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October 2015

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Inbox: Welcoming words from Governor Jen on the new Kiwanis year and 3 District administrative updates from Kevin. the 2015-2016 District Board: Come read more about your trustees, lieutenant governors, 9 Meet and chairs that will represent you in the new Kiwanis year. Updates: McKeesport-White Oak celebrates Kiwanis’s Centenary (above) and Easton 19 Club honors a local firefighter. the Kiwanis World: Thousands of Kiwanians are making a difference in their 21 Around communities every day, just like you. Find out what Kiwanians in other Districts are up to! This month, we are traveling up north to the Pacific Northwest District. the Issuu?: Learn how you can access The Keystone Kiwanian online. Features, tips, and hints 23 What’s for working with will be outlined to maximize your reading enjoyment.


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Pennsylvania Kiwanis @pakiwanis Pennsylvania Kiwanis


District Inbox: New Year!!! By District Governor Jen Vare Happy New Year and Happy New Century of Kiwanis! Aren’t we lucky here in Kiwanis world to celebrate a new year twice? Once in January and once in October! And this year we also get to celebrate a new century, a new century of Kiwanis service! How did you ring 2015-2016 PA District it in? Will there be bells, Governor Jen Vare parties, whistles, banging Levittown Bristol on pots and pans, wearing of hats and blowing on horns? Or will you celebrate by having your new Lieutenant Governor install your officers, by starting a new service project, by inviting a new member? I hope that you will do a perfect combination, after all it is a new year, a new century and we should be making noise, toasting our successes and finding ways to do more service with more members. I am thrilled to be the Governor of the Pennsylvania District as we celebrate our first 100 year old club: Pittsburgh, as we complete our goal of 110 million dollars for Project Eliminate, as we rise to the occasion of more service hours, and as we conquer strengthening our mighty district with more hands of service to Serve the Children of the World. 20 years ago this past September I walked around the activities fair at Shippensburg University searching for which organizations I would join. I signed my name to many lists as I wanted plenty of opportunities, but I knew that I wanted to find at least one service organization. I was a member of the Community Service Corps in high school, volunteered at the Homeless Shelter’s Children’s Area weekly, and knew that service was important to me. One table that definitely caught my eye was Ship Circle K, maybe it was because there were 2 very handsome seniors standing there encouraging me to sign up or maybe it was because everything they told me aligned with what I was looking for, but I am sure that both played a part! It turns out that the only WWWW


organization I officially joined and the one that would change me forever was Circle K. Circle K and the amazing Kiwanis Club of Shippensburg took a young wild child and gave me purpose, taught me leadership, and allowed me to not only do countless hours of service, but meet other college kids at Ship and throughout Pennsylvania who would become some of my closest friends. As I was about to graduate, my Kiwanis advisor, Joe Cretella, called me in to talk. We talked about my future, my teaching plans, where I was heading to, but the most important thing he said was “when you get home, you need to join Kiwanis and give back to others what we gave to you.” I promised I would. 15 years ago I “shopped” around for a Kiwanis Club. Lucky for me Division 21 had many clubs all with their own little flavor, but all committed to serving the children of the community. There was the tiny club that did service projects at their meetings twice a month at dinner, there was the club that met for breakfast weekly to plan projects and fundraisers to build the very first Imagination Land Playground in Bucks County, there was the large club that had weekly evening meetings with speakers and an agenda to plan service and fundraising. Now as we embark on this next 100 years of service we still know that every club is a little bit different and what works for one club will not work for all clubs. Kiwanis realizes that every community, member, and club are different and we try to meet the needs of everyone. As I had promised Joe, I did join a Kiwanis Club within four months of my graduation, the Levittown Bristol Club, which had a little over 40 members, did a lot of fundraising, some service and had a speaker almost every week. I was by far the youngest member. But why did I join them when I had so many clubs I could choose from? They were persistent, they communicated with me, and they made sure that the “product” they were “selling” was going to work for me and my new found teaching career. Each club was selling the same tremendous product of Kiwanis to me. This specific one encouraged me to attend meetings, but did not make them mandatory, they motivated me WWWW

District Inbox: New Year!!! welcomed and appreciated. Remember as you invite potential new members to your club that the Kiwanis product we are selling is already tremendous, but how will you personalize it for them? With a degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education the Early Learning Initiative has always been near and dear to my heart. When you hear shocking statistics about the children in Pennsylvania your heart can only cry out, “What more can we do?” We, as Kiwanians, are passionate about serving the children of the world and we need to start with these children, the youngest children of the world, the ones who cannot stand up for themselves, the ones that need to be nurtured and educated from birth. The first few years of every life are the most crucial in how a child learns and grows into their future. The early learning guides that we provide to families in Pennsylvania will make a difference, the books that we read to children in preschools will make a difference, the supplies we donate to food pantries and schools make a difference in the lives of these children. I am asking you to try doing something new for the youngest children of your community: sponsor a day care center, start a new reading program, provide a children’s day at your local library, provide manipulatives, books and school supplies to a place that have little, distribute Early Learning Guides to an area that has none, host a town hall meeting about the needs of our youngest children, contact PreK for PA & Nurse Family Partnerships or work with your Key Club who has also taken on the challenge of supporting the youngest children of PA. The ideas are endless; contact me, Young Children Priority One Chair Emily Reed, or Executive Director Kevin Thomas for more ideas on what you can do. This year I have created a Governor’s Project: Mile of Dimes. Each dime you, your club, and your SLP members collect will help “our babies” as it will be donated to the Early Learning Fund through the Pennsylvania District Foundation. Can you donate one foot of dimes? Please check out for more details. This page can be viewed as a website even if you are not on Facebook!

PA Circle K chose “Save Today, Cure Tomorrow” as their District Service Project this year with the goal that all members focus on cancer fundraising, community service, and support. I hope that you will partner with a Circle K for their DSP even if you do not have one to call your own. As I travel throughout the district I will have Breast Cancer Awareness Kiwanis pins with me, for a $5 donation you will support Breast Cancer Awareness and The Eliminate Project as all proceeds will be donated to Eliminate. How will we LOVE, SHARE, AND LIVE our Kiwanis experience this year? As you know that is the Formula, the Formula for strengthening who we are and what we do. Think of that child’s smile at one of your service projects, isn’t that what you love about Kiwanis? Think of the laughter, conversations and ideas you share with members at meetings, isn’t that what you love about Kiwanis? Think about the student who receives a scholarship from all the money you raised, isn’t that what you love about Kiwanis? You know why you love Kiwanis. You know your story and the stories of your club. NOW is the time to share that love! Share the story of your project, “your child”, your fundraiser, your fun on social media and with llllllllllllllll

New Year Continued on Page 8

Above: Jen posing with the Pennsylvania Key Club District Board for an elevator selfie at their board meeting.


District Inbox: Admin Reminders By Executive Director Kevin Thomas Any former member of a Kiwanis Service Leadership Program or Sponsored Youth Organization who joins Kiwanis has International dues waived for two years regardless of age. The new member (or their club on behalf of the member) must pay the Kiwanis International Magazine subscription, the Liability Insurance premium, and club dues.

Dues, magazine, and insurance fees per member for the 2015-2016 year are: International Dues: $ 52.00 Kiwanis Magazine: 8.00 Insurance: 17.00 District Dues: 35.00 Total: $ 112.00 If you have any individuals that will not be continuing as members for whatever reason, be advised that you must remove them from your club’s roster by October 10th. Any deletions that need to be made must be submitted to the Kiwanis International Office by that time. Dues billings for clubs will be based on the club’s roster that is in the Kiwanis International database as of October 10th and clubs will be responsible for payments based on that roster. Information on your club’s 2015-2016 dues bill is being sent to the 2014-2015 club secretary. If your club is changing secretaries from 2014-2015 to 2015-2016, it is important that this information gets passed on to the 2015-2016 club secretary and treasurer so that any necessary changes are completed by the October 10th deadline. When adding a new member to your club’s roster, your club pays Kiwanis International a flat $50.00 fee and the Pennsylvania District Graduated Dues for that new member. What the club pays depends on the time of the year. All payments for new members get made payable to Kiwanis International get sent to the Kiwanis International office in Indianapolis.


Pennsylvania District Graduated Enrollment Fee Schedule Month the New Member Enrollment Joins the Club Fee October/November $ 85.00 December/January $ 80.00 February/March $ 75.00 April/May $ 70.00 June/July $ 65.00 August/September $ 60.00 Kiwanis Insurance now consists of two elements. The first is general liability insurance. The other is Directors and Officers Liability insurance. Neither program is optional. All Kiwanis Clubs and club foundations must file some version of the IRS 990 non-profit tax form. Most clubs can file form 990-N, which is available on line only through the IRS website; clubs with higher levels of income will have to file form 990EZ or 990. For most clubs, the appropriate form must be filed by February 15th. By law, no club or club foundation is exempt from filing the appropriate 990 form. If a club does not file the appropriate form 990 for 3 consecutive years, it will lose its nonprofit status. To regain non-profit status, a club will need to complete and file Form 1024 or if it does not, it will need to pay tax on all revenues taken into the club treasury.

For clubs that are struggling with their administrative account but have a healthy service account, I’d like to offer the following tip or suggestion. When paying your dues invoice to Kiwanis International, take the entire $17.00 per member cost of insurance fee from your service account. The insurance is needed because we are out in the community doing service so it can be treated as a project cost just as any other project cost. Bottom line to help an administrative account,

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Jen From Around the District


District Inbox: Farewell By Immediate Past Governor Bob Raub Your Pennsylvania Kiwanis Leadership Team has turned the train around for its new run; “steaming the way ahead” and serving the children of the world. To each member of the Pennsylvania District: a sincere thank you for all that was done during the 2014-2015 PA District 2014-2015 year to Governor Bob Raub advance our organization Norlanco-Rheems and to provide greater service to our children… The district goals of growing Kiwanis fell a bit short of our goal but we were successful by a wide margin nonetheless. Official membership numbers have just been released and we ended the year with a net loss of 113 members. The last time our net loss was this low was four years ago when our district finished with 106 fewer members. Seven of our 21 divisions ended the year stronger with an increase in division membership. The Formula is working! Clubs aggressively added members during the year, helping them maintain their strong posture for continued service to their communities. With continued focus on opening new clubs and strengthening our existing clubs, Pennsylvania Kiwanis will continue to provide fun for its membership and relevant service to its communities. Thank you all for your efforts to sustain the organization that we love. Our Eliminate contributions set records during the year. For several months, we led Kiwanis with our increasing donations. Although the Eliminate Office in Indianapolis is catching up on the accounting, Ethan McBeth, our district Eliminate Chair reports strong contributions from individuals and clubs positioning our district contributions to approach $1.2M by the end of the calendar year.


Our Service Leadership Programs also continue to grow and expand. New Key Clubs, Circle K Clubs, Aktion Clubs, Builders Clubs, and K-Kids Clubs prove that there is still a need for our Kiwanis service. And that we are providing mentorship, friendship, and fun to young people around the state. Thank you to all of our Kiwanis Clubs and members who are truly engaged with our Service Leadership Program members. Your involvement will positively provide lifelong memories and opportunities to these future Kiwanians. Thank you all for your warm hospitality to my wife, Judy, and myself as we visited many clubs throughout the past couple of years. My service as your Governor was a wonderful experience that more people should be able to experience. We really are a wonderful organization touching the lives of many people over time and throughout the state and I am very appreciative of having had the opportunity to have represented all of you while serving as your District Governor. Let’s all stay engaged with renewed energy and spirit as we transition into our next Kiwanis year. Let’s continue to move forward serving the children of the world starting in your communities while we proudly wear the Kiwanis “K” inviting every person we touch to be part of this great organization. Thank you, again, all!!!

District Inbox: To Be Continued New Year Continued to get involved in their next events, they partnered me with a Kiwanis Buddy, they made me feel your friends and family and then invite them to your next project so they too have a story! Over the years we have come to realize it doesn’t matter how often we meet or if a member makes every meeting, what matters is the service that we are giving to our communities, that is how we live Kiwanis! When we commit to serving the children of the world and your community hears about it they will be asking “How do I join?” How do I start a club in my community? It is time for you to share what you love about Kiwanis with everyone you meet because together we are changing the world for our children.

Above: Jen in Seattle helping spread the Kiwanis message!

Administrative Continued take $95.00 per member from the administrative account and $17.00 per member from the service account when paying your dues invoice. Of course if your club administrative account is healthy, you can take all monies for dues, magazine and insurance from that account. There is an administrative account myth I want to dispel: You may place a certain percentage (usually the figure thrown about is 10%) or flat amount of any fundraiser you have in your administrative account. That is simply NOT TRUE and is not permissible, or even legal. If your club is conducting a 50/50, raffle, or another game of chance, it is important you comply with the Pennsylvania Small Games of Chance Law. Kiwanis clubs are not exempt from the law. Please visit for more information. By now all clubs should have received the manuals for the club president and secretary. If your club has not received their manuals/materials, you should contact Robin at 717/540-9300 or Online training is available for club presidents and secretaries. Additionally, there are changes to the club secretary reporting functions and capabilities on the KiwanisOne system so it is important for all secretaries to take the training. You can begin the online training at kiwanisone/learn/ online-training. All clubs are reminded to submit a monthly report of their club’s activities, meetings, and other information via the Kiwanisone website.


Meet the 2015-20 Bill Henning Region IV Trustee Bald Eagle-Nittany Valley

Phil Weber Co-Leadership Education Chair Emmaus

Joe Wilson Division 21 LTG Southampton

Kate Feryo Region VII Trustee West Chester


My name is Bill Henning and I’m proud to have joined Kiwanis in August 2006 and wished I had done that much sooner! I served in officer positions with two local clubs and also a past Lieutenant Governor. I am excited about the Trustee position and challenge and am really excited about retiring from the work-a-day world very soon!

Phil Weber is a 15 year member and past president of the Emmaus Club. He is the immediate past Lieutenant Governor for Division 18. Phil’s first exposure to the Kiwanis Family was through his membership and presidency of Bayonne High School Key Club in New Jersey. Phil is a retired engineer. He also serves on the Literacy Center of the Lehigh Valley Board of Directors. Phil and his wife, Maryann, have two children and one granddaughter. Joe is a retired father of three and grandfather of four. He is a past president of the Kiwanis Club of Southampton and current Secretary. He is also a Certified Instructor of the Pennsylvania District. His wife, Sally, is the Immediate Past President of their club.

My name is Kate Feryo and I'm currently the Region VII Trustee. I live in West Chester with my husband Chris, two children William & Georgia, dog Bella, and two cats Harry & Spencer. I've been an educator for 20 years and currently work as a special education liaison for the WCASD. I first joined the Phoenixville Kiwanis because I was looking for a way to serve and become part of the new community. Thanks to two long time Kiwanians’ encouragement I joined the West Chester Kiwanis after moving to our new home.

016 District Board Greetings PA Kiwanis! My name is Kady Blass and I’m serving as the K-Kids Administrator this year. I have been in the Kiwanis Family since my freshman year as a member of Conrad Weiser High School Key Club, then a Circle K member at Elizabethtown College, and as a Kiwanis member with the Greater Reading-Berks County Club. My husband, Andrew, and I even met through Circle K! Along with our daughter, we enjoy being involved in our church, spending time with our families, and playing outside. Stef hails from the Kiwanis Club of Lititz Area. She loves Kiwanis, mint chocolate chip ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, and early mornings. As a 17 year member of the Kiwanis Family, Stef has also been a member of Builder’s Club, Key Club, and Circle K, and is now a strong supporter of Key Leader. When she’s not volunteering, you’ll find her trying out new recipes, watching minor league baseball, and lifting heavy weights in a quest to become more awesome. You can find Stef on social media at @heystefstam. My name is Debbie and I am a Senior Patient Financial Information Specialist at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine. In addition to Kiwanis, I am a member of Norwood Herrington Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, Pitt’s Staff Association Council, and steering committee member for the United Way at Pitt while co-chairing the campaign at the Dental School. My husband Bill and I have 4 children and 3 grandchildren.

John Mazurowski has been a member of the Freeport Kiwanis for eight years. He grew up in western New York State and was a member of Key Club in York, New York long, long ago. He currently works on optical network development, but also plays guitar during the weekends in Pittsburgh. John believes in the Kiwanis spirit of service leadershipthat we all have our part in improving our world. He is always there to help, and to share a good joke.

Kady Blass K-Kids Club District Administrator Greater Reading-Berks County

Stef Stamatopoulos Division 16 LTG & Key Leader Chair Lititz Area

Debbie Whitfield Division 5 LTG Sheradon

John Mazurowski Division 6 LTG Freeport


Meet the 2015-20 Bob Gilson Division 12 North Co-LTG Williamsport

I have been involved in Kiwanis for 11 years beginning with the South Williamsport Club and now with the Williamsport and Mansfield Clubs. I have served as the 2006-2007 Lieutenant Governor. My wife, Laura, and I enjoy visiting the other clubs and learning what they are doing for their North Central Pennsylvania communities. I look forward to being a helping hand to my fellow Kiwanians in Division 12 North.

Dennis Bouchard Co-Leadership Education Chair Norlanco-Rheems

I have had the joy of belonging to the Kiwanis Club of Norlanco-Rheems since 2010. I have been able to serve as president and am a past LTG for Division 16. My duties in Leadership Education began in March 2015 when I joined Governor Bob for dessert one evening. “My treat,” he said. Nothing is free. I am a retired Verizon telephone technician, having worked for 25 years in the dinosaur division (land lines). My wife, Joy, and I live in Elizabethtown with our two cats. We have 3 kids and 5 grandchildren.

Kathy Durner Division 1 LTG Bradford

Chuck Pirone Division 15 LTG Tunkhannock


My name is Kathy. I’m originally from Wisconsin and still have the urge to cheer for Wisconsin when they play Penn State. I was a Learning Support Teacher for twenty five years and the Bradford Key Club Faculty Advisor for fifteen years. As advisor, I had the privilege of mentoring 12 LTGs, two executive officers, and two Governors, all from Bradford. My husband, Randy, and I travel to assist our parents in Wisconsin. We have two children who live out west, and two grandsons. We enjoy riding bikes, hiking, reading, and making jam and French Onion soup. Chuck has been a member of the Tunkhannock Kiwanis Club since 1981. He is a retired Elementary School Principal and was in the education field for 33 years. He is an avid hiker, climber, kayaker, diver, and musician. Other hobbies include coin collecting, riding motorcycles, and community service. He is a Hixson Fellow and one of the founders of the Kiwanis Wyoming County Fair. Chuck has served on several boards for groups affiliated with music, education, and the environment. Chuck has been married to his wife Susan since 1982.

016 District Board My name is Emily and I am the Young Children Priority One Chair. I have been a Kiwanis member for a few years and have been YCPO club chair, secretary, and currently serving as President. I am a Reading Specialist in York County and have been there for 16 years. My other activities include coaching the Girls on the Run and Let Me Run (boys), K-Kids Advisor, Venturing Crew Leader, and Odyssey of the Mind Coach. In my "free time," I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two labs. We love to kayak and play disc golf. Hello, my name is Heather. I am a past Warren Key Club member, past Mercyhurst University Circle K member, and now one of the newest members of the Erie Kiwanis Club. This is my ninth year in the Kiwanis Family. Along with having my dream job working as an Outreach Specialist for a community health center, my days are spent with my church youth group, events with Erie Young Adults, and cuddling my cats, Jupiter and Yoda, while watching Netflix. I have a love for Starbucks and Twizzlers, and an irrational fear of popsicle sticks and lady bugs. I graduated from Lock Haven University in 2007 with a B.A. in History and again in 2011 with a Master of Education. Currently, I am Field Representative for State Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman and am based out of Bellefonte. I have been in Kiwanis since 2003 and have served as club President of the Mill Hall Club, Division 12N co-Lt. Governor, and District Chair for Laws and Regulations. I am a charter member of the Kiwanis Club of Bald Eagle- Nittany Valleys and am currently President. Bill has been a Kiwanian since 1997 starting with Stroudsburg and currently with Poconos Daybreak. He has been a past president and LTG. He also volunteers with the Burnley Workshop and chairs the Board of Directors. This group serves adults with disabilities. Bill loves dogs, golf, and NASCAR. In addition to loving Irish culture and people, Bill has been able to visit Ireland 18 times!

Emily Reed Young Children Priority One Chair Dillsburg

Heather Christensen Alumni Coordination Chair Erie

Matt Wise Laws and Regulations Chair Bald Eagle-Nittany Valleys

Bill McCabe Division 17 LTG Poconos Daybreak


Meet the 2015-20 Ann Moffitt Region V Trustee Red Land-Fairview Township

Kelly Shaup Circle K District Administrator Wyoming Area

Shirley McPherrin Division 12 South LTG Milton-Warrior Run

Paul Kasoff Administration Chair Lansdale


Ann is currently the Vice President of Community Development for Keystone Human Services. She lives in New Cumberland with her husband, George, two cats, and two dogs. She has one daughter, four stepchildren, two grandsons, and three step grandchildren. Ann has worked and volunteered for multiple community and community service organizations including the YWCA, the United Way, the Girl Scouts, and various Chambers of Commerce. Kelly is a former Key Clubber from James M. Coughlin High School and Circle K member from Wilkes University. He and his wife have a son, Talon. He is excited to be back with the Service Leadership Programs and looking forward to the next year.

My name is Shirley and this is my second consecutive year as LTG. I am also the Secretary/Treasurer of the Milton-Warrior Run Kiwanis Club and like to volunteer at our local food bank and senior citizen’s center. I am a retired teacher of 35 years for the Milton School District where I was the Key Club advisor as well. I am a proud mother of two daughters and have a one year old granddaughter. My husband, Ted, and I love traveling, all Philadelphia sports teams, and spending time with family and friends. I have been a Kiwanian since 1994. Professionally, I am a Commercial Real Estate Broker and Comptroller at my office in Lansdale. I also have 40 years of experience as a commercial General Contractor, having built in five states. The Administration Chair encourages and helps all clubs to promptly and accurately complete their monthly reports and utilize their budgets to gauge progress during the year.

016 District Board Phyllis served 43 years as a health care professional and retired as the Senior Vice President of Operations at Lewistown Hospital. She has been a Lewistown Kiwanian since the early 1990s because she had heard of the great service projects Kiwanians do in the community. Phyllis has served the club as a chair for various committees and projects, various club positions, and advisor for the South Hills Business School Circle K. She is also a two time Distinguished Kiwanian. I graduated from Millersville University in 2003 with a degree in Elementary Education and received my Masters of Education for Classroom Technology in 2011. I have held the position of secretary for my club for the past four years. I have been playing tennis competitively since I was 11 years old, was able to play Division 2 in college and have been the head coach for the girls’ tennis team at Wyoming Area High School for the past four years.

Darlene has been a member of the Kiwanis Club of Glenside for over 25 years and is also a member of the Hatboro-Horsham Club. During her tenure in Kiwanis she has served in various club and district positions including Lieutenant Governor, Region VII Trustee, and multiple District Chairs. She has taught for 32 years. Darlene has served as a delegate at 23 International Conventions and traveled to 52 different countries! This past summer she attended a Kiwanis meeting in Colombia and hopes others check out Kiwanis meetings when you travel. Sarah has been a Kiwanian since 2002 and is an active member of the University City Club in West Philadelphia. She has been president and currently is in her second year as LTG. She is a New Club Opener with the Formula Team, helping open Kennett Square Club and Northwest Philadelphia Club. Sarah works at Drexel University as Executive Director in their Database/IT group. She serves as the Faculty advisor to the Drexel Circle K. Sarah likes traveling, drinking wine, running, and Pilates!

Phyllis Palm Division 11 East LTG Lewistown

Tiffany Callaio Builders Club District Administrator Wyoming Area

Darlene Anderson Aktion Club District Administrator Glenside Hatboro-Horsham

Sarah Zulueta Division 22 LTG University City


District Chair Updates Laws and Regulations

Alumni Coordination

By Matt Wise

By Heather Christensen

BYLAWS ARE FUN! Okay, well no, they’re not. They can be contentious, painful, boring, and redundant. But someone has to like them! They also provide direction to clubs and keep things in order. A few years ago, Kiwanis International developed a new Standard Form for Club Bylaws. The new Standard Form provides additional autonomy for clubs and also allows for all additional club policies to be listed directly in one document. There are fewer restrictions for clubs along with more simplified language. Clubs were asked to adopt the new Standard Form by the end of the previous administrative year. We know that some clubs in the district have done this, but not all. I can tell you that nearly all of the changes simply broaden the club’s options and will allow your club to continue operating as you do now. There is also a section for mandatory club policies. These are the policies that carry out the provisions in the bylaws. This is where you’ll have a large amount of input. Secondary to that is the section for optional club policies. These are areas in which clubs should consider, but are not mandated to adopt. The website ( for club bylaws is a great resource for you to learn more about the process. I am also happy to answer any questions you might have as well and assist your club with the process. If you are unsure of the status of your bylaws, I will be able to find that out for you, too. You’ll find that most, if not all, of the provisions in your current bylaws will be covered in the new Standard Form. These updates allow our clubs to modernize with new standards from Kiwanis International.


The Alumni Coordination Committee is looking to increase our alumni network email list. A new form will be shared via Facebook to collect alumni information. We will also be launching a new Facebook page for all Pennsylvania Kiwanis Family Alumni on October 1st. In order to increase pride across the Kiwanis Family, we are planning to showcase alumni through publishing alumni success stories often, and celebrating alumni achievements. We also plan to expand opportunities for alumni involvement that includes encouraging CKI alumni (from all districts) to join Pennsylvania eKiwanis and creating special alumni events that align with existing Kiwanis Family events. If anyone has questions or suggestions, please email me at

District Chair Updates Formula Updates

PA Kiwanis Foundation

By Cathy Szymanski

By Ben Osterhout

The Formula Team is starting its third year and some people still do not know exactly what it is. Think about this; every community needs a Kiwanis club, and every club needs Kiwanians. The Formula is our chance to shape the future of your club, your community, and the Kiwanis Family. The Formula is a member led, multi-year initiative that focuses on Kiwanis members, investing in the Kiwanis experience, and ultimately strengthening membership. When something really matters, you want other people to love it with you. You want it to be more than something you “do”-you want it to be part of your life. If you want more information or resources on the Formula, visit We get it, asking people to join your club is not for everyone. You love your club and you love the service your club does. However, you still feel awkward asking someone to join Kiwanis. This is certainly not a problem, find someone in your club to go with you, and ask someone to join; or reach out to me and I will put you in touch with a Formula person in your area. Keep in mind the first step is to attract new members; you have to motivate your current members first. Motivating your members is an easy task, but it will not happen overnight. Make sure when a new member joins they have a mentor, you don’t want someone talking about a BUG program without the new member knowing what BUG is all about. Make sure new members get an orientation. I recommend all clubs have a membership orientation each year for all members. Make sure all members are involved in something that they enjoy. Remember don’t just email or robo-call, pick up the phone and talk to members, find out what is going on with them, why are they not

On behalf of the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation, thank you for your wonderful support. It is through your club and personal gifts that we're able to have the great programs we have throughout Pennsylvania. Our board is comprised of President Ben Osterhout, Vice President Kristina Badali, Secretary Maureen Gallo, Treasurer Dale Brackin, and board members Paul Kasoff, Chet Maciejewski, Margie Smith, Bob Raub, Bill Frantz, Rosemary McFee, Jillian Pritts, Marty Schaefer, Rick Arnold, Bill Cater, Dick Eby, Susan Grab, and Mark Mishinski. The Foundation board met on September 26th, and approved the following major funding initiatives:  Budgeting for printing early learning guides  Scholarships for Circle K and Key Club members. Applications will be available in mid-December.  Scholarships for students to attend Key Leader at Camp Conrad Weiser in April 2016 and Camp Allegheny in May 2016.  Funding for Aktion Club, Circle K, and Key Club leadership training programs. Thank you to all clubs who sold roses during the rose sale. These funds provide valuable resources for both our Foundation and clubs. The Foundation needs the support of all Pennsylvania Kiwanis members. The Foundation cannot continue to provide program support without financial resources. Please encourage clubs and members to make the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation a philanthropic priority. For more information on Foundation programs visit

See Formula on Page 20

Above: Foundation Board members at the September Board Meeting in Pittsburgh.


District Chair Updates Key Leader

By Stef Stamatopoulos Give teens the experience of a lifetime: Key Leader! Kiwanis Clubs are invited to provide full or partial scholarships to students to attend Key Leader. Over the last several years, clubs have worked with faculty advisors, guidance counselors, and community leaders to identify students that would benefit from the Key Leader experience. Registration will open in January 2016 at Space is limited for each camp so be certain to register your students early! If you have any questions regarding these events, please contact Key Leader District Chair Stef Key Leader is a weekend long, experiential Stamatopoulos at leadership program for today's young leaders. Participants learn that the key to leadership is helping others succeed. Through workshops, discussions, and team-building activities, students have the opportunity to learn leadership skills that will help them change their schools, communities, and world for the better. Key Leader is building the next great generation of service-minded leaders. Graduates have described the program as “life-changing” and have shared that the weekend long program gave them a “new level of confidence” with regards to leading their peers in giving back. In 2016, the Pennsylvania District will host TWO Key Leader events! Camp Conrad Weiser Wernersville, PA April 22-24, 2016

Camp Allegheny Stoystown, PA May 13-15, 2016


Around the District

McKeesport-White Oak Celebrates Centenary of Kiwanis By Trib Total Media Staff Writer Michael DiVittorio The Kiwanis Club of McKeesport-White Oak celebrated Kiwanis International's 100th Anniversary at the Palisades. The McKeesport club formed on June 15, 1921, and expanded to include White Oak in August 1959. The anniversary celebration served as a presidents' banquet as well, honoring newly installed club president Eliana Latterman and outgoing president Sharon Soles. Soles was president for one year and involved with the club for the past three years. “I'm very excited,” Soles said. “I'll be Eli Latterman's wingman. She's very busy so I'll be there for her and Above: Evalee Kunes, Donna Maguire, and Dolores IkachLefcort show the Snuggle Babies that were designed by hopefully we can do our golf outing this year. We Maguire and trademarked in 1999. They are given to haven't had a golf outing in two years.” Soles said her club has met for lunch every Tuesday UPMC McKeesport's emergency department. at noon since its inception. The club meets at Riverview Baptist Church. Soles highlighted some of the club's activities such as a fruit sale, health screenings, and donations to the Salvation Army, LaRosa Boys & Girls Club of McKeesport, McKeesport Meals on Wheels, and the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children. Former club president Bob Baum, Soles, and Latterman delivered speeches during a special segment called Footsteps of the Past, Present and Future. It coincided with the theme of the evening, “Stepping into the Future.” The stage, dining tables, and other parts of the Palisades featured shoes as part of the decor, along with other Kiwanis memorabilia, dresses, and items donated for the event from the McKeesport Heritage Center. “I think it's a wonderful thing,” said former Pennsylvania Kiwanis Division 6 Lieutenant Governor Marilyn Baldwin. “[McKeesport-White Oak's] really been a top-notch club. There are members with long memberships. I think it's a great organization. I encourage more young people to take advantage of service organizations such as Kiwanis.” Latterman echoed Baldwin's thoughts about engaging youth. She mentioned continuing youth outreach as one of her goals, along with increasing club membership and fundraising. The club started with 85 members and has dwindled to 28. “Kiwanis has not survived for 100 years without adapting to the times, and so our club must do the same,” Latterman said. “My hope is that with group discussion with such clubs, along with creative thinking, we'll be able to make our presence known in the McKeesport-White Oak area and attract newly dedicated members.” Latterman commended past club officers as well as the committee in charge of the event. The event was organized by Soles, Latterman, Donna Maguire, Lynn Dougherty, Chuck Jarrell and Frank Zeman. Master of ceremonies was McKeesport native Yugo Ikach, music director and principal conductor of the Washington Symphony Orchestra and music department chair of California University of Pennsylvania. He brought The California Singers, the university's vocal ensemble. They performed several acapella tunes and a Motown medley. Special guest was Pennsylvania Kiwanis Division 6 Lieutenant Governor John Mazurowski. He installed officers and board members and presented a plaque to Soles.

Courtesy of Trib Total Media


Around the District Easton Honors Local Firefighter of the Year By Bill Walters On October 14th Easton Kiwanis began a new tradition in the City of Easton. At the weekly noon meeting held at the Pomfret Club, they presented the first “Firefighter of the Year” award to Easton Fireman John Hartman, “for meritorious service to the community.” Easton Kiwanian Walter Howell described how the idea for the Easton Firefighter of the Year award began this past year with Captain Hennings and 2 other firemen. They discussed this with him while doing some other community service together and our Kiwanis board felt it was a perfect fit since we honor a Police Officer of the Year. Mayor Sal Panto presented his thanks and appreciation for not only the award but for the work and sacrifices that honoree Fireman John Hartman and his fellow firefighters do day in and day out. He said they "earn his respect every day." Fire Chief John Bast echoed the mayor and also offered thanks to the Kiwanis Club for providing this award. Chief Bast recounted an event on the Lehigh River this past May when Fireman Hartman put his own life at risk while attempting to rescue a kayaker that had gone over www

Above: Walter Howell (left in tan jacket), Fire Chief John Bast, Fireman John Hartman, Fire Capt Hennings, Easton Kiwanis President Skip Fairchild

the Chain Dam and was floating in the water. He explained how when the department firemen were polled to choose the award recipient, John Hartman was who they chose. A message recently seen on a church sign is very fitting for Fireman John Hartman, the "winner" of the first Kiwanis Fireman Award: "Life is like tennis, the only way to win is to serve." John Hartman, just like Easton Kiwanis members SERVE.

Formula Continued at meetings, what do they like about meetings, what would they want changed. Survey your membership often. Make sure no matter how big or small your club is you have a membership chair. We hear it all the time; ask friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to service projects. We often find that the reason members are joining is for the service. If you have an awesome service project that you think your friend would love ask them to come along and help out. You might be amazed who shows up. Especially if you want younger members to join, plan a service project in the evening or on a weekend that younger members and their kids would like to help out at. You will find there are many people who want to serve their community and bring their family closer together. What better way to do this than have them come to a Kiwanis Service Project together. There are several things you can do to get members engaged. If you want some ideas reach out to me or past Governor Susan, she is amazing at coming up with low cost service projects that can involve everyone. We have a lot of ideas, so please reach out to me and I will put you in touch with someone to help you. The Formula team is also here to help with your existing clubs. Let us know if you have an idea for where a new club can be opened. Governor Jen has some BIG growth goals this coming year. I know the Pennsylvania District will reach them with your help. Until next time, be safe and remember to LOVE IT, SHARE IT, LIVE IT!


Around the Kiwanis World Pacific Northwest District Fast Facts

Governor Jackie Sue McFarlin Airway Heights; East Spokane Geographic Area: Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho Panhandle, Northern tip of California, British Columbia, Yukon

Global Service Project: Kiwanis SIGN SIGN International Fracture Care provides orthopaedic treatment and surgeries to victims of car accidents and individuals in third world countries where their untreated injuries would leave them disabled or bedridden. These life changing surgeries can cost as little as $100 and a new surgery center costs around $15,000. PNW’s commitment to SIGN was started by a past LTG, Milt Lewis of Richland Kiwanis (Washington). Milt was a quadriplegic that had benefited from SIGN’s system. Kiwanis also played a role in the founding of this organization. It was founded by a Kiwanian Lewis G. Zirkle by using award money from the Kiwanis World Service Medal. Currently, Pacific Northwest Kiwanians have built 51 Surgery Centers in 21 lcountries and over 60% of Pacific Northwest Kiwanis Clubs have donated to llthe cause. Their long term goal is to build 100 surgery centers throughout Asia, lllAfrica, and Latin America. Some of SIGN’s most productive hospitals are lllKiwanis SIGN Surgery Centers. They are located in Cambodia, Kenya, lllPakistan, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

Members: 8,537 Clubs: 302 Divisions: 37 DCON 2016: Portland, Oregon

Top: Kiwanians from the Eugene, Oregon area show how many service hours they have completed in the past year. Bottom: Olympia Kiwanians at their annual installation dinner and auction.

Favorite Service Project: Paint a Helmet - All the clubs around Spokane, Washington area gather for the day at the local fairgrounds and fit children with a free white helmet that they can paint or color on before they leave the event. The idea is that if they designed their own helmet, they would wear it more often. We usually serve about 800 Kids. It’s a fabulous day! Favorite Kiwanis Event: Convention – It’s a great time for friends to gather and share!


Above Left: A regional meeting of Yukon and Alaska Kiwanians in Anchorage, Alaska. Above Right: Nanaimo, British Columbia (Vancouver Island) Kiwanians gather for a meeting.

District Service Project: Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program The Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program (KCCP) was founded in 2010 by Past Governor Frank Morehouse to find a cure for children’s cancer. The Pacific Northwest District has teamed up with the following hospitals in the major cities of the District:  Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program in Portland, Oregon  Seattle Children’s Hospital in Seattle, Washington  BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia The KCCP aims to find a cure through funding fellowships at the hospitals and raise money for research and awareness through fundraisers, donations, and sponsorships. Money raised stay in each province, state, or territory to fund fellowships at their respective hospital.

Right: 2015-2016 Class of LTGs participate in a Christmas service project in Rockaway Beach, Oregon. Bottom Left: 2015-2016 Pacific Northwest Kiwanis District Board Bottom Right: The Kiwanis Club of Anacortes-Noon stand outside of their Kiwanis Shop in Anacortes, Washington.


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