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The Keystone Kiwanian Volume I, Issue 1

District Convention

September 2015

Governor Bob’s Reflections

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3 District Inbox: Final remarks from Governor Bob and reflections on the past year from Kevin.


Convention 2015: Find out what you missed in Erie. Relive the highlights of District 5 District Convention through words, stories, pictures, and perspectives. Save the dates for Scranton 2016! Kiwanian: Learn how you can access The Keystone Kiwanian online and how you can 11 Keystone become involved in the District Publication! Calendar: Governor Regional Visits have been scheduled. Be sure to check out those 12 District and other important upcoming dates.

Hi Everyone! Thank you for taking a look at my first issue of The Keystone Kiwanian. I’m excited to publish the activities, news, and accomplishments of the Pennsylvania District. If you would like to share a service project or social event please feel free to send it my way. I’m going to try and incorporate some new technology concerning The Keystone Kiwanian (outlined on page 11), but I will be here to help all members contribute and access it every step of the way. If you also like writing or taking pictures, be sure to check out the new Journalism Committee! I have been involved with the Kiwanis Family for thirteen years and am a past Key Clubber from Danville High School and Circle K member from Shippensburg University. Some of my past leadership positions include PA Key Club District Editor, PA Circle K District Editor, and PA Circle K District Governor. I love to travel and have been able to extensively visit New Zealand (right) and Australia. I am currently a Financial Analyst at Geisinger Health System in Bloomsburg.

Kiwanis International Defining Statement Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world, one child and one community at a time.

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Disclaimer: The Keystone Kiwanian is the Official Publication of the Pennsylvania District of Kiwanis International. This publication is supported by district dues. ALL members are encouraged to submit articles. They may be edited for length and clarity. Please submit articles or questions to District Editor Brett Cutright at


District Inbox: Conclusions By District Governor Bob Raub energy. PA Kiwanis, to date, has grown 140 members with about five weeks to go. I suspect clubs will be letting off steam by deleting those members who volunteered to leave the train early, before the work was finished and yet others, unfortunately, got off the train because of health or age reasons. I thank them for their service and devotion to “serving the children” of our communities. As I turn the throttle over to our new “chief conductor Jen,” I must remind everyone that it takes a lot of people to sustain our service to our communities and our children. Without continued growth and strengthening, it would be like letting the boiler go cold. With no fire, steam pressure fades away and a once mighty locomotive moves no more. Putting the engine in the roundhouse might have been the way for engineers to wind up their trip steaming from one end of the line to the other. In our case, as the Kiwanis year comes to a close, we still have work to do; some of which may not be done by October 1st. However, we need to turn our trains over to the next crew in good condition so, if called upon, they too can fire up the boilers and head out on the various Kiwanis main lines in pursuit of stronger clubs and to locate communities that need our Kiwanis energy. Above: Governor Bob as the conductor of the Elizabethtown Kiwanis float for the Elizabethtown Holiday Parade.

Let’s maintain our pressure and maintain our will to continue to “steam the way ahead” into a new century of Kiwanis service. Let’s invite more passengers to board our Kiwanis train bound for greater service and an improved world. We’ve eliminated MNT and we need to sustain that effort. We must sustain our Formula - Love It, Share It, Live It. Let’s stay on the right track and continue to “steam the way ahead.” It has been my honor serving with the best. Let’s finish the year stronger than we started. Thank you for your service and support! Above: Norlanco-Rheems Kiwanians and Governor Bob at Seafood Fest. Left: Governor Bob with PA Kiwanians at the Kiwanis International Office during International Convention in Indianapolis, IN.


District Inbox: Reflections By Executive Director Kevin Thomas District finances remain a top priority for your District Board. They are looking to reduce expenses whenever possible and for ways to increase non-dues sources of revenue. Our Administrative Secretary, Robin Cook, will be retiring in the upcoming year and we will be taking a look at that position to prudently reduce expenses. Other examples of these measures include the District Super Raffle and the Holiday Party. Some have been more successful than others. However for most of them to succeed, they require the support of members and clubs; so please consider supporting those efforts whenever possible. Our District Conventions and Conferences continue to operate in the black. Part of this is due to the costs of meals and events that are being kept relatively low through aggressive contract negotiation. Our fundraising efforts in the areas of sponsorships and ads have also greatly helped. For the Erie District Convention, over $8,000 in program ads were sold and there were over $6,000 in sponsorships; these sums represent 25% of the District Convention budget and were used in large part to subsidize meal costs. Our great work in the area of early childhood development remains strong. Kiwanis sponsored public forums and education programs continue to be held across Pennsylvania, including one at this convention that had about 200 Kiwanians and Erie County community members present. We are establishing more new partnerships, such as the one we have formed with the Pre-K for PA campaign, which resulted in the first ever Kiwanis Day at the Pennsylvania State Capitol. We are more actively supporting the Nurse Family Partnership; particularly with the efforts of the Kiwanis Clubs in Allegheny County led by the Penn Hills Kiwanis Club. We have added another guide to our series of early learning literature, this one called, “Everyday I Learn Through Play.” This brings the number of guides to three. 130,000 of these guides have been printed and Kiwanians have distributed over 111,000 of them. The Key Club District is coming on board to help with our efforts. Membership growth or the lack thereof, continues many taki

to be a concern and impacts all we do, particularly with services and finances. However, there are some encouraging signs. One is that we are seeing in areas former Service Leadership Program members taking important Kiwanis leadership positions. It appears to me that The Formula is beginning to work. However, until all Kiwanians realize that most growth is about positive approach and attitude, I am afraid that growth will continue to be a challenge. Some months ago I had a conversation with a Kiwanian who is in a very struggling club. Frankly, it was a depressing conversation. It went like this, “We’ve tried everything. We can’t get new members. Our community doesn’t care. What we do isn’t relevant anymore.” I pondered that conversation, particularly the last point, “Is Kiwanis relevant anymore?” I quickly came to realize we are, because we provide two things so desperately needed in the world these days: encouragement and hope. The hope of lives saved and of a life continued; the encouragement of aid given. The hope and encouragement of a scholarship provided, of a student coming out of his or her shell and becoming a leader, or of a Christmas that otherwise wouldn’t happen being provided. But just because we are relevant does not mean that our existence is guaranteed. That requires real leadership and real action. Not the leadership of someone just holding a position, but leadership with a bold vision of what could be and the willingness to take the aggressive action to make that vision a reality. It requires leaders that are willing to step up and out of their comfort zone and inspire others to do the same. Leadership that is willing to try new ideas and projects without fearing failure, knowing that the road to success has failure along the way. We need leaders that know that they will get criticized by those unwilling to lead and not willing to change. We need leaders that are relentlessly positive and unwavering in the pursuit of insuring that Kiwanis remains an organization providing hope and expectation for another 100 years.


District Convention 2015

Above: Governor-Designate Jen talks to former PA Commonwealth Governor, Mark Schweiker, at the Summit on Early Childhood Development on Friday morning.

The birthday celebration of Kiwanis’s 100th Birthday did not end at International Convention (ICON) in Indianapolis. Pennsylvania Kiwanians and Kiwanis Family members, kept the party going at our District Convention in Erie, PA! Convention began with what Kiwanians do best, service! Early attendees were able to help out at SafeNet, a local shelter for battered women and their families. Kiwanians did some general cleaning and yard work. Later that evening, the Host Committee put on a kick off picnic complete with birthday cake. The picnic took place at Presque Isle State Park with some great food, fellowship, and live music. The park also gave terrific views of the city. Friday started with the Summit on Early Childhood Above: PA Kiwanians and Circle K’ers pose for a photo in the recently groomed garden of SafeNet in Erie. Below: Kiwanians enjoying the kickoff picnic on Thursday.


Development and Breakfast. Former Pennsylvania Governor, the Honorable Mark Schweiker, spoke about important questions facing education and other issues in the Commonwealth. After a short break, Kiwanians assembled for the Heroes in Service and Sponsored Leadership Luncheon. Kiwanians were able to learn about our several service leadership programs and what accomplishments they had made in the past year. Key Club Governor Lindsey MacGregor and Circle K Governor Melissa Campbell talked about their experiences in the first couple months of their terms and what they hoped to accomplish by their District Conventions in March. Speakers and Administrators from K-Kids, Builders Club, Aktion Club, and Key Leader also spoke on updates and goals for the new year. Kiwanians who went above and beyond the call of duty were also recognized during the lunch. Friday business was wrapped up with a couple of rounds of workshops. During these sessions members could learn about The Formula, updates from the Foundation, officer training, and the history of Erie’s lighthouses. After workshops concluded, Kiwanians got to enjoy a night out on the town by visiting a local brewery, Brewerie, or vineyard, Arundel Cellars and Brewing Company. Everyone regrouped afterwards at the Hospitality Suite to meet the candidates that were running for office. Article continued on page 7.

Above: PA Kiwanians at the Detroit Kiwanis Club 100th Anniversary. Top Right: Governor Bob and Judy visit the Honolulu Kiwanis Club. Right: Carlisle Kiwanis and Governor Bob at Letort Park. Far Right: Governor Bob and President John.


Service kicked off Saturday with a walk and bike ride for early learning. Later, the Foundation Breakfast took place. Kiwanians learned what was new with the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation and the Kiwanis International Foundation. After breakfast, Kiwanians could go to various workshops. Topics included how to make your meetings more fun, service leadership programs, managing volunteer stress, and a visit to the Erie Maritime Museum. During lunch, members could sit and chat with President John Button (of the Eastern Canada and Caribbean District) or our 2015-2016 Trustee Art Riley (of the Capital District). The second half of Saturday was for business. The Business Session started with rousing renditions of the Canadian and American National Anthems, followed by the Keynote Speaker John Barber, of the Barber Institute. Remarks from President John, Trustee Art, and Kevin were made, as well as elections and remarks from the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation. The call to International Convention 2016 in Toronto was made, concluding with the elections of the 20152016 Governor and Governor Elect. Jen Vare of the Kiwanis Club of Levittown-Bristol was elected Governor, while John Gr채b of the Kiwanis Club of Hershey-Hummelstown was elected Governor Elect.

Above: 2014-2015 Kiwanis Heroes in Service after Friday Lunch. Below Top: Eliminate Chair Ethan, Governor Bob, and President John present Eliminate Awards during the Business Session. Below Bottom: Erie City and Waterfront at sunset.

DCON 2016: Scranton

What a Bright idea! 7

Saturday concluded with the Governor’s Banquet. Governor Bob gave his reflections on the past year after dinner concluded. Comments were also made by President John. Governor Designate Jen then made a motivating speech on her plan for the upcoming year. 2015-2016 Officers were also installed. The banquet ended with a crowd moving performance from a local comedy troupe. A dessert reception immediately followed hosted by Governor Designate Jen. The Farewell Breakfast started Sunday Morning. After breakfast, lllllllll we remembered Kiwanians we had lost over the past year and Governor Designate Jen told us to get ready for the new year! Gavin Jerome concluded convention with a humorous, motivating speech. Next year’s District Convention city will be Scranton, PA. Be sure to check social media, the website, and The Keystone Kiwanian for news, updates, and information from the Convention Committee! Top: 2015 SLP DCON Speakers and their Administrators. Above Left: Governor Designate Jen being pinned and her partner Paul Above Right: Governor Elect John, Past Governor Sue, and their daughter Jen.

Bottom: Governor Bob promoting the PA Foundation Rose Sale.


Key Words What did you

“I’m ready to take back new ideas I learned about to my club.”

Patricia Sherman Conneaut Lake

“I learned how to benefit my club and community through sharing ideas with other clubs.”

Tim Meyers Bald Eagle-Nittany Valley


From Key People learn at DCON 2015?

“I learned about the positive impact Kiwanis has on communities, locally and around the world.”

“I learned a lot over the past weekend from the service side to the administrative side of Kiwanis.” Ivan Lopez Hermitage First Timer

Heather Marchek Hermitage First Timer

Pictured with Division 2 LTG Bruce Peterson

“I learned how to energize our meetings from the workshop I just attended.”

Jeanne Mesko Glenside First Timer 10

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