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UNTITLED matt mullican

learning to ride a bike

thinking about going

the full moon lights up the night

steady experiencing

sky learning about gravity in



scaring the dog by slamming the door

the light in the hallway

there were so many stars she couldn't count

catching her breath after running

them all looking out her bedroom window

home entering the sixth grade-

finding new friends in school

becoming older their pet dog

as the year progressed the days got

the door between her and her older sister's

shorter visiting her aunt's house

room having to go to the bathroom

getting a boyfriend and going

noticing that the tree in the backyard is changing

steady brushing her teeth

color f eeling the glare of the sun in her eyes

her dog dies

they got two inches of rain that

getting an electric

week playing handball at school

shock riding the bus to

the street light

school entering the

feeling proud of her

drama dub her

schoolwork looking at herself

boyfriend's little sister

in the mirror entering the

going to camp over the summer

seventh grade playing in the

the sound of the record player in the living


room the air felt thick that morning

the food cans in the kitchen

becoming sick - not going to

cabinet going to the school

school making out


hearing her parents argue

doing her homework tasting that there's too much salt in the salad

looking at herself in a mirror receiving a letter from her parents having her wisdom teeth removed watching the light refract through the kitchen window eating lunch a pencil on her desk at work knowing she is going to have a baby thinking of her parents her baby is born moving to a larger house there is lots of green around the new house her husband's mouth stubbing her toe while running her son's baby shoes february twenty-sixth

of herself as a chilo


Untitled Book


Untitled Book