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Halifax’s Magazine of International Flavours

Tim Horton’s Revealed! article by Mariana Baqueiro

A View from the Homestay

interview with one parent by Takahiro Nakamaru

McDonald’s Goes Native: How the Fast Food Giant Does Local feature by Ryutaro Inoue

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews! plus...

Authentic International recipes you can try at home!

Contents Restaurant Reviews 4

The Alehouse: Halifax Style by Takahiro Nakamaru Your Father’s Moustache: Gotta Wear it by Chloe Ko


Curry Village: Smell Something Spicy? by Junggul Park Turkish Delight: Make You Smile by Mariana Baqueiro


Café Latína Aroma: Latin Flavours Here by Fernanda Barrera Ocejo Suzuki: Exotic Japan by Ryutaro Inoue

Photo Essay 9-10 Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market

Feature Articles and Interviews 7

Curry Village Interview by Junggul Park


Interview with Claudia Pinto by Fernanda Barrera Ocejo


Homestay Cooking by Takahiro Nakamaru

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Sweet Sensation by Chloe Ko


Roll up the Rim to Know by Mariana Baqueiro

I’m Lovin’ Something Special by Ryutaro Inoue

Recipes and Notes 3

Editors’ Notes


From JAPAN: Sukiyaki by Ryutaro Inoue and Takahiro Nakamaru


From KOREA: Gangzang Bab by Chloe Ko and Junggul Park

ECSL | Recipes Sukiyaki

Takahiro Nakamaru Ryutaro Inoue

We will introduce the Japanese traditional dish “Sukiyaki”. It uses beef, tofu, mushroom, carrot, shungiku, welsh onion and ito-konnyaku. This dish is simple to make. First, everything is cut small. Next, boil welsh onion in the pan. Last, all foods are boiled down with soy sauce and mirin. When you eat this, you dip all foods in fresh egg.


Junggul Park Chloe Ko

Rice with soy sauce is very easy to cook but so delicious. Usually, people who live alone or are very busy in the morning enjoy ‘Rice with soy sauce’. This Korean food doesn’t have the exact recipe. Depends on people’s tastes, they can be made in various versions. I’ll tell you one of them. INGREDIENTS A bowl of rice Half of Canned tuna Soy sauce 1 spoon A little dried laver Sesame seed 1 spoon Sesame oil half spoon 1. put the warm rice and tuna in a bowl 2. put soy sauce, sesame seed and sesame oil 3. bring some shredded lavers and sprinkle 4. If you want, you can put anything you like. I recommend fried egg. 5. Mix It’s a very simple recipe but I promise you will be satisfied with ‘Rice with soy sauce’.

ECSL | Feature

Roll up the Rim to Know! Mariana Baqueiro peeks under the lid of a Canadian icon.

Tim Hortons is an international chain of coffee shops, started in 1964 by Tim Horton, a hockey player who was part of Toronto Maple Leafs. He opened with the help of businessman Jim Charade a cafe in the city of Hamilton (Ontario), which was originally called Tim Horton Donuts.

in number of stores, and consequently its menu had changes introducing as new rolls and other types of coffee. To prevent conflicts with the Charter of the French language in Quebec, which impedes retailers label in other language than French, they removed the apostrophe from the name of the company, which became TIM HORTONS. As you know Tim Hortons is recognized for its variety of coffees and doughnuts which became the largest fast restaurant in Canada with more than 3,000 stores around the country. Since July 1, 2012, Tim Hortons has 4,071 restaurants around the world, distributed: 3,355 in Canada, 745 in the United States, 20 in UAE and Oman 3. Tim Hortons specializes in coffee, pastries, cookies, ice cream and cakes. Originally, the first local store only served coffee and donuts, but the expansion in other markets forced the company to search for new products, specializing in bakery items. One of their own products are the Timbits, also known as "donut holes" made from the superfluous weight of the donut which became the favorites of the people. Since the mid-1990s, Tim Hortons has also released for sale products as snacks, sandwiches and soups, to cover a larger number of consumers.

The reason why the commerce was opened was to keep working when he retired from professional sport. In 1967 Tim started to be partner of Ron Joyce who took the control of the company by buying the brand for their family after the death of Tim Horton in 1974. By the end of 1970 Tim Horton’s coffee shop started to be popular in Canada and managed to have 100 stores in 1978 and the twice for 1984. The aggressive strategy led the group to become the largest coffee shop chain in Canada. During the 1990s, the group continued to grow

Roll Up the Rim to Win Each February, Tim Hortons holds a marketing campaign called “Roll Up the Rim to Win.” Each year more than 31 million prizes are given out in their coffee shops, such as televisions, vehicles and store products. Consumers try their luck by unrolling the top of the cups, or follow disappointed to see the same "play again” over and over again. “DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME GO TO TIM HORTONS AND TRY YOUR LUCK”

Editors’ Copy Team


We are always looking forward to a new taste. If we find a new restaurant, we enter there and try various dishes. When we went to a Mexican restaurant in the Farmers’ Market, we ate tacos. They are very delicious. The seasoning’s taste was uncommon for somebody who is from Japan. For the Latin people, food such as Sushi and Udon are very atypical taste, because they don’t use the same spices as Japanese people. Anyway, when we eat other countries food at the restaurant, we get used to the feeling, hich is like being in Mexico or Japan without taking a flight. Therefore, we can’t stop eating. we would like to eat more various dishes. Someday we would like to eat the taste from all over the world. For that purpose, a large amount of money is required. -- Ryutaro Inoue and Fernanda Barrera Ocejo

Design Team Thank you for reading. We are the design team. We are in charge of the design section. It took a week to publish Are You Hungry? magazine. We would like to be glad to complete our magazine. We deisgned the cover, contents, and other aspects. We chose the font, typeface, color, photos, position, and so on. We decided everything for the design of the magazine. Thanks for this experience. We learned about the editing process of making a magazine. Also, we could know about other countries’ foods, many restaurants in Halifax. We had good memory in this class. I hope you enjoy our magazine. -- Chloe Ko and Takahiro Nakamaru

Photo Team

Thank you for reading our magazine, which introduced you to different international foods and places here in Halifax where you can find and try these new flavours. We as a photo team want our photos to be like a boomerang for you. We show you different ways you can create your own experiences - through our pictures. We as a team learned new delicioius dishes from different countries that you can find in Halifax. Go, enjoy, and recommend these new restaurants!! -- Mariana Baqueiro and Junggul Park

ECSL | Restaurant reviews HALIFAX STYLE

by Takahiro Nakamaru

Do you know the Halifax Alehouse? The Halifax Alehouse is a bar and restaurant that offers foods such as wings. The Halifax Alehouse is across fromthe Halifax Citadel. The menu specializes in Belgian mussels. The bar also hosts live music, especially from Celtic derived bands. Of course, I’ve been there. When I went there, I had some wings and some beers. There are so good. I recommend the Halifax Alehouse, and I recommend to eat wings there. Aiso the price is reasonable. Let’s go and drink!

ECSL | Feature I’m Lovin’ Something Special: McDonald’s Special Dishes Around the World by Ryutaro Inoue

Each country has traditional food. So, each country’s McDonald has a special dish. I asked seven people from different countries to please tell me about McDonald’s special dish in their country : Korea, China, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada and Japan. But some countries don’t have a special dish. Venezuela and Mexico have a special dishes only at breakfast. Korea and Japan have special dishes. I asked Maria. The Venezuelan special dish is Arepas and some cheese and jam sandwiches. But, I don’t know what Arepas is, so I asked her. It is a traditional food in Venezuela. It’s like a pancake, made with corn powder. And in the Mcflurries, they mix the ice cream with some local cookies. I asked Fernanda. Mexican special dish is the Molletes. Of course I don’t know what Molletes is, so I asked her. It’s made with bread, beans, cheese, tomatoes and pepper. I asked Chloe. The Korean special dish is the Bulgogi burger. Bulgogi means “fire meat” in Korean. It contains pork meat and is fried with special sauce.

GOTTA WEAR A MOUSTACHE by Chloe Ko I think most ECSL students have been to Your Father’s Moustache. On Thursday, they sell a chicken wing only for $0.4. We call it ‘the chicken wing day’. You can order chicken wings with special sauce in tens. There are many kinds of sauce. For example, honey mustard, honey garlic, suicide (hot sauce)…

I tried 10 chicken wings with honey garlic sauce. Honestly, they were not delicious chicken wings, to me. They tasted a little oily and I could feel they were fried in old oil. But this price is soooo reasonable. I recommend you to try ‘Your Father’s Mustache’ someday.

The Japanese special dish is The Teriyaki burger and The Tsukimi burger. The Teriyaki burger is made with teriyaki chicken. It’s famous in Japan. The Tsukimi burger is made with egg. This burger is sold every Autumn. Tsukimi is a Japanese traditional event. It is when we watch the full moon. The egg on the burger looks like a full moon, so this burger is the called Tsukimi burger. I think Most Western countries don’t have a special dish. Because McDonald’s was born in the West. But, I think most Asian countries make our own burger to match their country’s taste. And South America too. If you go toan other country, you should go to McDonald’s and buy their special dish.

ECSL | Feature

Sweet Sensation!

Chloe Ko looks into the cupcake trend around Halifax.


by Junggul Park

Curry Village is a very famous Indian restaurant in Halifax. It is located near Spring Garden Ave. You can listen to the Indian music when you enter the restaurant. And you will see the man who is really kind at the front desk. If you’ve got a question, he always explains about it in detail. This restaurant is proud of traditional Indian foods. Their Butter Chicken and biryanis are especially delicious. And nan, which is Indian bread, is de-

licious too. But one thing, if you are sensitive about smell, coriander might be too strong to eat, so you have to talk to your waiter about this. And Tandoor, which is a kind of Indian chicken, is good. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the amount of food. They always give you enough. I think this Indian restaurant is good. So I recommend going here.

Do you know what a ‘CUPCAKE’ is? It’s a kind of cake but not a whole cake. Ingredients are the same as common cakes but a cupcake is baked in the cup shaped bakeware for one person. Many kinds of cupcakes are made following a baker’s taste and are named with their ingredients. Typical cupcakes are strawberry, green tea, chocolate, vanilla, mint chocolate, red velvet, mocha, tiramisu and others. Of course, we can make countless kinds of cake by mixing numerous ingredients. Bakers always look for new ingredients and mix recipes. Nowadays, cupcakes are not just food. They are regarded as art. Cupcake bakers have to chase two hares at once: TASTE and BEAUTY. Every day, many arts are born from bakers’ hands all over the whole world. They try to come up with new designs for making more beautiful cupcakes that are full of character. They’re not just for selling. In artistic cupcakes, they put their craftsmanship first. Here is a new trend- the big boom in the cake market. That is the special cupcake arrangements for anniversaries or events. This boom has occurred for several reasons. First, cupcakes are more convenient to share than whole cakes. We should cut whole cakes to share together but cupcakes are originally made for one person. You can just pick up your favorite cupcake and enjoy your own, yammy-yammy. Next, people can enjoy many several varieties of cupcake at a time. If people who are having an anniversary or event provide the whole cake, all who are in attendance can enjoy only one kind of cake but if people prepare cupcakes, they can show several types of cupcakes. They can give variety to cupcakes’ colors, tastes and decorations. Now, I hope you guys get some interest in cupcakes. The more I know, the more extensive the cupcake world is. Let’s come into the cupcake world and enjoy ourselves.

A trip to Turkish Delight will give you a full satisfactory experience as you enjoy their friendly atmosphere and a real Turkish cuisine guaranteed to open your appetite.


Their service makes the experience even better and they have reasonable prices on their varied menu. Using fresh local ingredients, their dishes are made to give you a delicious and healthy meal. Try one of their famous Kebaps (beef, chicken, lamb or veggie) sure to leave you coming back for more.

by Mariana Baqueiro You can find them on Spring Garden Rd. downtown, to one side of Your Fathers Mustache. Go and you will leave fascinated!!

ECSL | Restaurant reviews LATIN FUSION

ECSL | Feature Do you like Canadian foods? It seems that people tend to like the foods or the seasoning in their own country. Sometimes people have the problems about the foods because each person has different tastes. For example, my friend who is from Japan has not adjusted to Canadian foods because Canadian foods are less healthy to her than the food in her country. In my case, my tastes probably match the foods in Canada. Do your tastes match the foods in Canada?

by Fernanda Barrera Ocejo

Are u ready for the Latin tastes? Café aroma Latino offers a variety of delicious menu of many different Latin countries. They have the traditional food of some Latin countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Guatemala. The chef of café aroma Latino is from Guatemala so you can enjoy original Guatemalan food there.

EXOTIC JAPAN by Ryutaro Inoue

The restaurant is located in the thin alley which those who have begun are likely to overlook. This restaurant is decked out with Japanese ornaments and we can listen to Japanese song. The restaurant which creates this atmosphere is “Suzuki.” This restaurant is managed by aJapanese owner. This is the most delicious Japanese restaurant in Nova Scotia, as far as I know. We can eat typical Japanese food here, for example Miso-soup, Donburi, Udon, Sushi and more, and what is more, it is same taste in Japan. I asked this restaurant’s waitress about there. She said that the most famous food in this restaurant is Sushi. I ate it. That is really good. I want you to taste this restaurant’s food.

I asked her if she could tell me about traditional foods in Canada. She told me about fish and chips, and that it was seafood, and that the fish was Haddock, and that the fish was white. I asked her if she could tell me about odd foods in Canada. She told me that she thought donairs were odd, and that they were very spicy, and that the meat was made of beef. I could hear interesting stories from her, and I felt that there are many kinds of food. If I could try to eat every food in the world, I would want to try every food in the world, but I would be a little afraid, because there are many odd foods in the world.

Homestay Cooking

interview by Takahiro Nakamaru

Different foods are interesting, so I asked a Canadian person about Canadian foods. I asked her what kind of food people in Canada usually had for breakfast. She told me that she thought people in Canada usually had bacon, eggs, cereals and orange juice for breakfast. I asked her what kind of food people in Canada usually had for lunch. She told me that she thought people in Canada usually ate sandwiches or soup for lunch. I asked her what kind of food people in Canada usually had for supper. She told me that she thought people in Canada usually ate potatoes and meats for supper.

ECSL | Feature

ECSL | Feature

Latin Flavours are Here Fernanda Barrera Ocejo interviews Claudia Pinto, owner of Café Aroma Latino Cafe Aroma Latino’s owner Claudia Pinto cooks authentic Guatemalan dishes like her deep-fried tacos to cornmeal chuchitos and tamales. Aroma Latino also sells Latin American juices, spices, chiles, snacks and flours. Pinto imports fair trade coffee and roasts it on site. I asked a few questions to the Café Aroma Latino owner who happy talked about her restaurant and gave her best responses. What is the most popular dish or what is the meal that everybody loves? The Quesadilla has been the most popular dish since this restaurant has been opened. The quesadilla is a popular taste all over America Latina that is the reason why everybody knows and loves it. And the price is reasonable.

What was the purpose of opening a Latin restaurant in Halifax? The purpose of this restaurant is to introduce Latin cuisine to the Halifax community. And everybody to know the different tastes of Latin food.

Have you eaten Indian foods? Nowadays many people have found out about Indian restaurants. You can see them everywhere. Halifax is no exception. There are many Indian restaurants in Halifax. And I selected and did an interview with Curry Village. There are two reasons which I chose this restaurant. Firstly, this restaurant has good regional conditions. It is located near Spring Garden Road. Secondly, this restaurant has many delicious dishes. When I went to this restaurant, I interviewed with the owner of this restaurant.

I asked him what the best dish was is in his restaurant. He answered that if you prefer a mild dish, he recommend Butter Chicken. Butter Chicken is chicken breast with delicate spices in a special sauce with cream, yogurt, coconut and butter. It is very mild and sweet. But if you want to eat spicy food, order Tandoor. It is a very spicy food. I asked him if his restaurant’s foods are exactly traditional Indian food or are they a little fusioned. He answered they are exactly traditional Indian food. He sticks to cooking traditional Indian foods. I told him if we go to India, please recommend the food and the city where we can eat it. He said to me he recommend the Chicken Biryani and Hyderabad. Biryani is a very flavorful dish. It made with basmati rice and meat or fried vegetables. And then they are simmered in water. Hyderabad is located in the middle of the southern India. It was established in 16C. Hyderabadi Biryani is an iconic dish of the region. Are you hungry? Do not hesitate. Just go.

Do you have dishes from all over Latin America?

Do you have special meals every week?

The menu includes a variety of Mexican, Peruvian, Colombian, Venezuelan and Guatemalan food.

We have special soups every week such as avocado soup and tortilla soup that are typically from Latin America.

Curry Village

by Junggul Park

ECSL | Photo Essay:

Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market

ECSL Spring Magazine  
ECSL Spring Magazine  

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