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Center for Intensive English Studies


Center For Intensive English Studies CIES is a branch of the Graduate School at Florida State University, so we understand the needs of students wishing to apply to graduate programs here at FSU. With skilled instructors, small class sizes, and a family atmosphere, the Center for Intensive English Studies at FSU offers students the best English language instruction for graduate level study. At CIES, students are given the opportunity to study with instructors who have Master’s degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language. Their experience and skill afford a dynamic classroom setting with courses in grammar, composition, reading, speaking and listening. Each course is designed to equip students with the skills needed to succeed at the graduate level. Not only are the courses academically rigorous and stimulating, the family atmosphere at CIES provides students with opportunities to experience American culture first hand through the conversation partner program, free tutoring, intramural sports, academic advising, and weekly field trips. Here at CIES, we view English as a skill to be mastered in order to achieve your academic goals. Visit our website to see how YOU can effectively and efficiently take your English to a new level!

Center for Intensive English Studies


Where the world comes to learn English The Center for Intensive English Studies CIES is an English language school for serious students who want to succeed at an American university. Our highly qualified instructors all have Master’s degrees in the field of Teaching English as a Second Language. The small classes allow our teachers to give you very personalized instruction. The entire curriculum prepares you to pass the TOEFL test as well as succeed in your graduate-level classes at FSU. CIES is part of the Graduate School and CIES has strong relationships with the graduate departments at Florida State. Our Academic Liaison helps students transition from CIES into these departments. All of our offices and classrooms are in one location on the campus of Florida State University. CIES can serve as the start of your higher education experience in the United States. ITA PROGRAM CIES services International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) at FSU by assessing their spoken English proficiency and offering courses aimed at improving language and teaching skills. Graduate students whose first language is not English must be certified in spoken English in order to be eligible for a teaching assistantship. CIES administers the SPEAK test to determine competency in spoken English. In addition, the program provides four credit-bearing ITA training classes designed to help ITAs increase their proficiency in spoken English to attain certification. More importantly, these classes prepare FSU international TAs to teach to an American audience and interact successfully with their American students.

CONVERSATION PARTNER PROGRAM CIES has a highly popular Conversation Partner program. This program matches up an international student from CIES with an FSU student who is a native English speaker. The partners meet on a weekly basis throughout the semester to speak together and learn about each other’s culture. CIES students get a chance to speak “real” English while the FSU student broadens his/her world view.

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Center For Intensive English Studies Florida State University