philosophy focuses on understanding and reflecting back in our buildings what is uniquely that church. We rely on our depth of experience to provide insightful, practical solutions, yet we are always pushing the conventional approaches to find a better idea. Winston Churchill said, “We shape our buildings; afterwards they shape us.” At Beck, we desire to shape buildings that will empower a church’s ministry for generations to come.

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BECK Imagine 2011  

Imagine buildings created for many visions, for many churches. Beck has.

BECK Imagine 2011  

Imagine buildings created for many visions, for many churches. Beck has.