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This studio course focuses on environmental issues concerning interior designers and the construction industry. Students participate in discussions on green design topics and learn about resources for improving indoor air quality and more responsible design choices. Following LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) analysis, a final project implements sustainable design methods technically and creatively.






In this advanced course, the design of an upscale, global, corporate interior reflects the comprehensive synthesis of problem identification, research, programming preliminary design, design development, and construction documents. Problem solving center on the creative and technical aspects involved in the universal design of commercial environments including space planning with code compliance, way- finding techniques, and specifying corporate furnishings, finishes and materials.

In this senior-level course students develop a viable and visual solution for the project typically researched in Thesis One. Solutions incorporate environmentally sound, cost effective, and responsible design methods to influence and audience-using creative delivery methods.


Distinguishing circular and angular orientation in the design allows for uniquely different areas in the interior. All scales represent original scale


Produced in Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

Locating all public areas near the reception allows for great traffic flow throughout the space. Flooring changes allows one to see where the public and private spaces meet and end. Using two exits in the buildings with doors swing in the direction of egress allow for easy ways out. Innovative solutions are seen throughout the entire space. Public and private spaces work together and contribute to an exciting and dynamic office interior for Babble Social Media Design.



Urban, Graphic, Bold. Babble Social Media Design is defined by its environment and its people. Enthusiasts for design and technology fuse together in this upbeat area for new creative ideas. This urban office is open with striking layout. Using transparent materials, the light can bounce from one corner to the other. The reception area showcases a large graphic allowing the city into this urban oasis. Lighting is one of the main focuses of the space. Using modern pendants mixed with funky chandeliers, the space is illuminated like a stormy sky. Other focuses include employee collaboration spaces to relax and have fun. Allowing the office to have an open concept creates easy navigation and great traffic flow. Creating the reception front and center creates less confusion for clients. Having an adjacent break area allows use by both employees and clients. Throughout the office, workstations are created in groupings allowing for individual and collaboration work. These team work spaces are tucked away from public areas allowing for team members to be spontaneous and creative. The urban environment of the big city was cast into this office space. Bright colors play off neutrals of black and white. The neutral backdrop screams modern and crisp while orange adds that punch the city brings. Using bright furniture as accents pop against a graphic and neutral backdrop allowing for a fun and playful interior. Taking into consideration the LEED standards, this interior strives to give off more than it receives. By using no VOC paints, recycled glass, and furniture create a green interior. From the reclaimed flooring to the recycling areas located throughout this space, the interior is tied together with an environmentally conscious theme. Creativity is needed when developing new and exciting ideas. Babble has created the perfect oasis to do just that. Imagination and spontaneous activity are a must in this upbeat exciting interior that will envelop clients with exhilaration. The design allows for the much needed stimulation the company requires to keep creating great new breakthroughs for their clients.

Produced in Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

Creating hallways in major traffic areas, along with using an open concept floor plan, makes easy to navigate areas; while allowing ample room for turn-arounds for ADA compliance.

Way-finding: Distinguishing light gray flooring used throughout the main hallways and traffic areas Dark carpeting used by workstations and private areas Gray wood flooring used in public areas Flooring patterns used to distinguish art and sales areas

All scales represent original scale Full set of documents available upon request

RainTree Pediatrics



FSC Non Slip Flooring

Maharm: LEED MR 4.1, Antimicrobial

Maharm: LEED MR 4.5, Stain Resistant

All scales represent original scale

Specific fabrics and finishes were chosen in the project to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all patrons using the facility. Unique fabrics were specified with easy clean ability, excessive double rubs, ecofriendliness, and antimicrobial retardants. These special finishes allow for a clean and safe area for all. Special finishes included rubber flooring for longevity and clean ability along with FSC certified woods and recycled laminates to ensure eco-friendliness as well as easy maintenance.

Produced in Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

growth spurt

Using the Revit BIM software I was able to complete these beautiful renderings of the Growth Spurt after school center located in Downtown Chicago. Revit is a powerful software that allows us to create great architectural plans and realistic architectural works. Created from an AutoCAD plan, Revit allowed me to create the building, walls and shell within a few minutes. Revit is very specific in what is possible and not possible in architectural design. Creating custom materials with the material editor allows me to create unique materials that were actually specified for the project. Creating a rendering of the interior allows for amazing realistic images of a fully completed architectural building inside and out.

Produced in Revit Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

Thesis II

Produced in AutoDesk Revit Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop




This course challenges students to use planning requirements to create universal and accessible designs. Construction, electrical and basic plumbing are taught with emphasis on these applications within residential kitchens and baths. Industry relevant nomenclature and product information are used to create technical documents and custom aesthetic solutions.




This studio presents an in-depth study of the architecture and furniture developments of several major and non- western cultures. Religious, philosophical and social beliefs and customs are emphasized while construction methods, building materials, motifs, fabrics, and decorative arts are explored. Students work within teams to present their research on Middle Eastern, Asian, African, Mesoamerican, and North American cultures. Projects include the development of furniture and accessory designs created through the fusion of world styles.

This senior elective studio covers the total process of residential design from concept development through two- and three-dimensional presentations. Building codes, covenants, and restrictions create the guidelines for solutions; while knowledge of sustainable practices, residential business practice, construction methods, materials and custom interior architectural details are applied.

History of Design III

Furniture Design


Turkish Design: Bed

Laotian Design: Side Table


itchen and Bath Design


All scales represent original scale

Clients Needs:

An open and easy floor plan, accessible to the foyer, dining and living areas. Add additional storage and countertop space. Ample eating and relaxing space. Additional prep space and room to maneuver. A uniquely designed space with aesthetic and functional appeal. A modern design with traditional aspects. The use of energy star appliances.

Produced in Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

Produced in Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop


Advanced Residential

The home features a spectacular custom mezzanine space. This area serves as the private area of the home hosting the master suite and the private office. The lower level of the home is more for social and public spaces containing the study, living, kitchen and dining areas. The loft is designed to be modern and monochromatic. Using a simple clean color palette helps create an open atmosphere in this small space. Unique storage solutions were also used while designing the space. Creating double usage ottomans and shelving, along with hidden storage options help to save space within the home. All these innovative solutions create a comfortable, cozy interior for Paul and Amanda Hunter.

Produced in Revit

Sleek, Chic, Unique. The Hunter residence was designed to create the ultimate in relaxation in the Chicago South Loop. This residence is a converted industrial building made into eight floors of loft living space. With unique characteristics, this blank canvas was converted into the ultimate singles oasis. This loft is required to have many different uses. It doubles as a family home with a useable office space for Paul to work from home, while Amanda has an in-home dance studio where she teaches dance to her numerous students. The challenge was to make the dance studio separate from the home but in some way connected so it could be used at any time.

Produced in Revit Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop







At my internship at Interior Planning and Design I was involved in interacting with clients numerous times. Emailing and contacting clients was something that was done by the team everyday to keep the client informed on what our progress was.



Interacting with vendors was a major part of my responsibilities at Interior Planning and Design. We had many projects with tight deadlines and creating close relationships with the vendors was very important. I often emailed or contacted them regarding pricing, availability of product and suggestions if needed.


At Interior Planning and Design I completed administrative work regularly. I often filed information and made specification binders organizing materials and project information. I handled all paperwork required in obtaining samples from vendors. I also filled out purchase orders and specification sheets to purchase many products.


SPECIFICATION Interior Planning and Design was a very hands-on company. While interning there I chose numerous fabrics, paints, wallpapers, ect. In many projects I selected the main furniture, finishes, and materials used. We first ordered memos and then selected and ordered based on the client’s choosing. Another great opportunity I had was to create a specification sheet for the contractors and installers. It was very detailed and created an easy-to-read picture for the contractor.

Ruggiero Residence: Living and Dining Re-Design

Produced Google SketchUp


Students successfully completing this course will be able to use ComputerAided Design software to assist them in their threedimensional project development. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the integration of computer technology into the design process and an introduction to BIM (building information modeling) technology.






This senior level course covers the physical and psychological factors that impact hospitality environments. Students are expected to graphically demonstrate original and viable solutions. Research on human factors, codes and lighting are combined with product mix and multi-sensory aspects of design to influence perceived value to the customer.

This senior level studio is a study of the materials and fabrication techniques used in the design and construction of interiors and how these details are communicated three-dimensionally and in construction documents. Content includes interior construction detailing of ceilings, wall, flooring and millwork. Project solutions will consider the integration of buildings technology such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other relevant systems.


All scales represent original scale

Produced in Google SkechUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

Specialty Design

Chic, Modern, Luxury.

Hollywood is brought to you on a silver platter and takes you on an exclusive experience. Uncoventionalism meets sophistication in this space fit for a queen. Eclecticism at its finest, this space boasts a neutral color palette with bold strikes. Art and media fuse into this avant-garde space while the spotlight is focused on expressive, glamorous compositions. Leave the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan center to sip martinis while enjoying an intimate evening with friends. A crossroads of seating meets a dramatic intersection where all can gather. A close knit backdrop encompasses a culture of elite and superior proportions. Unique witty materials with diversified textures embrace the design intent and create sound absorption and durability.

Produced in Google SkechUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

Produced in Google SkechUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop



Produced in AutoCAD

Branching from the Headliner Restaurant; this signature bar was modeled. A unique design, proportions were key in this model. The unique diamond shape allowed for more room for plumbing and access ways. When recreating the piece, considerations were taken creating a useable bar with shelving, plumbing and storage. All of these were achieved successfully. Ample leg room for patrons was also an important aspect when creating this bar.

This group effort, including Kristen Pratt, focused on backwards engineering. A photograph was given and we were to create this desk from the inside out. We took measurement analysis and created a plan as to how a desk could be made. The desk is not just pretty but structurally sound; from the dowels down to the tongue and grove joints holding the desk together.


Produced in AutoCAD by Becca Roe and Kristen Pratt


Produced in Revit

Upbeat, Funky, Chic. A spectacular club experience delivers you into the ultimate VIP celebration. Bold shapes galore, this modern space speaks of a crisp clean color palette with alluring pops of color. Exciting textures and reflective surfaces put a spotlight on exhilarating architectural features. One of a kind lighting treatments showcase an urban chic escape. Transformed from evening to night this space is a cozy retreat in the daytime and an upbeat contemporary get away at night. Clusters of seating meet in a junction, where all can congregate. Cozy areas are secluded and invite exclusive social gatherings. Movable seating allows for an expansive dance and social area, while manageable surfaces and materials encompass the design while adding durability and clean ability.

Produced in Revit


“To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe� - Anatole France

Rebecca Roe Interior Designer

Interior Designer  

This is a compilation of my work, throughout my schooling this fur.

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