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Powerful PowerPoint

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1. Be consistent with your -- Font – Choose a readable font and stick to it. – Use font sizes large enough to view from a computer screen or when projected.

– Bold indicates more important information.

– Fancy Fonts are hard to read – avoid.

Be consistent with your -- Title • Include a brief title on each slide. • Keep title at the top of the page.

Be consistent with your -- Background • Choose a consistent background. • Make an image background a watermark (transparent).

2. No more than 6 words a line. No more than 6 lines a slide.

• Do not copy/paste text into PowerPoint – use your owns words!

3. Include a bibliography  Adds credibility to your information!  Get permission. Media (images and video) are copyrighted. Youtube and any other sites you can embed. Images and music from or other copyright-friendly sites

4. Clip Art/Graphics/Video  Use only to enhance your presentation.  No more than two graphics on a slide.  Follow copyright guidelines.

If posting online and presenting to an audience…

5. Face your audience (I know – scary) – please don’t read from your slides. Use notes or an outline.

Examples of Good and Bad

For more information, visit your library media specialist.

Powerful PowerPoint  

Effective PowerPoint Presentations