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Creative Brief- Camelot Press Kit Updated: October 28, 2010 What’s the problem? The entertainment press does not know very much about Camelot aside from the minimal amount of information they received at TCA this summer. What are the obstacles that stand in our way?   

Starz is new in the originals space and we are still earning respect for our originals Breaking through any preconceived notions that the press may already have about the story of Camelot Camelot, like Spartacus, is a period drama -- it must be clear it is not Spartacus

What’s the objective? Create a press kit that convinces the press that Camelot cannot be missed and this new series is worth watching and writing about. Who are we talking to? Entertainment, trade and consumer press outlets including magazine, newspaper and their online branches. There are also some freelancers and independent bloggers that will receive the kit. What’s the single minded thought? In a kingdom filled with deception, Arthur must rise above it all. Why should they believe?  

 

Arthur, against all odds, attempts to unite a harsh divided land and while doing so must persevere amongst a deceptive group of people. There are many intriguing characters that intertwine in Arthur’s life on his journey to be the king: Merlin (his motives are sometimes unexplained to those around him), Morgan (believes the thrown is hers), Kay (doesn’t always offer his help to see Arthur succeed) and Guinevere (a woman Arthur loves and cannot have) amongst others with mysterious motives. The production value is big, feels epic and is quality. A young, good looking cast.

What is mandatory?   

 

Consistent with the tone outlined in the show positioning document Consistent with where the new brand is going Content: o Photos/Names of characters: (see list in APRIMO) o Synopsis o Press contacts o Production credits o Logos: Camelot, Starz and Starz Originals Qty 800 w/ 1 DVD holding first two episodes o Stay in this range $23K for printing, shipping and fulfillment (note: fulfillment may be added to watermarking budget) Water marking & bar code tracking required (not included in above budget) o Black and white design for DVD label (see Pillars example) o Legal language on kit, DVD face art, DVD menu and before screener on video A user-friendly PDF version of the kit to be sent to press immediately once kit is approved

Timing:  

Concepts due 11/8-11/9 to the PR team. Need to preview with internal team before meeting with PR. Art due to vendor on 12/21 and drops 1/20

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